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Biology Test: Cells Essay

My brother was studying for his biology test. The next morning he was telling me about the dream he had. He said he travelled through a cell. I started to call him insane. Does my brother have an educational dream? I thought to myself, impossible. My brother started to tell me his crazy dream. The first place he came upon was the cell wall. He was trying to find a way out. He said he started to talk to the cell wall. He asked the cell wall the way out. The cell wall said to him “How should I know? I’m the outermost part of the cell all I do is make cellulose. You might want to ask the cell membrane she is right next to me.” He told me he didn’t have to walk far to get to the cell membrane. He described the inside of the cell membrane. He said he saw parts flying in and out of there.

Kind of like an assembly line. He asked the cell membrane the way out. The cell membrane just replied “ How should I know? I’m an envelope that engulfs the cell which permits the passage of materials into and out of the cell. I’m very thin and flexible. You might want to ask the chloroplast.” He went on with the story by walking to the chloroplast. He asked the chloroplast on the way out here. The chloroplast just said, “ I have no idea.” Will you stop bugging me I’m trying to work?” “What’s your job,” my brother asked. The chloroplast replied, “ I help with the photosynthesis process by providing chlorophyll. If you want to get out of here ask the mitochondria.” As my brother was on his way to the mitochondria he saw a small round structure that looked like a bean.

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My brother asked, “What are you and what job do you do?” “I’m a lysosome I help in the digestive activities of the cell.” My brother asked her do you know where the mitochondria? The lysosome replied, “ of course he is right over there.” My brother started to walk that way. He asked the mitochondria the way out. The mitochondria said, “ I don’t know all I know is how to do my job.” “What’s your job?” my brother asked. The mitochondria replied in a deep tone, “I’m the powerhouse of the cell in which cellular respiration occurs. If you’re looking for a way out ask the endoplasmic reticulum” on with the story he went. He said when he got to the endoplasmic reticulum he was very rude. My brother asked him for the way out. The endoplasmic reticulum yelled, “ I have no idea and why are you disturbing me I must get back to work.” “What exactly is your job in the cell?” my brother replied. “

I have tubes as you can see all over the cells that substances are transported through, oh if you’re looking for the way out you might want to ask the ribosomes.” the endoplasmic reticulum said. On his way, he went to the ribosomes. The ribosomes were much nicer. There was a big group of them. He asked them if they knew the way out. All the ribosomes said, “ We don’t know. All we know is how to make the site of the cell. If you want to know the way out ask the cytoplasm.” He went on his way to the cytoplasm. When he asked the cytoplasm the way out, seemed sad my brother said. The cytoplasm replied, “I don’t know.” My brother asked, “ Why are you so sad?”

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“I’m not important at all I’m just a little space between the cell membrane and the nucleus.” My brother replied, “You’re important without you there is no cell.” “Your right if you’re looking for a way out talk to the boss, the nucleus.” On he went to the nucleus. My brother asked him for the way out. The nucleus replied, “ go the way you came in, go through the cell wall. You walked all over the cell when you were on the way out to start. I direct all activities in the cell. “ All I have to do is get to the cell wall and I’ll be out of here. Cool! When I got to the cell wall I woke up. After school, I asked my brother if I could see his biology test grade. He showed me the test he got an A+. That dream must have paid off.

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