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Analysis of Follies in Religion

I believe that religion is a crutch for the weak-minded. Religion extends to those who believe in it a sense of knowledge and understanding of the universe. It does not, however, offer any proof to back up its claims. Furthermore, people who devote all of their reasoning to a simple illogical answer are merely mindless automatons of a bygone era. It not only brainwashes countless people but divides them into factions that wish to slay each other simply because their religion dictates. Any intelligent person can find falsities and outrageous absurdities within any religious text, and for that reason shun its simple answer to everything.

I am Jewish by birth, but atheist by choice. During the first 12 years of my life, I was raised in an environment that fostered strong religious dogma. It was not uncommon for me to miss several days of school for the myriad of religious holidays I would attend. All the people I knew, as well as most of my friends, also fit within the microcosm of Judaism. I can remember with clarity sitting across the desk from my rabbi as he translated the portion of the Torah that I would read during my Bar Mitzvah. It spoke of a man’s right to kill his son because he was being disrespectful. From that point on I no longer viewed religion as an infallible institution. It is why I now base my opinions on what I have experienced and deduced from my experiences. That is why I try to show others some of what I see when I view religion.

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For the purpose of this paper, Christianity will be the religion focused on. It is the most widely know and accepted religion in the western hemisphere. To the millions of people who are members of the religion, it is a simple and unquestionable way of life. Everything in the world happens for a grand reason only God knows. This simple ideology offers nothing in the way of answers that one would expect from an omnipotent being. It merely shows how easy people give up their ability to reason and to scientifically and philosophically explore this immensely complex but not entirely incomprehensible world in which we live. It is unfathomable to believe how so many people can have faith in a God whose grand plan involves letting children be born in such poverty that they live just long enough to starve to death. If people can accept such things as “Gods’ great incomprehensible plan”, then they are one step closer to a society similar to the Third Reich.

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Although some elements teach morals that allow society to operate smoothly and peacefully, for instance, the Ten Commandments, it is interesting to note that within them the most important of all consists of not cursing at God or using God in an expletive. However, the meagre commandment stating that a person should not kill another person is a pathetic fifth on the list. Although it is never stated that the Ten Commandments are listed in order of importance, it seems plainly obvious that many of the commandments were fashioned during a time that is no longer applicable. The commandment that speaks of honouring one’s parents no longer holds such concreteness in an enlightened society where one realizes many times parents are the culprits of violent crimes. Such is the nature of a book said to have been written indirectly from god, but which I believe to be have been written by several individuals.

I see religion as a tool that people use to explain events or occurrences that they can not easily comprehend. Moreover, it imbues within people ideals that are contrary to our basic instinct. I see it as an element that clouds people’s eyes from the truth and sedates the majority of people in this world into blissful ignorance. I believe that everything should be questioned and examined, which is why I despise zealous fanatics who have reached a point where their minds can no longer grasp any thought outside of the Bible. All I know is that we will all have the opportunity to see whether or not Religion exists.

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