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Can you Write the Crucible Essay?

As a literature student, you may be assigned the writing of the Crucible essay. This is a play, written by Arthur Miller, yes, the guy who wrote, Death of a Salesman. However, the Crucible is based on actual events. This is a re-enactment of the Salem Witch Trials. But, not everything about the Crucible is similar to the Salem Witch Trials. There are some differences in the play. The first factor to think about, when you are assigned the essay, is to read the book. Remember, without knowledge of the story, you will not be able to write anything of substance.

One of the best, and of course, easiest ways of writing your essay would be to write an informative essay about it. You can explain why the story was written, what it was about, how the writer got the idea for writing the play and what the outcome of writing such a play made on the writer and the audience. You need to be able to write coherently and cogently so that you are able to provide useful information to the reader regarding the play. So, write carefully and, once again, read the play.

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Women were pretty oppressed during the time that the Crucible is set. Men had all the rights and women were made to stay at home and be good wives and obey the men. Arthur Miller uses sex as a tool to show the faults of man and religion. A false sense of reality is created when he uses the repression of women and their sexuality. There are many examples of this in the story that you can use as evidence if you are writing your Crucible essay on this topic.

Arthur Miller wrong the Crucible for many reasons. One of these was because of the movement in the 1950s which was led by Senator Joe McCarthy, which looked for and identified members of the Communist Party. He felt that they were trying to overthrow the government. This movement caused untold problems for many innocent people. You can write about another historical event similar to this one and compare it to the Salem Witch Hunt.

You can write a character analysis essay on anyone in the play. For example, there is John Proctor, Abigail, Elizabeth, Reverend Hale and many more. You need to read about them and try to understand them and their actions. Once you have a good understanding of this, you can begin formulating ideas to write your character analysis essay.

Writing an essay based on a play is easy if you read and understand it. The same applies to the Crucible essay. So, if you haven’t read the play, read it. You can also consider renting the movie or buying the CD. Sometimes, seeing the movie might help you gain more insight into the play and its characters. If you need samples of essays, you can download some from our sample gallery.

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