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Business Transactions Log, Satisfied vs. Dissatisfied Customers

1 (Satisfying, Paintball Junkies)

My friend Rey De Vera, a new paintball supply retailer and proprietor of 511 Paintball in Montclair, didn’t have enough capital to make huge investment in buying large amounts of product to stuff his shelves to sell. In particular he was looking for a paintball equipment manufacturer who can make paintball products easily available and at the lowest cost. He made contracts with Paintball Junkie’s to be the manufacturer’s retailer. In his contract with Paintball Junkie’s the condition of selling their brand of products was that he sell a quota or minimum number of their product a week to maintain their business relationship as supplier and retailer. This saved him money and also gave him the flexibility of having not to be financially tied down to any one manufacturer’s product made him as a new retailer focus on the business of selling. Paintball Junkies, a manufacturer of high quality paintball storage pods that held the paintballs like a cartridge does bullets and also of the 12×12 storage pod holders that professional tournament players around the world used for their ability to hold significantly more pods than their competitors. This is an example of trying to affect the marketing mix by effecting the distribution by obtaining shelf space for new products; gaining the cooperation of retailers and also effecting seeking distribution outlets in new markets; finding distribution partners.

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2 (Dissatisfying, National Paintball Supply)

Rey De Vera also looked to National Paintball Supply to be his paintball supply wholesaler. National Paintball Supply’s Marketing strategy was to target the new and up and coming paintball supply retailers who had little cash to spend on high priced equipment to stuff their shelves. This is evidenced by the fact that in most paintball publications like Splat, Paintball2Xtreme, and Action Sports Games that their advertisements readily show a supply of their products they sell with a number encouraging entrepreneurs to call them. Their advertisements are meant to entice entrepreneurs into thinking about how easy it could be to own a large amount of equipment.

But it lacks the clarity with regard to the name brands they do sell. In the printed ads in the magazines, they should the logos blurred, out of focus, or so panoramic that it’s only intended effect was to show the large amounts of equipment to be had a small price. Only after my friends initial order of supply did he recognize that all the major brand names were not listed. He stopped doing business with NPS after that first order and started making deals with the individual manufacturers after that. This was an illustration of a dissatisfied customer, because of a company’s promotional efforts in effecting the marketing mix by target advertising to small entrepreneurs by furthering the business unit strategy of market penetration hides the fact that they carry inferior brands.

3 (Dissatisfying, PC Club)

PC Club advertised in Nov 98 issue of the Computer Times a 533 MHz processor for $55. I went and bought at the local PC Club and within 5 minutes of installing on my motherboard it fried my motherboard. I went to PC Club to explain to them what happened and they gave me what seemed to be an identical processor and had me install this one to see what happened. Just like before it fried my motherboard. I went back and they gave me another processor that eventually fried my motherboard two more times. The source of my frustration was not that the processor kept frying my motherboard but that it seemed to me that the only reason PC Club offered to sell this processor for so cheap was to rid their inventory of what they perceived to be defective hardware. This was not more evident by the fact by they kept giving me a new processor without asking me if it was user error and not machine error. I was dissatisfied with PC Club and their deceptive advertising techniques lower their price to affect the marketing mix to increase sales and further their business unit strategy of market penetration.

4 (Satisfying, Video 94)

I am a former member of Blockbuster Video. I bought into their promotional ads that promoted that they had the most copies of the latest hits, however when you got their there were no copies left. The main reason was that their ads ran to a wide audience that although the ads were true the number of copies they did carry of each new hit it didn’t meet the overwhelming demand for that new hit. This is where the story of my switch to my local video rental store came into being. My friend referred me to Video 94 because they always carried new hits like a blockbuster, but because their customers were only local the new hits were always available to rent.

