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Black Stone Massage Essay

A black soft, furry bed on which my stomach was, the fresh earth aroma in the room, and the sight of the daisies and water lilies provided an outstanding welcome. I was made to wear a big soft towel. The girls standing beside me were wearing a pretty pink dress, and their faces seemed to be very welcoming. The carpet on the floor was 6 inches thick, and any person that walked on it suddenly felt indulged into the whole idea of a massage. The room was huge with only 3 beds for people to be massaged, and every person was being treated with care by 3 attractive girls. These girls were wearing clothes that made certain parts of their bodies visible. The short skirts they wore made their slim legs look perfect, just like their flat stomachs.

Their hair was brownish in colour, which was a perfect contrast between the colour of their hair and the colour of the body. Beside each bed, many soft black stones were to be used on the person being massaged. The walls of the room were made of stone, all of which were painted black. The massage started as the stones were dipped delicately in bubbling, clear water, which seemed to look black because of the refection of the floor, and delicately scrubbed around my body’s tissues. The stone was boiling, and its effect on your body seemed to indulge you into a deep sleep in an instant. At the same time, one of these gorgeous girls pressed my body’s soft tissue in a very relaxing manner. The other girl was focused on soothing my lower back, moving her hand skilfully over the tensed parts of my lower back. The overall effect of this was tranquillizing.

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Stone was placed all over my body, some were extremely hot, and some were cold. The sensation that was felt was amazing, as it took you to a world of relaxation. Soon I felt hands move rhythmically around the backside of my thigh and a little lower than my lower back. The hand was pressing at certain parts of the area the girl was massaging. The other girl was carefully pressing the ridge between my shoulder and neck while she was sitting on my back. Her soft hands and her lightweight made the massage even more relaxing. I had come here really tensed and troubled with the amount of work I have, but after this, all my worries seemed to have been lost to another world, and the rich aroma and the massage had completely taken over the tense feeling. All my aches and pains seemed to have dissolved like soluble salt in water, and the feeling of nothingness was felt. The tension in my mind was all lost, and I felt a sensation of the massage soothing my mind completely.

After 10 minutes of this, I was made to sit in a sauna alone, where the temperature of the slow-moving steam relaxed my whole body. The steam had soon settled on many parts of my body, making it seem like I was sweating. As I started lying down on the grey stone platform, made of cork and limestone, I could feel the blood flow in all parts of my body. I was left there in a deep sleep for half an hour. Then the door to the room opened and the three girls, now looking fresher than ever, asked me if I was ready for round two of the massage. Remembering the blissful feeling that I had experienced earlier, I quickly got up and went out of the room. The temperature difference between the sauna room and the big room outside made me feel very fresh.

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This time I was made to lie down with my back resting comfortably on the soft bed. A soft piece of circular cloth then covered my eyes. Hot and cold stones had been put all over the front side of my body. I felt some weight on the lower part of my stomach; it felt as though one of the girls was sitting on my body. The weight seemed to be somewhere around 40 to 50 kgs. One of the girls seemed to be caringly massaging all parts of my leg, and the girl sitting on me was massaging my chest in a rather intense method, rhythmically pressing my chest and making the bones in my chest crack. Each time she pressed hard, a rather loud noise came out of my mouth involuntarily as though I was being hurt. But in fact, this part of the massage was the most enjoyable. The stone was changed from hot to cold from minute to minute. I felt this half of the massage made me more fresh and ready to lounge around soon. After a while, I was left there for a brief period of 5 minutes.

Just when I thought the message had come to an end, I was given a head massage that eased the tension in my cheek and jaw and the area above my eyes. Soon I felt the bed move, one of the girls whispered in my ears in her tender voice. Be prepared; you will be immersed in boiling water. And as she said this, I felt the bed get lower and lower, and finally, it turned, and I found myself in a hot water bath. I felt all the oils leave my body as though they were like elements in a chemical reaction drifting away to combine with another element chemically. I was left here for 15 minutes, and then the girls came and got me out of the room and dressed me in a blue-coloured dressing robe. Sweetly waving goodbye at the 3 brown-haired girls, I walked to the red lounge, sat on a comfortable sofa, looked at the sea, and remembered every detail of this tantalizing experience.

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