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Biography on Clive Cussler 1931-Present

Biography on Clive Cussler; 1931-Present

Eric Clive Cussler was born in 1931 in Aurora Illinois. He attended Pasadena city college in 1949 and remained their until 1951. He also attended Orange Coast College and California State University.

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He was enrolled in the military from 1950 to 1954. While enrolled he became a sergeant. In 1955 he Married Barbara Knight and they now have three children, Teri, Dirk, Dana. In his working career he started out with Bestgen & Cussler Advertising in which he was the owner from 1961-65. He was the copy director for Darcys Advertising in Hollywood from 1965 to 1967. He then became the vice president and creative director for Mefford Advertising 1970-75 (Contemporary Popular Writers).

Then he established NUMA which stands for National Underwater Marine Agency. This agency consists of a crew of marine experts and NUMA volunteers. They have discovered more than 60 historical significant underwater wreck sites. This organization takes all their findings and turn them over to non-profits, universities, or government entities throughout the country (

Clive is also a member of several organizations. They are Royal Geographic society in London, Writers Guild, Colorado Author’s club in which he is the president, and the Explorers Club in New York.

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Clive writes adventure novels for the young at heart. He began writing novels in 1965, He published his first book in 1973. In his main series of books there is one main character. His name is Dirk Pitt and he has been referred to by many as a mix between James Bond and Jacques Cousteau. He solves mysteries that most times have to do with the sea. In the books, Pitt works for NUMA a United States Government agency like the CIA.

Every book he writes has Dirk ending up in some unbelievable situation that is almost impossible to deal with. His first novel was Raise the Titanic (1976), in this book Pitt was introduced and the series took off. As the series has developed so have the counterparts and villains. Cussler does however start out each book with a side story. It always takes place in the past and involves a ship of some sort. After the side story the real novel begins but in the end the climax of the novel will be tied back in with the opening side story. So in fact it is part of the novel. Cussler wrote his first non-fiction book, “The Sea Hunter” in 1996.

The Board of Governors of the Maritime College, State University of New York considered it in Lieu of a Ph.D. thesis and gave Cussler a Doctor of Letters degree in 1997. This was the first time since 1874 that such a degree was bestowed. His major novels are Mediterranean Caper(1973), Iceberg(1975), Raise The Titanic(1976), Vixen 03(1978), Night Probe(1981), Pacific Vortex(1983), Deep Six(1984), Cyclops(1986), Treasure(1988), Dragon(1990), Sahara(1992), Inca Gold(1994), Shock Wave(1996), The Mediterranean Caper(1996), The Sea Hunter(1996), Flood Tide(1997) Dirk Pitt Revealed(1998), Serpent(1999), Atlantis Found(1999), Valhalla Rising(2001). With these he has 17 consecutive New York Times fiction best-sellers (

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Besides writing, Cussler loves to collect cars. He has at least 80 classic automobiles. His novels have been written in 40 languages, and are available in over 100 countries around the world. He splits his time between the mountains of Colorado and the deserts of Arizona. He enjoys his time but lives his life as he writes his adventure. He is acclaimed as the grandmaster of adventure, a title he has deserved given that there are over 70,000,000 copies of his best-selling Dirk Pitt adventure series in print.

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