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An Essay on Global Warming Can Be Written In Different Forms

Global warming is a major environmental issue of a global scale. The implications and repercussions will affect the climate and geography of the earth is an unprecedented manner if continued unchecked. This is why the issue is addressed at worldwide forums such as the Kyoto protocol. To write a global warming essay it is important to get your facts straight on what it is and how it impacts us.

You should also have at hand the alarming facts and figures of emission levels caused by humans activities. Essay writing on topics of this nature has to be intense and passionate. You can write the essay in many forms but your concern for the matter must be reflected in your writing. Let us clarify what global warming is and its impacts as well as how this essay can be written in different styles.

Global Warming and Its Impact

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Global warming is the increase in the average temperature in the earth’s atmosphere caused by the greenhouse gas effect. The greenhouse effect is used as a comparative explanation of what takes place with the toxic emissions released to the environment. Emissions from vehicles, factories and other industrial operations release toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide on massive scales.

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These emissions are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and increase the overall temperature of the earth. An essay writer should mention the many repercussions that can be expected. These include drastic changes in weather patterns, climatic changes, acid rains, toxic fogs, and most importantly the melting of polar ice caps. Many years into the future, this melting of ice caps will raise the sea level enough to submerge and wipe out many countries from the face of the world map.

Different Essay Forms

Depending upon the essay topic, an essay can be written in different forms.

  1. You can write a global warming essay as an argumentative essay, arguing why stricter emission controls should be put in place. On the other hand it can be argued from the perspective of a third world country which can not afford to adhere to the emission control standards adopted by the developed world.
  2. An informative essay can be written on the subject with many facts and figures and the data on emissions from vehicles and other sources.
  3. A comparative essay can be written comparing the scale of global warming a decade back and today.
  4. A cause and effect essay can discuss all the repercussions of global warming with examples and data to back up your discussion.
  5. A persuasive essay extends a logical and valid argument on why you believe people should make their own individual efforts to help preserve Mother Nature and stop global warming.  For example, you may persuade the reader to switch to hybrid vehicles or electric-powered vehicles or preserve electricity which can reduce the coal power plant operations etc.
  6. An analysis essay can take in to account the effects of the current legislature on controlling emission levels and reducing global warming.
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This can be an assignment you may have to handle for your GCSE coursework for English subject. Therefore, practising your writing skills as well as researching and reading widely on the subject can help you write a high-quality global warming essay.

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