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Anna Wrobel Animal Farm Critical Evaluation

When you read Animal Farm, by George Orwell, you might think that it is only a science fiction book, but if you study this deeper we can easily deduce that it is an analogy to the Russian Revolution. Even though most people do not see it, Animal Farm is a book about the Russian Revolution, where each character represents an important personage and where the plot is based on what happened in that country. Animal Farm is about a group of unfairly treated animals planning to seek revenge on humans. Their plan was to take over Manor Farm. The creator of the magical idea was Old Major, he had a dream one night and he woke up and told the other animals what happened in his dream. However, three nights later he died. But the other animals carried on his dreams to take over the farm.

Seeing as Old Major was a pig, the pigs decided to take over because they were the cleverest animals on the farm. However not everything at the end turns to be like in Old Majors dream. Napoleon is an effective and clever leader because he uses the puppies to become the guards by educating them saying to the animals that the education of the young is much more important than the education of the adults. “The education of the young was more important than anything that could be done for those who were already grown-up” – Napoleon. What actually Napoleon is trying to say is that he can only teach the young animal to be royal to him because the young animals will accept everything he will say and do everything he says. However, the adults will regret him because they are smarter than the young ones and might start to think that Napoleon is up to something.

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“They accepted everything that they were told about the Rebellion and the principles of Animalism” Napoleon is a clever pig because he knows that if he will get into trouble he can always use his guards or squealer to talk to the animals that there are mistakes. I think that this step to power is unforgettable because without it Napoleon would never be such a powerful boss of “Animal Farm”. Napoleon as an impressive pig uses the animals not only to build a windmill but also to make the animals work even harder so they can increase the food supply. However than harder the animal’s work than less food they get. Even when animals eat less food than they got from Mr Jones Squealer tells the animals that they are getting much more food than Mr Jones was given them before the revolution so they should keep the workup.

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All animals worked very hard from the morning to the evening but the hardest of all animals worked Boxer and Benjamin who worked for an extra hour every day building the windmill. “They worked a sixty-hour week in August and Napoleon announced that there would be work on Saturday as well” In this quote Napoleon wants the animals to work even harder because he wants more food for him and for the other pigs but most of all he wants to sell it to the other farms so he can buy alcohol. When the animals almost have nothing to eat we can see that Napoleon and the other pigs have a whole table of food only for themselves. “The animals’ were not badly off throughout that summer in spite of the hardness of their work” This shows that Napoleon doesn’t really care about the other animals if they are hungry or tired. The only thing that Napoleon cares about is alcohol and money. I think that this step to power is very significant because it shows how much actually Napoleon cares about the rest of the animals and what he actually cares about.

Napoleon as a very clever pig confuses the animals on “Animal Farm” about who is the real enemy. To make the plans come true he uses Snowball to protect himself so if anything when wrong he could blame it on Snowball. When Napoleon’s puppies were ready, Napoleon ordered them to kick Snowball out of “Animal Farm” so he can take over the animals and the farm. “When anything went wrong it was immediately attributed to Snowball. This proves that Napoleon uses Snowball to get what he wants. Since Napoleon kicked out Snowball there are bad things happening on the farm. One of them is that someone destroys the windmill. And as usual, the pigs blame it on SNOWBALL. “Do you know who has come in the night and overthrow the windmill? SNOWBALL!!! ” However it was the other pigs that destroyed the windmill, not Snowball.

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They destroyed it because Napoleon wanted to make sure that the animals would trust and believe him not Snowball. And to make sure that all the animals think of Snowball as an “enemy” I think that this is shocking because Napoleon not only uses Snowball in a cruel way but he also lies to the animals about who is the real enemy on the farm. It would appear that Napoleon is exhibiting signs of totalitarianism. However, I think that it was very clever of Napoleon to do that because not only he gets trust from the animals but he also gets royalty from them. Napoleon to become the leader of “Animal Farm” uses propaganda about everything. Most of the time he makes squirrel make a speech that the animals were mistaken or didn’t remember properly. To make himself feel comfortable he changes the seven commandments.

One of the commandments he changed is about sleeping in a bed. When animals start to think that something is wrong with one of the seven commandments we can see that Napoleon changed the rule from “No animal shall sleep in a bed” to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” and makes Squirrel make a speech that the animals didn’t remember the commandment properly. “You didn’t suppose, sure that there was ever a ruling against beds?” This means that the pigs are using the animals just to make them feel comfortable and make the other animals feel confused. When pigs realise that animals believe Squirrel that they remembered the seven commandments wrong the pigs uses this by changing all the seven commandments. This shows that pigs know how to control the animals because they think the animals are stupid. At the end of the book, Napoleon changes all the seven commandments into one commandment which is “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than other” This says that Napoleon doesn’t think that all animals are supposed to be treated equally because they are not like him because they aren’t smart.

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I think that this was the most moving step to power because it shows how does actually Napoleon and the other pigs treat the poor animals who are trying to do everything that Napoleon says. However, this is the most important step to power to “What makes Napoleon a special leader?” because it talks about how dose he controls the animals and how can he fixes a problem. In conclusion, we can appreciate the message about leadership skills being conveyed to us by George Orwell in “Animal Farm” in a variety of ways. The writer effectively creates the character of Napoleon who we can compare to the Russian leader Joseph Stalin. Napoleon employs tactics such as teaching the young and keeping the adults ignorant as well as secretly increasing the workload. He further goes on to create a common enemy that the animals can blame for anything that goes wrong and how he uses propaganda to get animals trust. I particularly admire the author’s use of characterisation and how he introduces humour into the novella to highlight the flaws in a dictatorship.

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