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Argument in Favor of Making Abortion Illegal

Abortion is a very controversial subject that has been continually argued over for years the past few years and probably many years to come. Abortion as defined in the Webster Dictionary is the premature expulsion of a fetus. Abortion stops the beating of an innocent child’s heart. There are two sides to the controversial subject, abortion. PRO-LIFE who are the people that are against abortion and the PRO-CHOICE or the people who believe that a woman has every right to do anything she wants with her body. It is her body and she can do anything with it. If she chooses to have an abortion, it’s her decision and as a woman, everyone should respect it. These two groups offer different solutions to the problem. The pro-life solution is what it sounds like. Pro-life is for life and the only solution is to have the baby and to live with it.

Abortion is not an option for pro-life activists. The pro-choice solution is abortion because they strongly believe in freedom and if they feel that abortion is the way to solve the problem, then so be it. Although abortion is morally and ethically wrong should it be legal for victims of rape or incest who have no other alternative? People must no longer have sex, you should be ready to take care of the responsibilities. Abortion could be a good thing to some extent but the main point is, we are killing innocent children if we keep on going through with it.

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Abortion is very common to people, it’s trivial. Abortion happens very often and people see it as a way to escape the responsibility of taking care of a child they had consumed. People can no longer ignore the medical and emotional problems an abortion causes women. People must stop denying the facts about the procedure and start hearing the silent screams of unborn children. I believe that killing unborn babies is unacceptable. If you are ready to have sex, you should be ready to have children. Taking care of children is the responsibility we have to face when we have sex. Sex and the conception of a baby are two very connectable terms.

All human beings are given some inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution. One of those privileges is the right to pursue happiness. A baby can sometimes disrupt a woman’s pursuit of happiness. Even if she decides to give it up for adoption, she still has the burden of carrying the fetus for nine months. Having the option to perform an abortion can solve that obstacle. Taking away this right would be invading a woman’s constitutional liberty.

When did abortion begin? In the United States, abortion laws were established in the 1820s. These laws forbade abortion after the fourth month of pregnancy. Illegal abortions still took place even though it wasn’t as frequently used as before due to the establishment of the Comstock law, which banned the birth control information and devices. By 1965, all 50 states in the banned abortion with some exceptions that varied from state to state. These exceptions were active to save the life of the mother, in cases of rape or incest or if the fetus was deformed. There were groups like the National Abortion Rights Action League and the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion that worked to loosen up the anti-abortion laws.

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In 1973, the Supreme Court in the case of Roe vs. Wade established that most of the laws against abortion were unconstitutional. The judgment in the Roe vs. Wade case loosened things up and made it much easier to get abortions, even in the late stages of pregnancy. When this judgment was passed, people were outraged, especially the people in the Roman Catholic Church and in conventional Christian groups. Two movements were created, Pro-life and Pro-choice. Pro-life is against most abortions and pro-choice is against the laws that restrict abortions. Protests have been unbelievably ludicrous ever since the Roe vs. Wade case. On December 25, 1984, on Christmas day, three abortion clinics were bombed and the bombings were called “a birthday gift for Jesus.”

The anti-abortionists or pro-life have various reasons for their thinking, and many of them are attached to their religion’s standards. Religious standards vary from having an abortion 120 days after the pregnancy, as in Islam, to considering it a sin to have an abortion, as in Christianity. Abortion is the destruction, dismembering, and killing of human life–an unborn baby. A fetus is not just a blob of the tissue rather a fetus is Latin for “offspring or young one.” Also, the anti-abortionists’ reasons also come from the belief that a human being is born after conception, and that the death of that seed or fetus resembles the execution of an innocent human being. They believe that no one has the power to take control of another’s life, mainly an infant, which is reliant on others for survival during the first stages of life. In addition, to the fact that abortions kill innocent human beings, anti-abortionists believe that they also damage the psychological, as well as physical condition of the mother.

Love is a very powerful emotion and through it and guidance, anyone with any deformity or disease can live a normal life. The cases pertaining to rape also have different anti-abortionist perceptions. Many anti-abortionists believe that the child can really help the mother get through the rough times in her life, as is any child can do, by providing each other with a loving atmosphere. In the case of economics, pro-life activists believe that having an abortion due to financial reasons is outrageous. There are numerous welfare programs for such families as well. Abortion shouldn’t be an option because all the grounds are covered by the economic need to love and care. I myself am a pro-life follower. I’m not as active as most of the other followers but I support the good fight.

The argument by the pro-abortion side is that the unborn child is not truly a child. Many people who are pro-abortion justify their beliefs through the concept that a fetus is only a blob of tissue until it is born, or the statement: life begins at birth. Followers of pro-choice or the activists for abortions argue that if a family is in a state of financial trouble, then abortion should be a reasonable option. Otherwise, the child would be born into a life of torment, and poor living conditions.

