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Cause and Effect Essay on Illiteracy

Illiteracy is a pressing concern, especially among undeveloped countries. Being illiterate has many repercussions. As this is a major cause for concern, your teacher will assign the writing of a cause and effect essay on illiteracy to find out what your views on the subject are. Let’s take a look at how you can handle the writing of this essay.

Is poverty a cause for illiteracy? Poverty is a major cause of illiteracy. Most parents, in developing countries, are unable to afford school fees. This results in children not being sent to school. Many parents send their children to work at an early age, to support the family. These children grow up with no education which inhibits their chances of earning money through better-paying jobs thus, causing the cycle to repeat itself. If you need information on how illiteracy affects children, reading a few child labour essays can provide you with a better understanding.

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Learning disorders and illiteracy. Learning disorders inhibit a person’s ability to understand written language and solve mathematical problems etc. These include disorders, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and auditory perception deficit. These are some problems that cause illiteracy among many people. Your cause and effect essay illiteracy discusses these various causes at length and provides the reader with information on how these problems affect the individual. For example, the inability to read or understand common problems can result in low self-esteem as a result of criticism and teasing.

Uninteresting education process and illiteracy. Children who find their studies boring due to uninteresting education processes can also become illiterate. This is common in many schools. The whole curriculum is boring and does not motivate and educate children. Sometimes, teachers are unable to make the lessons interesting for these children, thereby inhibiting their creative process. This can make the lessons boring and, as a result, children will not study and this can lead to illiteracy. You can conclude the essay by providing the reader with a few tips on how to make the education process more interesting.

Are busy parents the cause of illiteracy in children? Most parents, in today’s busy world, are too busy earning money to pay close attention to their children. This causes the children to attend to their own devices at home. Inadequate supervision and lack of guidance affect the children’s ability to improve in their reading and writing. Parents find they are too tired by handling their busy workload to pay attention to the children’s lessons and this can also affect the child’s literacy. If you need more information on improving the development of a child, try reading a few child development essays.

Now you have a few ideas of how to handle your cause and effect essay on illiteracy. Keep in mind, when writing this essay to concentrate mainly on the effect or number of effects related to the cause. You can provide your opinion at the end of the essay and provide the readers with a final thought on this problem. Remember to adhere to the rules of writing and avoid last-minute cramming. Now, you are ready to write the essay.

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