It was Thanksgiving when I went to Blockbuster to find the movie that I wanted was no longer available there. So I went to Video 94 for which I was not a member yet and found the movie I wanted with some extra copies of some other movies I desired to see from Blockbuster but was always available to spare there. I immediately switched and the cost for renting was a nominal fee of $2.00 per night compared to Blockbuster’s outrageous $4.00 per rental fee. I was satisfied with this business transaction because they were able to lower the price and make available the movies I wanted to see to penetrate the market in small areas.

5 (Dissatisfying, EBay)

I went to eBay to buy a C++ Programming Book in +Com. I found the exact book I wanted and bid and lost until I won. I contacted the seller and he didn’t respond until I got this notice when I logged in 3 months later when I bought another book that I had to buy that book to remove a strike against me. I tried contacting eBay, but they didn’t respond with any personalized message to make me believe that they really looked into my case and strictly went by their automated programs told them to do. They kept referring me to faqs they had on the website regarding policy of non-payment.

I argued to an email responder who gave me a cookie cutter response. I was dissatisfied with this transaction because that one strike still haunts me, because who knows when I will really need something on eBay and the seller who I win the auction from refuses to sell me their item, because they saw the strike against my record. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet, but the possibility of it happening is troubling. I am dissatisfied also because this is bad business customer relationship management; because they don’t personally answer their email and let a program do all the responding. This will in the long run lead them have small market penetration and decrease commissions off sales.

6 (Satisfied,

I went to get this specific book called professional projects in C++.Net and found it available on They had this special buy already owned books section that let previous owners sell their book to prospective buyers. Luckily for me I found this seller that was willing to sell the book for $30.00 which cut a third of the retail cost. I didn’t need a credit card or prove that I was a member. I just made up a new membership name, because I forgot my original member name and was set. I sent out the money order to the seller and received the book within 3 days of his receiving of my payment. I am satisfied with this transaction; because it gives shoppers to shop around for the cheapest price and also gives the seller a second chance to recoup the cost of bad purchase by selling it.

7 (Dissatisfied, AOL2POP)

I bought this new program called AOL2POP that retrieved my AOL inbox mail from any computer without having to have the AOL software installed on my computer. You just needed an email client, which I had in Outlook. So I bought the software online and downloaded and installed it. It worked. However, a few days later when a virus ravaged through my home network leaving my computer’s operating system damaged I had to reload everything back up. However, when I tried to re-download the software from AOL2POP’s site they acknowledged that I needed to buy a new license for the software that I previously owned, although I need the license key for software.

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I had to make a written request and only after 2 weeks did they send me the software through mail on a cd. This period of time if I had used my AOL inbox for business probably would have left out of business for their failure to put a security mechanism for an occurrence such as the one that happened to me. They were not able to verify if I was the real owner by installing some verifying script on their website that let a verified owner re-download already purchased software.

8 (Satisfied, Home Depot)

I accompanied my father to Home Depot for a few paint items he need to buy to spruce up the house. We arrived, found the products and realized that the lines were so long that he estimated that I could’ve taken us 45 minutes just to get in the front of the line. However, he noticed after having already waited 10 minutes in line that there was this machine in the middle of all other lines that seemed to have this scanner and screen which only a few customers were using. He asked to investigate if it was possible for us to use this line.

After investigating his suspicion I notified him that he was correct in his assumption and we directly headed over to that line. We just scanned every item manually without the help of an attendant and paid by credit card for the items we purchased and left quickly. The security feature was the guard at the door matched the printed receipt with the contents of items in your cart to see that you didn’t steal anything. I was satisfied with this purchase; because they gave customers more options to pay and overall a quicker process because even now it’s still the shortest line there.

9 (Dissatisfied, Best Buy)

My father bought a memory stick from Best Buy. The advertisement in the paper said the memory stick cost only $15 with manufacturers and store rebate. So under the assumption that they would both honour that he bought the memory stick and sent the rebates to get redeemed. The manufacturer sent the rebate for $15 but Best Buy said that the OPC Code that my father sent was not the correct one. I checked to see if my father was in error and upon further inspection found that the one my father sent is the only one that can be physically seen on the box or inside the box.