The pro-choice believers, bases their beliefs, upon the fact that having an abortion is the inalienable right of women. They believe that by outlawing abortions, women aren’t allowed to practice their freedom of privacy. In a way, women are being denied their constitutional rights. Many pro-choice activists also state that abortion is justifiable because at the time of fertilization the ensuing embryo is not yet a human being. It is not a human being, but a potential one.

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Therefore, its death does not constitute murder. Pro-choice activists’ beliefs, that the economics of a family necessitates an abortion, are similar to their beliefs on congenital defects as a reason for an abortion. That is, a child born with a condition like Down’s syndrome, a condition will tend to live a life full so suffering, and in other cases might die after birth. This death can have damaging effects on the parents, by leaving emotional scars. In the case of rape, pro-life activists deem that since a woman was impregnated without her consent, that child can be exterminated. The pro-choice activists justify this action, in that if the child were born, it would be a recurring image of the pain the mother had suffered.

People like Amanda Costello of Manalapan, New Jersey feel that pro-choice is the way to go. Amanda stated, “Personally I am very much pro-choice, the only thing I don’t support is partial-birth abortion except in cases of emergency.” What is partial-birth abortion? Partial-birth abortion is late second and third-trimester abortion. This is at about 6 months into the pregnancy. Partial-birth procedures are as follows, “The doctor turns the unborn child into the “breech” position (feet first) and pulls the child from the mother until all but the head is delivered. He or she then forces scissors into the base of the skull and inserts a catheter to suction out the child’s brain.” This method is extremely sickening. The embryo inside of the parent is basically a baby. It’s an unborn child, it’s basically the same thing as a born child, the only difference is, it just hasn’t been delivered yet. There are many different types of abortion.

Abortion procedures like suction abortions, dilation and curettage abortions, dilation and evacuation abortions, salt poisoning, and partial-birth abortions. If I were a pro-choice activist I wouldn’t let the fetus grow older than eight weeks. I wouldn’t do so because the embryo is somewhat formed at this stage and most of the procedures are to some extent fierce. Many argue that most of the babies that are aborted are unwanted babies. They believe that they would be abused and neglected. This is why abortion is okay to them. They believe abortion is saving the child from abuse. To me, abortion is the most severe case of child abuse. As I explained earlier the procedures are very painful and they are intentionally aiming for death.

From 1973 to 1998 there have been a grand total of 38,010,378 abortions. That is 38,010,378 potential human beings never having a chance in this world.

Also, 38,010,378 abortions can be considered 38 million murders. In a way, the 38 million abortions in some cases were a big help to us. Imagine the world that we are living in today and add 38 million more people. Life, as it is, is very crowded, it is very hard to catch trains, crowded shopping malls, and a lot of homeless people. If 38 million were to be added to the population, everything would be much more crowded and probably there would be more homeless people on the streets. The more poverty there is, the more crimes are being committed. Is this an excuse? I don’t think there are any excuses for killing innocent people. Maybe, killing may sometimes be justified but killing the innocent isn’t. The few scenarios where I feel that abortion is okay is when the child was an outcome of rape, incest, or if the parent(s) were very ill.

Rape is a very serious crime and at times, when females get raped, they are left pregnant. Even though I am pro-life, I think that rape is an instance where we can’t say no. What if the father was an absolute stranger? What if the mother never wanted a child? How would the child feel about this? When he grows up to learn about the story of how he was conceived, he would go through a lot of pain and suffering. His father is a rapist and that is very hard to cope with. Not only that, heshe has to deal with the fact that their higher mother never wanted himher. The mother probably wouldn’t pay mind to the child because she doesn’t want her. Most likely the mother would treat the child badly because the child leaves her memories of her getting raped. If I were the child, I wouldn’t want to go through all the pain and suffering. I would rather not have lived than to live life tormented by the family.

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Incest is also another scenario where I believe it is okay to have an abortion. Again, incest could cause very damaging scars to the mother. Having the baby will tear her apart. The child would be laughed at if they found out that the child’s father was also his brother or other combinations. It is distressing for both the mother and the child. Not including the fact that incest also causes birth defects. The child will have problems physically or mentally or both. This is why I think incest is a scenario where abortion is okay to have.

I think when the parents are ill the child should be aborted. A disease that is very popular for its deadliness is AIDS. Diseases like AIDS can be passed on to the offspring. Again the child will experience only pain and suffering. The child would have a limited life span due to his disease. The death of the child will only cause pain to those who have grown to live the child.

In conclusion, I will state that I am pro-life and I feel that the highly controversial subject, abortion should be illegal. The reasons that I have supplied show that abortion is a negative action. Although abortion allows a woman to retain her constitutional rights, it relieves a would-be suffering child out of his distress and it establishes a safer and more peaceful society. Abortion should be illegal because it’s still murder.


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