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Biography of Children’s Writers Jan and Stan Berenstein

Jan Berenstein was born on July 26, 1923, in Pennsylvania. Her husband and partner Stan Berenstein was born on September 29, 1923, also in Pennsylvania. They met at the Philadelphia College of Art. In one of their classes, the students were to pick the charcoal drawing they thought was best from all of the ones in the class. Stan picked Jan’s drawing and, likewise, Jan picked Stan’s drawing. The two were meant to be. Aside from great taste in art the two also shared a love for Sunday funnies. The Berensteins were married on April 13, 1946.

Their own two sons were the inspiration for their children’s book series, The Berenstein Bears. The idea for writing funny children’s fiction came to them when their boys said they liked to read Dr. Seuss because of his book’s humour. The very first book this successful couple published was called Honey Hunt. The Berenstein Bears were born. Theodore Geisel, or Dr. Seuss as his readers know him, was almost a mentor for the Berensteins.

He helped them get published with Random House, which still publishes their books to this day. This amazing couple has published more than 150 books, and they have a new one on the way. Jan and Stan Berenstein have won many awards for their furry, loveable bears. They’ve won, the Ludington Award from the Educational Association, Drexel Citation from Drexel University, Roundtable Honors, and lots of local or statewide awards.

Jenny and I picked this couple because we have loved and been reading these books since we were little. I can still remember the first one my mom ever read me. It was called Bad Dream. The thing that most parents love about these endearing bears is that they give a kid-friendly message, such as not lying, playing nice, and listening to your parents. Aside from a new lesson in each book, the constant is a teaching that the love a family will always pull through. These two amazing authors have greatly influenced my childhood and I hope I can read their books to my kids somewhere down the road.

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