So we complained and one day this summons to join a class-action lawsuit against Best Buy in conjunction with a number of consumers who didn’t have their rebate offers honored were suing the company for just that, ripping them off. My father needless to say didn’t have the time to quarrel over $30 and just decided not to deal with Best Buy’s rebates ever again. Needless to say he was dissatisfied with Best Buy’s fraudulent advertisements and can not really be justified given the fact that many people have come forward with similar complaints about this company.


I was studying for finals and needed a pick me up. I remember hearing about this caffeine shop that catered to programmers or students online called So I went online to check out their supply. Happy to see that there was a great assortment and variety of differing caffeine pills to drinks and other stimulants. It was great and they made bulk offer deals which offered a reduced price for buying bulk amount of product. For instance, what I eventually bought was a 24 pack of Red Bull that cost $30 bucks which normally would have cost $20 if I had just bought the 12 pack. Their site was also secure because it was designed by geeks or programmers. What I came to notice that they offered a great deal of computer-related equipment that particularly interested people like me, a programmer.

I was enthralled and felt I was in playland. Needless to say, I bought more than just the Red Bull that first purchase night and spent more time on the site than just the 2 minutes it took to find the Red Bull but close to 1 hour. I was satisfied with this purchase and the site as a whole, because they carved out their niche target market and carefully identified and catered to them, which made me feel good because their site was so well done and so thoughtfully stocked with stuff I liked that they made a new loyal customer out of me, which attributes to their Customer Relationship Management business strategy to gain market share.

11 (Dissatisfied, Taco Bell)

Me and my friends after a hard night of lifting weights we went to the local Taco Bell to get a late-night bite to eat. We took the drive-through, pulled up and made our orders. Upon paying the worker at the window after carefully counting our money the worker notifies us that we were short $5. Needless to say we were all abit shocked and taken aback since we had carefully counted the money before handing it over to him. Under the breath, we began to make fun of him so that he wouldn’t hear give us abit of relief to take jabs at this incompetent worker who can’t even do the easiest of jobs right. So we looked at him and insisted that he recount the money. But he told us that he had already deposited it in the cash register and said just to pay him.

At this point in the transaction, he had already given us our food so there was no real point in sticking around than to humor the incompetence of this fool. So when his attention was taken away we quickly accelerated back home. I was dissatisfied with that particular Taco Bell employee’s customer service. Whatever happened to “Customer I always right”. He made that particular chain of Taco Bell look bad for hiring him and if he stays hired their revenues will fall considerably or more people will just avoid him, because like us think he is ripping you off by adding some phantom charge.

12 (Dissatisfied, PC CLUB)

In this encounter, I wasn’t the one personally involved in the transaction but my friend who was in the market for a new computer. He wanted dual functionality of being able to day trade and play games on that computer. So I being the only computer expert asked me for a list of specifications regarding the type of computer he needs to be to be able to accomplish the task he had mentioned. I listed them and even offered to accompany him to shop for the new computer.

Without my consultation, he trusted a mutual friend of ours who had a friend who had built computers for a living and made a deal to buy a computer from him. So my advice was already after the fact and he called the builder of the PC up to have me to talk to him to reassure him that what he agreed to buy was really the PC he had to described to me earlier. Upon talking to the guy over the phone I asked him specific questions regarding the components that I know needed to be in the computer and he couldn’t answer me with any degree of specificity which made me wonder where he worked, so I bluntly asked him.

He answered he worked at PC Club and I was taken aback since I already had previous bad experiences with them and shared them, my friend, after our conversation. I also shared him my worries about the guy’s responses and he said he couldn’t do anything. The computer arrived and worked just as my friend desired and my worries were never realized, but was shock to see and dissatisfied I was with PC CLUB’s bad customer relationship management because they don’t know how to orally communicate very well.

