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Analysis of Traditional and Modern Medical Methods

God has gifted us with medical information to know his great ability in creating us. He gave us mind and feelings to use them for our benefit and progress. Medicine reflects God’s sympathy for us, as it is the only means for curing and relieving pains. Doctors are like angels who help people and work hard to heal and cure their pains. They help patients to live happily and in a more comfortable way. Unfortunately, some doctors follow the traditional medicine schools blindly, they deal with patients as cases ignoring their feelings and stick only to their medical information’s and what they have been taught in the faculty of medicine while treating their patients. Other physicians treat their patients in a friendly way; they are concerned about their patients’ humanity and feelings. They comfort patients and help to relieve their pains. The latter method is a better way of dealing with patients as it respects the patients’ humanity, helps them to get over their fears and achieve their goals faster and in a more effective way.

Doctors following the traditional method treat their patients as cases neglecting the patients’ feelings and stick to their medical knowledge only. They deal with their patients in a cold and unrespectable way as if they were problems to solve. They take medicine as a job, not as a humane message as it supposed to be. However, others who take medicine as a message of mercy treat their patients in a friendly way, show them care and try to inform the patient of his/ her own problem to make him/her independent and capable of speeding his/her recovery.

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Another major drawback is that traditional methods may raise patients’ fears. As the patients will become machines obeying the doctors without any thinking. Unfortunately, this method is useless, because doctors have forgotten that half of the patients’ recovery depends on their psychological state in addition to their awareness of their role to boost their own improvement. On the other hand, untraditional doctors comfort the patients and help them to overcome their fears. They are equally concerned about the psychological state of the patient as a major and as a more reliable factor for treatment, thus speeding their recovery.

Traditional physicians can not achieve their goals properly in treating their patients. They only focus on the physical treatment and ignore the psychological state of their patients. The unconscious and bad treatment of those strict doctors raise the patients’ fears and so patients may lose the trust in their doctors and have less confidence in their doctors and thus affects the recovery of their patients’ seriously and delay the patients’ recovery. On the other hand, a good patient-doctor relationship makes the patients trust their doctors and give them hope to recover. The kind and merciful care improves the psychological state of the patients greatly and increasing the speed of their recovery.

To sum up, the friendly way of dealing with the patients is more effective and has many advantages over the traditional method. As regards the patients, they become more comfortable and more confident in their cure. They accept their illness with courage and follow the regulations or their trusted doctors. All of this improves their psychological state and help them to reach a fast and more effective recovery. As for the physicians, the recovery of their patients’ gives them self-satisfaction and pleasure because their happiness lies in the recovery of their patients.

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