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Bend it like Beckham essay

Jess wants to be a footballer, one like her idol David Beckham but she has obstacles in her life, the two main obstacles are her mother and father. Her mother wants her to stay home learn to cook ‘aloo gobee’ be a good housewife and her dad wants her to get good grades and go to university! Now she’s met Jules her life has turner around! Watch Jess’s family now have to deal with their football-loving daughter and organize a wedding for her sister pinky, at the same time! Now that Jess’s met Jewel’s and joined her local women’s football club her whole life has turned around! Watch this hilarious, heartwarming film ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

Jess and Jewel’s mothers are both not very different, they both want girls out of their daughters. When they went shopping with their daughters choose sports bras and the mums were saying to buy the girly ones. Both of the mothers don’t like their daughter playing football thinking it’s for boys or that they shouldn’t show their legs. Getting a boyfriend is also what the mothers want. They want their daughters to have someone or for Ms. Bhamra’s daughter Jess she may want a special someone for Jess to get married to like her older sister Pinky.

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The imagery in the film is used to explore multiculturalism, for example when the old ladies are on their mobile phones at the engagement this shot represents old Indian ladies in the 21st century and are not in the past, they are in the present. The mobile phones are more of English culture and the ladies are representing the Indian culture, this shows that even though that the ladies are old they carry new technology with them, another image is when the old ladies are jogging in the park in Indian clothes and then Jess and Jewel go jogging past them in western clothes. This shot shows Indian old ladies trying to become healthy by doing a morning jog like a normal English person but they are running in their Indian clothes then past them come Jess and Jewel’s in their tracksuits and healthy this is ironic. Sound is also used in the film to explore multiculturalism.

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Sound represents both cultures, Indian and western, in the shots, for example, Pinky and Jess meet Tony’s mother in the south hall while shopping for their engagement clothes, the music in the background is smooth, calm and in the Hindu language, the song is an olden tune to suit Tony’s mother, this shows respect to Tony’s mother because the meaning is a respectful meaning and the that’s the type of song his mother would like. The very last shot is a very moving shot because everyone put aside their differences and played cricket together, like they’ve been friends for years, with the typical ice-cream van music in the background. The shot was more of Indian culture because you would more likely expect Indian people to be playing cricket and English people playing football, but the sound, ice-cream music in the background; you would expect that more from the western culture. The sound is slow, gentle a nice way to end the film with both cultures together.

Humour is a main factor in the film, it starts in a humorous way when jess thinks she’s playing with Beckham and scores a goal then the presenters ask her mother what she thinks of her daughter, but then instead of saying something nice she has ago at Jess for ‘showing her bare legs’ then shouting at her in Punjabi, the audience who understand Punjabi would find it funny with the things she’s saying.

Humour is always needed in a film to spice things up or just to bring you back if you’re feeling down.

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In conclusion ‘Bend it like Beckham’ is a truly remarkable multicultural film with its edgy scenes sparkling weddings and fantastic sense of humour this is the movie of the year and for that, it deserves an award! It shows the differences and similarities of both cultures combined and we learn about the cultures as well. It has also been spoken as the film being ‘A fun, refreshing movie’, as well as ‘A Crowd-pleasing Charmer’ and also ‘Enjoyable, plenty of smiles, lifted my spirits’ so go and watch this funny fantastic film!

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