13 (Satisfied, Charter Communications)

I was already a high-speed internet cable subscriber in our local area which was Walnut, CA My Provider was Charter Communications. My friend who was contemplating day trading needs a fast line to make fast transactions so he asked my help negotiating the deal for the cable internet line. He was apprehensive getting the line in the first place, since he didn’t want the cable company upon installation of the line find that he had been receiving free cable tv since they had moved into the house, however, DSL was not available in our area so we went to the Charter Store. Mind you, the free tv was by accident and not my intent.

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After looking at their plans what struck me as new and even perturbed me was that the deal he would be receiving would be much better than I had been getting. He would be getting a faster internet connection and also at a cheaper price. I had been getting cable 768KB/s for $57.00 a month while he was about to get 1.5MB/s for $42.00 a month, which was twice my rate was but almost at $15.00 savings/month. We negotiated that deal and he was satisfied since knowing my cable bill was smaller than mine and at a much faster rate than he felt that he was able to capitalize on the company’s attempt to increase their technology and also because at that time the company had a promotional offer that offered $29.00 a month fee for the first 3 months for new subscribers which finally convinced to switch to cable.

14 (Satisfied, HBO)

My friends and I all chipped in to see our fellow countryman fight for the world featherweight championship of the world. His name was Manny Pacacaio, a Filipino. He was fighting the IBF champion at the time Marco Antonio Barrera who was the big favorite, primarily because no one knew in the international community of Manny before. We paid for HBO for that one night which was $29.00 and was treated to a blood fest where Manny pounded Barrera into oblivion. We were all satisfied in comparison to other fights we had purchased previously, like any Tyson fight, which last 2 seconds before ending. This fight lasted 11 rounds of frenetic punching by the Filipino. We taped it so that we would be able to share it with our families later on so this deal became a value, because not only were we able to see the fight but also 50 of closest friends whom we eventually showed the movie to.

15 (Dissatisfied, Windows XP)

I bought the professional edition of Windows XP from the MS Site and had them ship me the CD. I bought it strictly for the firewall of XP to keep intruders, hackers, away from seeing my personal information because I had high-speed internet access. After installing the OS on my machine and using my Intrusion Detection System Software(SNORT) to see if they’re built-in firewall was doing what it was advertised it showed that it was even catching incoming traffic. The only thing it blocked communications blocking MS ports. I complained and asked for my money back, but they refused and I was left having a copy of XP that I didn’t want. I was dissatisfied with the purchase because XP’s claim of having a firewall was just a sham and not really truthful and can thought of as deceptive advertising to gain market penetration.

16 (Satisfied, Zone Alarm)

After my bad experience with MS, I tried out a free firewall for download from Zone Labs called Zone Alarm. Many people raved it to be the best, and also free. So I check it out and tested their pro version for a limited amount of time and after the trial period was over I was almost willing to forego money to buy the pro version but instead went with the free version instead and continue to use that one. However, I didn’t actually buy anything I still consider this a transaction for the simple fact that Zone Labs was trying to sell me a product, which was their firewall. A firewall that had built a following of people, word of mouth advertising and also a trial version to entice you into buying it. The marketing strategy of giving you a taste of the product is a promotion marketing mix strategy to educate consumers on the quality of their product. They are trying to increase sales of their products.

17 (Satisfied, IN N’ OUT)

What I never understood about IN N OUT was that they took too long to process a single customer order. IN N OUT is known especially throughout California for their tasty hamburger sandwiches specifically their double-doubles. IN N OUT’s weaknesses, however, is the time it takes them to process the order.

IN N OUT counters this complaint on their placemat by explaining their use of fresh ingredients means that they can’t precook the food in order to maintain the quality. So when I went to get a bite to eat at IN N’ OUT I was satisfied that although I was initially frustrated to not get my food as quickly as if I had chosen to eat somewhere else, the quality and the fact that they warn their patrons why their process takes so long makes them loyal customers. It made one out of me. They played toward their strengths and hid their weaknesses.

