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Benefits of a Christian Liberal Arts School Essay

Christians today have a different view of the world than those of other faiths. Following God’s teachings, not the world’s ideas of what is appropriate and decent, is part of being an educated Christian. Knowing the world around us but not being part of it is hard. Standing up for what the Bible teaches is a challenge. Going to a Christian college can have a role in preparing us for living in today’s world.

Liberal arts Christian colleges help young adults become well rounded Christians in the real world. Having a smaller professor to student ratio makes it is easier to have discussions. There are more opportunities to get to know the professor more personally. At universities, a graduate student is often teaching a class of 200 to 3,000 students.

Living with many other people of the same faith can assist in strengthening faith and encourage learning. A Christ-based education, in day to day living, will help students become more confident in their beliefs, which will help improve the goal of every Christian to spread God’s Word.

I choose to go to a Christian college to grow in faith and strengthen my beliefs in Christ. In the next years, I hope to become a more fully rounded adult in many subjects. Hopefully, my increased knowledge will make it easier to talk to people who don’t believe the same things that I do. I want to have the knowledge to succeed in a career in the future, although unknown to me at the present time. I want to be able to talk with a relatively open mind when I enter my future career.

Many people live their lives by commercialism, looking to make money and buy an excess of material things. My hope is to reach those people and open them up to see what is really important in life.

There are three reasons why we are here now: to spread God’s Word, give glory to God by our daily lives, and enjoy our lives by using the blessings God has given us. Hopefully, Christian education will give me the skills to help others and myself see joy in Christ and express that joy through action.

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