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Business and Management Personal Statement

The determining reason for me to pursue a career in business and management is the opportunities in creativity that this field provides. I was fortunate to have practice in this field as a team member in a non-profit organization, which validated my aspiration and confirmed my expectations from the occupation.

Since nonprofit organizations usually do not have the funds for full-time workers, people who want to understand how the company works can become volunteers and join nonprofits. Being a volunteer is a great way of gaining a solid reputation and skills that can help employees to become the best candidate for the work.

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Nonprofit organizations provide accounting and finance skills that give the workers an advantage over their competitors. Before starting my nonprofit organization that focuses on teenage suicide and drug abuse, I have to work with experienced people to learn more about the field. Therefore, I have started working for a tech startup company, Ykcreative, which focuses on branding for nonprofit organizations.

Working for a nonprofit organization gives an opportunity to acquire nonprofit management and fundraising skills. The volunteers can also work with interesting and experienced people and build a unique network of contacts that can be beneficial for future career development.

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During my practice, I learned a lot about managing a business. The success of any nonprofit organization depends on donors’ funds, which is why maintaining long-term relationships with different people is a good way to make the business grow. Proper customer support is another essential element of working for a nonprofit organization.

Therefore, I communicate with the clients who work in nonprofits and attend different meetings to build a strong network of contacts. This opportunity allows me to improve my skills and learn to communicate with clients. It also gives me an opportunity to spend more time observing and analyzing their work process. To increase my contact list, I need to work with a CRM system, which can help me properly use my connections. It helps me make meaningful connections with potential colleagues and get a great foundation for future work.

The experience in the nonprofit sector gives me an opportunity to develop practical skills that can help me start my own nonprofit organization. My experiences allowed me to understand the intricacies of managing a nonprofit organization, maintain proper relationships with potential donors, and promote the business.

It is clear that experience in the nonprofit sector is a great way to prepare new workers for the future career, apply theoretical knowledge, and obtain practical skills. Therefore, working for a nonprofit organization is an important step in learning how to make the world a better place implying creativity in business management.

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