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America’s National Pass-Time

When you hear the term baseball what do you think?

I think an all American sport that was started in the 1800s. In early baseball, it wasn’t very popular but soon caught on. It really started to become popular when the American League and the National League were founded.

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Baseball is a fairly easy sport. There are usually nine people on the field at a time. There are three in the outfield and six in the infield. As far as offence is concerned the just try to hit the ball that was thrown at them at about one hundred miles per hour. A good pitcher can throw a variety of different balls, including a knuckle, curve, sinker, slider, and fast. This variety of throwing is used to throw the batter off and make the ball look like it’s going somewhere that it really isn’t.

But it isn’t only the pitcher’s job the catcher plays a big role in this process as well. He uses finger signals to tell the pitcher what kind of balls to throw dependent on what kind of batter is up. The batters in the national league can only use wooden bats and the have to be solid wood. The reason for this is aluminium bats have too much “pop.” This means the ball bounces off the bat so fast the pitcher doesn’t have enough time to get out of the way when the ball is hit at him.

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Also when a batter hits the ball and it is caught in the air he is out. When and if the batter gets on base he can still get out. The pitcher can throw the ball to the base the runner is at and try to get him out. He can also get out on a force. This is where the ball is hit, fielded and thrown to abas all before a runner has a chance to get to the base. However, if a runner starts toward a bas and gets there before being thrown out this is called a steal. It is a legal play that just farther advances a runner on his way back to home plate. You don’t have to be a professional to play the sport. There are leagues for all ages all around.

In conclusion, I would like to say that baseball is the best sport ever created and I hope that it continues to be the most popular sport played in America.

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