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Blogging for a Better Future

Blogging for a Better Future: The Role of Technology in Creating and Developing Website Content

Most digital marketers are aware of the enormous SEO value of high-quality website content. This is the main reason the majority, if not all websites have a blog or news section. A compelling blog attracts visitors to your website and also sows the seeds for a long-term relationship with prospective clients.

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A blog also allows you to promote your goods or services to a much wider audience through sharing posts on social media. The kind of engagement garnered by interesting and relevant articles serves to raise brand awareness and also express the personality of a company or business in a unique way.

However, consistently creating and publishing interesting blog pieces doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Although most people know their own businesses inside and out, they often struggle to maintain an interesting and compelling blog mostly because it can be a time-consuming process to maintain.

In this article, we take a look at how technology provides several shortcuts to improve the quality of content produced on your websites and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Spell and Grammar Checkers

The kind of spelling and grammar checks available on this website give a good illustration of how easy it is to refine your content to ensure it has no glaring errors. Although the occasional typo may not seem like a big deal, it reflects very negatively to your clients when your website’s content is littered with mistakes.

That said English is not the first language of everyone in the international business arena and grammar checkers can be particularly useful in allowing users to check punctuation and paraphrasing. It is also possible to use this automated system to improve word choices in awkward sentences and check the word count.

Even professional writers find it very difficult to proofread their own work and so grammar and spell checks take much of the work out of the process. Grammar and spell checkers are free services that are invaluable in improving the quality of the content on your website.

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Keeping Your Content Unique

Google is continually updating its search algorithm and the latest advice calls for high-quality content in order to reach the top of SERPs. Whereas a few years ago, it was possible just to write text containing a certain amount of relevant keywords, Google has raised the bar significantly since then. The most relevant, up to date and well-written content is now more likely to be picked up on by the bots than keyword-laden text.

Ultimately, this is intended to eliminate plagiarized content which is basically when someone copies and pastes another company’s material on their website. There is no more or less zero tolerance for plagiarism although it can often happen quite accidentally. When you consider the volume of content available on the ether, if you’re writing about most given subjects, there’s a chance you can duplicate something already online.

For example, if your business is a car dealership, you’ll be writing content about vehicles that are also being sold by thousands of other dealers. Ultimately, with thousands of people describing the same products, there is likely to be some crossover of information that has the potential to be considered plagiarism.

It’s now relatively easy to check your content for plagiarism with a service called Copyscape. You enter your text and it scours the internet for duplication online. This is also invaluable if you hire freelance writers as a way of checking the content they supply you with is unique.

Web Development Tools to Improve Content

Some grammar checking services also offer APIs or plugins so that all content uploaded to your website it automatically checked. There are also a number of other tools to help you with your blog content, particularly if you use WordPress for your website.

Aside from checking the grammar and spelling of content, you can get plugins that will automatically post your content on your social media channels every time you publish something new. Yoast is a plugin you can use to ensure your blog posts are optimized by taking you through steps to improve the sentence structure and keyword use of each piece.

Other plugins and APIs are available to help you create an attractive blog page by arranging posts in grid form. It is always important to make sure your blog posts are accessible and easy to read on mobile devices which is the main way people connect to the internet these days. Ideally, you want people to be reading your blog in their downtime when they are able to focus on what you have to say. Making sure your content loads quickly and isn’t heavily laden with images is important to maximize effectiveness.

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Using a Content Management System (CMS)

Creating and maintaining a regular schedule of fresh content for your website is SEO best practice although it takes some organizing. A content management system or CMS provides you with all the tools to create and manage digital content among several users in your organization and is useful for the following reasons:

  • Easy administration of content
  • Powerful publishing capability
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Full social media integration
  • Detailed analytics
  • At-a-glance workflow·

The larger a company, the more people are generally involved in creating your web content. A good content management system ensures you retain control of the process, with all contributors able to post their pieces directly onto the online schedule. When articles have been posted to the CMS, others are able to easily access them and make any necessary edits before publishing to the set schedule.

A CMS allows you to provide a streamlined process for creating new and engaging content and also assigns others in your organization to any associated tasks. Notifications and reminders are sent to all parties when deadlines are approaching so that blog pieces and news articles are published in a timely fashion. This is really important in how you project your company’s image to the world at large.

Content Audit Software

Many companies make the mistake of creating really good content and then archiving it. Actually, your content inventory can be extremely valuable for marketing and remarketing purposes and so it’s always worth regularly carrying out a content audit. There are plenty of software options like the Content Analysis Tool (CAT) which analyses content in terms of how it is structured, displayed and maintained by your team.

Auditing your content allows you to understand and evaluate its performance in terms of your business goals and objectives. A CAT gives you the tools to ensure editorial standards are maintained and that your online “voice” is consistent with your firm’s principles. Generally speaking, your website is your shop front and it’s ultra-important that the content resonates with the right audience in order to be of benefit to your business.

A content audit is useful for the following:

  • Ensuring consistency in terms of editorial style and metadata guidelines
  • Providing a full inventory of content so that you can see what you have covered and what you need to write
  • Identifies content that requires revision, removal or migration from your website

Why It Is Important to Get Your Content Right

It is now crucial to create high-quality content in order to retain visitors to your website and also for a high-ranking search engine. Although the website’s design is an important feature and it should load easily and quickly on all devices, the content is what keeps visitors on your website and encourages them to come again.

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The top search engines like Google have become very picky when it comes to a website’s content. If there is not enough quality content on each of your site’s pages, it will simply not be ranked very highly on SERPs at all. Ultimately, Google is not able to see how your website looks to your visitors and so it focuses solely on content when matching search queries with results.

Original and Varied Content

It’s not sufficient to write the content for your website and let it stagnate for longer than a few weeks. Things get very old on the internet very quickly, particularly for search engines. The appetite for timely, relevant and high-quality content is so vast that nothing else matters when it comes to searching for a product or service.

When today’s internet users are searching for anything, they want quick results. People simply don’t have the time to spend reading pages and pages of content that might not really apply to their query. Because of this, the onus is on you to make your content so compelling that it entices people away from Facebook or Twitter for just long enough to see what you have to offer.

It makes sense to harness some of the great technology there is available to help you create and maintain a compelling website. Marketing online is very different animal to other forms of advertising and it takes significant effort to get it right. Using some of the technical solutions outlined above will make your job a whole lot easier.

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