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Brand me. What do people do with self-branding ideas?

1.0 Introduction

Most of the people, consciously or unconsciously, have put self-branding strategies into practice, including me. This essay mainly talks about how my personal brand will benefit my future plans.

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Firstly, the essay will analyze the definition of ‘Brand Me’, and then followed by how people have already done with the self-branding skills. Subsequently, it talks about what are my future plans and how can my plans profit from personal brand approaches.

2.0 The definition of ‘Brand me’

As nowadays, the working environment is changing radically, people have to brand themselves in order to cope with these varying circumstances. However, it is essential for us to understand the definition of ‘brand me’ in the very beginning. The word ‘brand’ refers to making a label or a token, so, logically; ‘brand me’ means to give yourself a special label. More specifically, personal branding also connects with managing your reputation, style and skill (C. Wright, 2009).

3.0 What do people do with self-branding ideas?

Personal branding has already helped lots of people to tackle many complicated problems, such as setting up life aim, utilizing their own advantages, even more important, people have learnt how to redesign their image and prove their worth (D. Clark, 2011). As for me, in the past, I was able to use quite a few pieces of branding skills and branded myself to be a hardworking and wise person; therefore, self-branding knowledge provide me a clear prospect.

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4.0 My future plans and how can them profits from personal brand approaches

After my graduation of MSc, I wish I could be an educational marketer in private school. In the long run, I would like to devote myself to be an outstanding marketer in the future. Definitely, those personal branding approaches are beneficial to my starting and promotion within the realm.

4.1 Starting my business:

Before came here I had been a teacher, in order to brand myself, building necessary skills would be my first mission. Learning the skills you need will give you the confidence to start publicizing your new identity— and the credibility required to assume it. (D. Clark, 2011) Possessing professional knowledge, it seems you have gotten half of the achievement, for I had devoted lots of time and energy into the learning process and now really own the abilities to cope with those difficulties. Moreover, my existing relation network will re-recognize me based on my new skills, and more vitally, my future employer, the representatives of new relation networks, considers the master’s degree as proof since it means you are quite qualified for related work.

In most circumstances, people may feel difficulty in remoulding their image. However, as a teacher before, I learned some valuable experience from facing directly with customers rather than sticking in the insular office and dealing with endless data and questionnaires. Instead of being completely abandoned, my previous efforts would distinctively colour my new path. So, the second step is to utilize my former experience.

Personal Brands are objects of fascination as well as power and influence (J. Speros, 2002). My previous experience provides me much first-hand information, which might be an invaluable resource for a marketer, about what the customs really need. I can establish innovative applications in educational marketing base on this knowledge. As a result, employers will certainly be allured by my uniqueness.

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Consequently, ‘qualified and experienced employee’ would be my brand when I apply for a new job.

4.2 Career promotion:

If one wants to be an excellent marker, needless to say hard working is an indispensable personal quality. However, it is absolutely not easy to stand out from diligent crowds. In response to the problem, my measure is to advertise myself. Brand is an advertisement; the result is an opportunity to persuade a target audience. (H. E. Flemings, 2006) During my working process, I also tend to help others to resolve some marketing related issues so as to advertising myself to the public. Blogs, podcasts, video casts, and other forms of social media offer an easy access to achieve my goal. At that time, ‘excellent marketer’ would become my new bran.

5.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, personal branding process will enhance one’s value and distinguish them from the average. By applying this measure, qualified and excellent marketer would be my brand. However, the benefits brought from self-branding would never be limited within what I have illustrated above. I will continue research this field and amplify its impact for myself.


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