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Autobiography From the Perspective of Old Age Essay

I can’t remember how the days passed away. I sit before the road by my house and watch little kids play with each other. I remember the days when I was young. I was the shortest among my pals. Ah! those days, I can’t really forget them. It was filled with fun. Soccer game in the nearby field on my father’s farm.

Playing pranks with old men and girls. I wonder how the days passed away. I believe all those friends are dead by now expect for some. I hope they remember those things too. Also our teenage life. What beautiful days. I lament over my lost days now. When I see some couples enjoying each other’s company, I feel very depressed. I curse god for creating aging.

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In the same way, aging not only gives me mental torture, but it left me physically crippled too. I am losing my appetite slowly. My bones ache when I walk for a short distance. Likewise, I am suffering from insomnia. I feel like dying very soon or return to my past. The reminiscence of my young days always hovers around my brain.

Also, my wife is dead and I don’t have anybody to talk to at my house. My son and his wife are busy with their work and my grandchildren are away to graduate in-state college. The nostalgia of my dead wife also leaves me depressed. Accordingly, the sufferings due to old age leave me melancholy.

Regardless, the suffering of old age, I am happy with this aging. Sooner or later, I will die, so I am free to enjoy my life to the fullest extent. The burden of the job has been removed from my life. My son and his children love me more than I expect. When alone, I go to church or to the club and just hang around either sharing my experiences of my life with other old pals or just sit and play cards with them. I have a dog who understands my feelings.

I take it to the park for a walk. I love going to the park. Everyone in this part of town knows me and I am respectful in this area. People in the park take my suggestion as I am the eldest and the most experienced here. They ask me various questions.

The questions range from “How to start a new business?” to “How to find a life partner?”. I am very glad to be able to answer their questions and get respect from them.

As I have said, aging is filled with fun and depression. The nostalgia of lost days makes us depressed but the love and respect from the young generation make old people forget that depression. I admit that everyone born on this earth passes through various stages and difficulties of life.

It is true that everyone will be old one day. So, everyone should learn to respect the elderly people and should remember that if they respect them, they will be respected during their own aging period.

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