18 (Satisfied, 99 Cents Store)

I went to buy some bran cereal and found the 99 Cent Store to have a lot of supply so I bought 10 to last me the entire month and was satisfied with the purchase because I was able to buy of something I really wanted at a small price. Also, their strategy of having the availability of being able to find a standard 99 Cent Store almost anywhere in Southern California made looking for what I need very painless. So instead of going to store located close to me I sometimes rather go to the 99 Cent Store and buy cheap items I really need, because they make me feel like the items I want will always be there.

19 (Dissatisfied, Paradise)

This purchase story is from my friend for which he told this story to me second hand. One day after work he went to the local strip club named Paradise and was shocked to find out that he needed to pay to stay inside. Of course there is no admission at the door but store policy was that you had to buy a drink every 30 minutes or patrons had to leave. And the drinks cost him $7.50 each so he only stayed for an hour but in the second half of the hour, he bought a lap dance he didn’t have to pay for another drink. The sign outside advertised that there were 3 good looking strippers but that the rest were ugly. According to him he couldn’t find one good looking stripper the entire time he was there. The person who gave a lap dance according to him was barely lockable. So my friend was very dissatisfied with Paradise’s deceptive advertising to gain more customers.

20 (Dissatisfied, Downtown Marketplace)

Me and my friend every so often, more like once a year, try to make a visit to the downtown marketplace to look for good deals on jeans, clothes, electronics, games, cd, or movies. So after we had finished with most of our shopping we shopped for some bootleg movies from a vendor who had set up shop on the fringe of the marketplace. The movies were encased in DVD containers but he claimed that they were good quality and that these movies had no damage to them.

So taking his word we purchase Bruce Almighty, The Hulk and Matrix Reloaded. He sold them all to us for $3 total. When we went to view the movies they were shot in a theatre and the audience noise was almost unbearable. I was very dissatisfied with this purchase because the vendor lied to us. His customer relationship management needs to work. Only those who really couldn’t afford to pay for movie tickets will continue to be only customers because those who already bought movies off him probably will no longer continue to buy movies off him.

21 (Satisfied, MT SAC Relays)

I, being a runner although competitive anymore still like to view track and field sporting events and the MT SAC relays was no exception as it was local showcase of world-class athletes like Michael Johnson or John Drummond from the USA Olympic Teams. So I went to the MT SAC ticket booth to buy some tickets to see that each day had a separate ticket but had a deal that sold all three dates for a discounted price of $20 less. In order to receive more value I chose to buy all three days. After having attended those relays I felt that I got a bargain, because looking back now I don’t think I will be able to see my track and field sports heroes ever again, because most will retire. This one of those purchases like the Visa ads says is priceless. But I don’t think if they had discounted the price for all three days by bundling them that I would be able to afford the single-day price for all three days because I didn’t have enough at the time to purchase that.

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22 (Satisfied, ABC TV Repair)

We’ve been getting our RCA 32″ Screen fixed from ABC repair for the last 3 years and it’s always the same project tube that’s malfunctioning. So this year was no different when my mother went on her trip just like clockwork it broke down again. So we called them up again and we asked him to take a look at it and diagnose it. So he went inside and found that something he had missed the last 3 times, which he claimed to be the source of the other 3 repair calls. He said that shielding holding the tubes he fixed was bolted incorrectly causing the tube to fall on the platform breaking it each and everytime. He fixed the Television for free but made no attempt to offer a refund for the past few times he fixed our television. I was satisfied with this transaction, because the repairman came clean and admitted his mistake and simply just didn’t fix it. This shows good customer relationship management in order increase future sales and keep as a loyal customer.

23(Satisfied, Best Buy)

My mother having been frustrated with the constant repair calls to ABC and honestly didn’t believe the repairman decided to buy an HDTV and went to Best Buy to buy one. She was overwhelmed the amount of different HDTV complaint monitors out there. So she browsed the showroom for an hour making littles notes about little qualities she had liked and went back home and researched other customer feedback and compared them with her notes and came back to make an informed purchase later on a Non Project 32″ Sony Wega HDTV. Before buying the television she asked one of the employees why certain tvs she had observed from her friend’s homes that were HDTVs didn’t have the same picture quality the showroom floor’s had. He explained that her friend probably didn’t buy the digitial tuner need to make the picture quality as crisp as it can get. The explanation was because it cost $600 external from the television from the Dish provider. My mother appreciated the great amount of knowledge that sales person had and was happy at least that she knew exactly what to buy if and when he wanted the best picture quality on the screen. This is an example of good customer relationship that fosters customer loyalty.

