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Argumentative Essay – Suicide

Suicide and its consequences are something that people maybe never seriously think about. However, it has been going on from; I would say the start of history as hard times, depression and honour is something time brings with it to every human being at some stage. This is something that people get affected by, and it happens in some places, maybe more than others. The three main religions see it as unacceptable and wrong, say “Life is precious, there are no circumstances where the taking of your own life is an acceptable option,” but sometimes, some people find it very hard to cope with life at a tough time, that they see no other option than taking their own life, they see it as freeing themselves.

Others die in honour forex: their country; it could also be that they save many lives at their cost. Is not committing suicide the right thing when you have the right to do whatever you want over your own life, just so you face the consequences (where in this case, there are no for you except death)? Or is it not for the better that you take your life and, by doing so, save many? And have you not got the right to replace all the moments of agony and pain with something you see is better for you?

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Suicide is opposed and said to be wrong, forbidden and not an acceptable option for those who want to take their lives by the three main religions, Muslim views it is said that whatever happens to a person, no matter how painful, it is never a good enough reason to end life by suicide. I agree to a certain extend. As I see it, you do never know what the next sunrise and day will bring with it, you might lose all your worries in time, even if the situation you are in is tough and extremely painful, and so if these people think that nothing will ever get better without themselves trying to make it better (or even if they are trying), by ending their own life, they may have missed the chance of making everything get better the following day or even hour.

But then again, we may never know how hard and how painful it is for an individual to live in that amount of agony that they are willing to end their own life. So what I am saying is that I think everyone knows deep inside them that their life is precious. Still, through such a hard time that no option works for very long. Nothing gets better and only seems to get worse; there is no other way, life might change over the next day or hour, but then again, it has not for long, and it is doubtful, so do you live the rest of your life in agony, or relieve yourself from all pain and end the great sorrow? That is what I see many would do (if the situation was that bad). Also, are you not the one in charge of your own life? I definitely think you are. And so, I disagree with these religious sayings.

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Many things can make a person end their life, like sorrow and grief, pain and agony, and honour. Like the Japanese kamikaze pilots and fighters who take their lives for their families to get rewards and honour like money, save many other people’s lives, or just for patriotism. Are they wrong in doing so? Are their lives more worth than many others? For all options and decisions people make when they commit suicide, it depends very much on their situation (and that makes it very difficult to say whether they are right or wrong in doing so and what could be done). I think that life is what you make of it, and everyone could, in theory, do anything with their own lives, but they must remember that they will be facing the consequences of their doings, whether there are rules and regulations involved or not.

If someone now wants to end their life for the benefit of relatives, family and others close to the person, I would think that if the person has balanced every option and thought about the consequences of their doings, it is entirely up to them. Of course, some might think it is foolish to take your life, even to save others, because there could be other options. Still, I think that if the situation is that by taking their lives in a war, by doing so, defeating the enemy and so saving the lives of among others the closest to them, it is a positive doing where the circumstances are beneficial to many and death (which the person would, of course, take into consideration) is positive. Also, there might not be any other options. If there are, they would not be possible to be thought of as people might die in the next thirty seconds.

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Also, it is acceptable if the person has accomplished in creating a family, people who would move his generation on. To die in honour of your county is what some might think is good for you showing strength, but by ending your life? And not being able to do anything else which you could have done instead? Well, I think everyone as an individual could make a difference, and maybe choosing another option (could take more time to do something as great for your county as dying, but it would keep you alive and giving you the chance to see it happening). People run the country; people, in my opinion, are never perfect, and so what makes their lives more worth than yours?

It could be that we are all creatures of a race and are classed as one, so then it is for us to prosper to function as one, and if one death is required to save lives, it is in our nature to perform such action. But then it could also be that there are other ways to honour your country and receive gratitude; I think the same goes for suicide that is done to save people. Some people say that suicide is a weak act, meaning it is stronger to overcome hard times and try to make it better. How can anyone say so unless they have experienced such hard times followed by suicide and then living to see what they could have missed? That is impossible.

Also, if the person has actually tried and tried with all their might to make things better (which I would think they have before taking their life. Otherwise, it is weak and stupid in my eyes) and it just does not work, and their energy is gone, then what’s the point of living in agony? I would agree to some extent that suicide is a sign of weakness because the person who commits it cannot cope with living, this I must say would seem reliable if I myself have been in the exact position of the person, considered taking my life, but moved on and made things better. However, I would also think some people see it as a strength, that they end everything by death, that they are not afraid of death and that they will not see themselves suffer and get humiliated throughout life, so with the pride they have left, take their life. So, in my opinion about suicide being a weak or strong act, it depends. In one situation, it could be strong, while in another, it is weak.

It again depends on how harsh, honour some, or extreme the situation is for people who take their lives, and we could never tell how harsh something is for a person as people are different, and what could be harsh for someone is not for another. People are different for a fact, and so they too experience things differently. In my opinion, suicide is acceptable, but you should never consider doing it. It is the very last of your options that are not at all limited; life has a huge variety of different options which will suit or not suit you and your character. The meaning of life could be for any individual to experience as much as possible and to live out good moments as well as moments of pain and agony (and I do mean moments). Suicide is like putting an end to it, giving up, but these are my views and opinions; I do not force anyone not to follow them. I do not blame them for being wrong for doing so, maybe foolish if the situation was clear that suicide was not one of the last options possible at all, at some point, maybe even a strong act (again, depending on the situation).

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In my eyes, every day brings something, even if it is something tiny, into the life of any individual. Every sunrise, something new might happen, that very something that could turn the tables and make what seemed a lifetime of pain and agony, to something much better, by ending your life, the sun will never rise for you, nor will the infinite set of new options and possibilities of all times in your ended life never again. The only person fully in charge of your life is you. If that is in your best interest, option and decision that your life is necessary to be terminated for whatever reason, it is up to you to do what you want with your life as long as you have thought of all the consequences from your doings, I say you have the right to do so, but you should take into consideration how the world and situation might be with or without you, how you can make a difference, how many the infinity set of other options there are, and that the sun will never rise once you are gone.

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