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Alcoholism Essay

I chose to research this topic because lots and lots of people tend to drink a lot. I wonder why they love to drink so much; I mean, it’s not even that good. It tastes so bitter and has this stinky stench. I’ve always wondered why my family likes to drink it so much for any special occasions we do; all I see is drink, drink and drink everywhere. Why do they love to drink so much? I don’t see any good in it, and I think it makes you stupider. Why do people like alcohol so much?

The health issue with drinking alcohol is that too many underage kids are drinking too much. They drink even when they are not supposed to, especially if they were at a party they would want to look fantastic and go drinking with another peer. Parents are always concerned that teens who drink cause the damage to their lives can’t get back quickly. The controversy surrounding alcohol is that College students and other teens believe that they should be able to drink at the age of 18 and while parents and other authorities think that the legal age for drinking should be 21.

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Parents don’t want anyone under 21 to drink because if they drink, they might get addicted to alcohol and get into many stupid troubles. Alcohol makes a person loses its brain cell, parents don’t want their kids to be drinking under the age of 21 because their brains are still developing and its stop developing at the age of 21 so after 21 it’s ok for them to drink because their brain had already been developing. The statistics of drinking alcohol is getting your health terrible and lots of other stuff.

Like as in FAS, FAS is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. What it takes is just one drink to cause retardation of your baby, facial deformities and learning disabilities. Another thing is Sexual and Physical Assault; over 50% of rapes are acquainted with alcohol, and getting angry or violent is also acquainted with alcohol. Alcohol also leads to family abuse, Physical health, Mental health and Social health. Alcohol is also the number one thing to leads you to use Mary Jane or, as its call Marijuana.

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The long term of alcohol is that teens under the age of 21 want the state to legalize the age for drinking to be at the age of 18. But parents don’t want the age to be 18 cause it may ruin there future. Family don’t want there kids to be drinking cause it ruins there relationship with everyone. Most people drive while drinking, which leads to something terrible, and families don’t want that to happen to their children. So the state help forbid alcohol for kids under the age of 21, and schools ban students from bringing any alcohol to school.

Government investigate more when something terrible happens so they can prevent it from happening again. Also, anyone who buys alcohol for the younger kids will get there I.D taken away. What I can do to improve alcohol is whenever I see other teens of my age, I would tell them to stop and think of what would happen to their future by just drinking alcohol and by just one drink can make your life turn and never turn back. I can also try to influence other teens to take some classes to help them stop. If none of this works, then I guess it’s their life someday, they would understand when I try to help them, and they didn’t accept the help.

  • Hazelden Center For Youth And Families
  • 680 Stewart Avenue St.Paul, MN. 55102
  • Anthony Louis Center
  • 115 Forestview Lane Plymouth, MN 55441 (763)542-9212
  • Way Side House Inc. 3705 Park Center Blvd. St. Louis, MN 55416 (952)926-5626
  • Name Anonymous. Last: Anonymous
  • Race: Asian
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5″5
  • Sex: Men

I chose to interview this person because he is a close family member, and I want to know why he likes to drink a lot. I want to know what a drinker’s life is and see if they are doing stuff like those people I see in the news most of the time about rapes and abuse.

  • Lee: Why do you like to drink?
  • Anonymous: I like to drink because it gives me less suffering.
  • Lee: How does it give you less suffering?
  • Anonymous: It gives me less suffering because it takes out my stress, it makes me forget everything for that moment, and I can be myself.
  • Lee: But Don’t you know what the outcome is?
  • Anonymous: I do, but it’s worth it because I’ve always had stress, and so far, this is the only thing that helps me forget everything and be happy.
  • Lee: What would you do if there was no such thing as alcohol?
  • Anonymous: If there was no alcohol, I would be so stressed out that I wouldn’t be living anymore.
  • Lee: Don’t you care about your family?
  • Anonymous: I do, but if they would have cared for me, I wouldn’t be this stressed.
  • Lee: What if one day you got so drunk and you started to abuse your family?
  • Anonymous: The would never happen because I never abused them before in my whole life.
  • Lee: But what if it did happen, then what would you do?
  • Anonymous: I’m not sure……..
  • Lee: What if your family got in trouble and you were too drunk to help them, then what will you do?
  • Anonymous: I’m not sure; maybe someone is there to help them.
  • Lee: What if your family left you because they don’t want a drunkard father and husband, How would you live then?
  • Anonymous: If they left then I guess I would be drinking for the rest of my life then.
  • Lee: So is this how you want to live your life, Not being able to help your family when they need help?
  • Anonymous: No……
  • Lee: Then if I were you, I would change and stop drinking and spend more time with your family, or you’re going to lose your chance forever.
  • Lee: Thanks for the interview.
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Name Anonymous. Last: Anonymous. Race: Asian. Age: 24. Height: 5″4. Sex: Women I interviewed this person because I never met anyone who is so in love with alcohol so much and whenever she has free time, she will drink. She would always bring alcohol with her everywhere she went and would care less what others thought. I want to know from her how come she can quit drinking and why she is always drinking.

  • Lee: Why do you like to drink so much?
  • Anonymous: I think it’s a lifesaver to me.
  • Lee: How is it a lifesaver to you?
  • Anonymous: It helped me when I was in bad moods when I was down, when I needed someone to be there for me and never turn its back on me.
  • Lee: Are you sure it’s worth everything?
  • Anonymous: It’s been worth everything so far now.
  • Lee: What’s the point of drinking, though, when you’re going to lose a lot from it?
  • Anonymous: Drinking is everything, it doesn’t matter if I lose it makes me feel so good, nothing has ever made me feel this good before.
  • Lee: What do you gain from it?
  • Anonymous: For me, I gain happiness but for you, I don’t know, and you wouldn’t understand cause your not me.
  • Lee: Isn’t there lots of other stuff in this world that can make you happy?
  • Anonymous: There is other stuff that makes me happy, But it doesn’t have the feeling of happiness I get from drinking, it doesn’t feel as good as the feeling I get from drinking alcohol.
  • Lee: Is there anything in this world other than alcohol that can make you happy?
  • Anonymous: Yes there is but you can’t bring the dead back to life.
  • Lee: But would he/she be happy for all this drinking, just think about it, would they be happy from what you are doing?
  • Anonymous: I’m not sure…
  • Lee: If you’re not sure then why are you still drinking?
  • Anonymous: Because…..I… it’s my life…
  • Lee: You should think about everything again and if your decision is still the same then I guess, live the one you want.
  • Lee: Anyways Thanks for the interview.
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