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Alcohol Effecting Our Young Minds Essay

Past surveys have shown that our students¡¦ rate of dangerous drinking is approximately half the national average. Every 3 hours there is one teenager death attributed to an alcohol-related automobile accident. These numbers target teenagers, who may be persuaded to make responsible decisions about drinking. Party is very often on our campus. However, people who offer alcohol at their party sometimes don¡¦t know that they maybe will against the law.

We have heard many lawsuits about people who provide alcoholic beverages to their guests that related to traffic accidents. Some people will ask: ¡§How did this happen? Who should take responsibility for this?” But others think “It’s great. We like to come and relax, forget about the pressures of school.

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The more, the merrier.¡¨ However, they don¡¦t know there is hazard behind the gladness. People who provide alcohol should be held legally responsible for alcohol-related accidents. This is a very serious problem in our society now, but lots of people don¡¦t know the severity.

One might say that the irresponsible host is a consequential murderer. People who offer alcohol should know that drinking would lead to losing consciousness. If people who hold the party don¡¦t deal with their drunken guests and just let them go, this is like let the soldiers have a fight without weapons. There is no doubt that hosts know their drunken guest’s man has a hazard when they drive back home. Besides, we heard about alcohol-related accidents again and again. Then, why the hosts let this tragedy happen? When I was a freshman in college, I had no idea about the dangers involved with the rapid consumption of alcohol. I joined a fraternity in my freshman year.

After every exam, whenever my fraternity brothers and I would get together and go to any place where have parties. I remember that night we had a lot of drinks. After the party, we were too drunk to be driving, but we still drove back home. This was just the beginning of misfortune. Our car crashed on a tree, and one of my friends died in that accident. My last memory of that night was sitting around to play a drinking game with my friends. After that, the people who offer alcohol at that party were sued by my friend¡¦s parent.

We had a great time at that party. Why there was a tragedy in the end? It goes without saying that drinking is a lethal phenomenon college kids have never been adequately educated about. But, in this accident, who really needs to take responsibility? Needless to say, the people who offer alcohol should have some responsibility for my friend¡¦s death. I wish every teenager knows someone like my friend personally so they understand the more than probable negative consequences of drinking.

Undoubtedly, lots of states have liability laws to reduced harmful alcohol-related behaviors. These laws not just only aim at drunk driving but also target at people who offer alcohol. Rely on this, people who provide alcohol be held legally responsible for alcohol-related accidents. In addition, there are various alcohol-related laws from each state, such as administrative regulations, tort liability, and insurance. Instead of telling people not to drink or irresponsible offering alcohol, we should admonish people to be a responsible host, and people should follow the rules to have fun.

As we know, there are many alcohol problems on our campuses. Among the factors examined, the price of alcohol is found to reduce the probability to get alcohol; however, the effect is not statistically significant. Some people conclude that most criminal laws, with the exception of open container laws and mandatory minimum first offense fines and jail time, are not effective in reducing the alcohol problems.

In contrast, dram shop laws and social host liability are effective. During the past year, we have been reviewing and improving our already strong alcohol policies and educational programs about offering alcohol. There are no simple solutions, but people and administrators are committed to working together to find the best possible solutions. Although we have laws to fight irresponsible offering alcohol, we need more moral restraint and responsibility for people who offer alcohol at the party.

People who offer alcohol should set rules for drinking. If their friends or guests drink in their house, they should ask them to stay overnight or picked by non-drinking people. These requests are not just to host themselves to avoid lawsuits but also protect drinking people¡¦s safety.

According to the aforementioned, alcohol is destroying the lives of some of our brightest young people. But alcohol is not like evil if we handle it properly. In contrast, we can have a good time with alcohol if we follow the rules. It is important that the media continue to bring attention to everyone so that more families-like my friend’s-do does not have to endure the painful death of a child so full of potential. Hopefully, with continued education and media attention, we can change the campus culture that has too often accepted and sometimes even promoted drinking. Moreover, people have more sense to be held legally responsible for alcohol-related accidents. I am confident that, by working together, we can prevent the destruction of any more families.

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