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Arguing for Single-Sex Education Essay

Firstly, single-sex schools, unlike co-ed schools, are more supportive academically, the competition between sexes is lowered, and students discover their character and are allowed to develop their intellect. Single-sex education offers a completely different educational experience and does not allow gender to interfere negatively. In a single-sex environment, students feel freer to explore their ideas and, most importantly, not feel pressured to conform with gender-stereotypical behaviour that is put on gender to a particular subject or interest. In this environment, girls feel more comfortable exploring non-traditional subjects such as mathematics, advanced sciences, computers, and technology. Boys are more likely to participate in choirs and orchestras and pursue an interest in literature.

Also, single-sex schools perform better academically than mixed-sex schools. This is because single-sex schools eliminate distractions from the opposite sex, helping students focus more on their studies. The absence of the opposite sex “can help some students to become more focused and well-rounded” (Christiana Hoff Sommers) because there are no attractions and relationships between boys and girls that could interfere with one’s studies. In addition, it helps to reduce the pressure of both boys and girls becoming obsessed with their body images to impress their opposite sex.

Single-sex education reduces gender stereotypes and discrimination. Even though critics claim that “single-sex classrooms would likely generate and exacerbate stereotyping and sexist attitudes” (Richard Fabes), they fail to realize that it is, in fact, Co-ed schools that tend to promote this. This is because, at single-sex schools, there is no pressure from either sex to compete with each other. Girls do not have to compete with boys to prove that they are better than boys at maths or any of the sciences, or boys have to compete with girls to prove that they are better than girls in any other particular subject. Single-sex schools encourage girls’ interest in games male associated sports, and boys’ interest in literature and art. In conclusion, single-sex education is legal and beneficial because the supreme court ruled for it; it reduces gender discrimination and eliminates distractions between the opposite sex, especially among young adults.

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