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Analysis of Family Guy

Back in the eighth grade at the Pierce elementary school, a few of my friends and I sat around the circular lunchroom tables, the same ones where we sat every day of the year. Our discussion shifted to our favorite TV. Shows. At the time, I was a big Simpsons fan, and I didn’t really watch too many other shows regularly. We would go around blurting out funny lines and quotes from our favorite episodes or recall hilarious incidents. This was when two of my friends were talking about this show, Family Guy.

Even though I had never seen it, I could tell from their impersonations that it was a funny show. It had the same general theme as The Simpson but had even crazier and funnier plots and adventures. When I finally saw my first episode in ninth grade, it was an instant classic in my list of favorite shows. From then on, I would watch it as much as it was on, and I even got a collection of DVDs which I watch regularly. This show goes into the life of an average family in Rhode Island. The characters include a mother and father, three children including two awkward and socially challenged teenagers and a talking baby, as well as the talking family dog.

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It makes fun of things we do every day that may not seem stupid, but really they are unnecessary and pointless. This show is filled with hilarious flashbacks to past events and includes lots of sarcasm and some dumb comments and actions by the unintelligent father, Peter. One of my favorite episodes is “Pre-Retarded”, where Peter finds out he’s mentally disabled and goes around doing stupid but hilarious things. He wins a game of Trivial Pursuit because his wife gave him straightforward questions from the children’s version, including “What color are fire trucks?” Peter struggles but eventually gets it right and wins the game, convincing himself that he’s a genius.

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When he takes the test, he finds out that not only is he not a genius, he’s actually mentally disabled, so he bulldozes the house in celebration. This episode is similar but better than the rest because the plot is typical, but it is filled with more funny comments and random instances. Although this show may seem like a basic comedy meant to entertain children, it is really targeted at teens and young adults. The comedy makes fun of other stereotypes and gets away with things considered racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic.

It portrays these groups of people in the way they are supposed to be seen in society but shows that the stereotypes aren’t true by making them seem stupid and exaggerated. For example, in another episode, when they are trying to get away from a bunch of southerners, the dog, Brian, screams, “Look, it’s a newly-married, interracial, gay couple burning the American flag.” It shows how ridiculous they look when they all scream, “Oh, let’s get’em!” and this way, it makes fun of the stereotypes against southerners and the group of people described in his remark because the people would never actually do this.

I like Family Guy because it is really one of the funniest and most genius shows on television. The writers of the show are knowledgeable and smart about what they write. Although this show is hilariously funny, that is just one of its good qualities. It also sends an important idea about how people are supposed to be seen and tells us that stereotypes aren’t always true. In addition, it makes fun of average things and has long, awkward pauses to show how funny our daily routines can be. Although this show may be offensive to some, I believe it is all in good humor.

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I am Jewish, and in some episodes, they make fun of Jews, reinforcing the stereotypes that all Jews are rich accountants, lawyers, or doctors. This is to make a point, and the writers do not really believe the things they show because they exaggerate the stereotypes to make them look silly. In a way, this show is a lot like me. On the outside, I really enjoy comedies and basic entertainment that I can laugh about. However, there are also real issues that are important to me and other things in my life that I care about besides just humor. This show is very provocative, but it is hilarious and important, even if others may not share these same views. This program shows that I am a caring person, and I am aware of the realities in life. Like Family Guy, I may be funny and joking on the outside, but we both go deeper on the inside.

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