24(Satisfied, Fry’s)

My friend had just got a broadband connection and needed to wire his network of computers at home wirelessly, because he didn’t want wires hanging needlessly all over the place making his home look untidy. So he went to Fry’s where the computer supply selection was enormous. They can be considered a Retail Killer, because they focused on product type and had a great product depth. They were able to provide a wide array of named brand wi-fi cards and adapters that my friend said he was satisfied because he was able to find a wi-fi card for very cheap.

25(Satisfied, Smart Certify Direct)

My uncle a few years back before becoming a networking professional he chose to get his networking certificate particularly MCSE from Smart Certify Direct which offered 2 of the 3 required courses for the MCSE certification for free in return he had to take the test with them which were $150 a pop. So after passing all three courses and gained certification he said he was satisfied with his decision, because Smart Certify used discount promotion to get him and others to become network professionals and that changed his life. Now he makes a great deal of money as professional in high demand.

26(Satisfied, Korean BBQ)

Me and my friends all work at the local computer store in the shopping center adjacent the Korean BBQ. We all decided to celebrate a co worker’s birthday there, because of the promotion on the placard when we passed by the store that offered a lunch special for $6.50 each person. So we all ordered the same $6.50 advertised meal and were satisfied with the meal. We left satisfied because the food was very well prepared and was very hearty. It also provided workers in the area to dine at a good food, good clean restaurant and a discount price.

27(Dissatisfied, KB Toys)

In this transaction I was neither the buyer nor seller, but a person watching from outside KB Toy Store while this manager was reaming this kid for stealing a pack of Pokeman Cards in front of on-lookers making the child feel even worse. The kid then not accompanied by his parent was later joined by his father who had been cajoled by all the yelling he heard from where he was. He paid for his son’s transgression and was told by the manager that his son was banned from the store. I was dissatisfied with this because the store manager looked bad for not waiting for the child’s parents and also the manager lost his temper for which he should be fired for. This is an example of bad customer relations.

28(Satisfied, 7/11)

I was studying for final exams and just came off work and haven’t had the time to really study for my exams like I had hoped. I really a needed a quick pick me up so that I can last studying all night. So I went to the local convenient 7/11 and picked up 6 Red Bulls 3 Hot Dogs 2 Coffees and 6 Donuts. Luckily for me all those things lasted until the morning and kept me awake to study and until the test where I aced them. I was glad to have a place where I can turn to when all hope was lost and just grab a pick me up. I was satisfied, because 7/11 convenience saved me out of a jam.

29(Dissatisfied, Coyote Bookstore)

This marketing book that I bought for this class is non refundable because it was sold as pages and not bound. Also the plastic wrap said that if opened can not be resold. Only by opening it can you view the pages so there was no possible way to make money by reselling this book. However I bought the book, I was dissatisfied, because the bookstore although knows that most students want to sell back this particular book back made it so that we had to buy it at their expensive costs. I find this unacceptable, because every merchandise besides food should have a refund policy, in case if something is missing.

30(Satisfied, Magic Mountain)

I bought a season pass for Magic Mountain this year from Rite Aid at a discounted price of $56 in May down from $90 at the beginning of the year. Magic Mountain in order to get more customers to buy yearly passes discounts the price. And the price even lowers as the year progresses. For people who can’t ride all the rides the first time they go it’s essential for them to purchase a season pass. Magic Mountain knows that because their park is so widely visited park visitors will demand highly a second visit and markets these discounted passes as promotions for extra revenue as way to deal with this issue, which is really ingenious.

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