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Analysis Of Racism In Othello

The play, Othello, partly is the tragedy of racism, however, I don’t believe that racism actually dominates the play. A few examples of racism may be seen in the dialogues that clearly state the racist attitude of the British people towards Othello.

The play takes place in England in 1604. Othello, a soldier from Africa, is an active supreme commander of the Venetian Army. Even though practically every character uses a racial slur to offend Othello throughout the entire play, there is a romantic union between black and white which gets ruined as most people believe this relationship is wrong.

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Most racist remarks in the play have been demonstrated by people who are angry or upset. For example, when Emilia learned that Othello had murdered Desdemona she was very mad and she called him a “Blacker devil.” As you see, it was the only time in the whole play that she mentioned anything racist about Othello.

The character who made the majority of racist remarks was Iago. Iago’s hate towards Othello can be seen from the very beginning of the play since Othello had chosen Cassio as his lieutenant instead of Iago. Iago became very angry because of the fact that Cassio, in contrast to him, didn’t have expertise in warfare. Iago doesn’t express anything racist to Othello’s face, but he’s got much to say against him behind his back, meanwhile planning to destroy him and anyone in his way as well as Desdemona and Cassio.

Iago’s first racist comment is made during his conversation with Brabantio about Othello and Desdemona: “Even now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.”

Iago uses racist comments all the way through the play, as he tries to turn people, including Brabantio, against Othello, for example, calling him a “Barbary Horse.” He never says anything racist to …

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