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AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home Market Research

Executive Summary

AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home is located in the growing suburb of Shell Cove, which gives our customers the perfect view of the ocean and is ideal for watching the sunrise while enjoying a lovely breakfast.

We open from 4am every morning and close at 11:30am. This is to ensure our customers have sufficient time on weekdays to enjoy their breakfast before work and on the weekends enjoy a leisurely brunch before their day begins.

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AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home caters for the Upper class, men and women in the Illawarra. We have a full range of coffee’s to suit all tastes, these include; Short Black, Long Black, Latte, Double Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Flat white and Mocha. Our breakfast and brunch menu’s are specially formulated to cater for our target market and include some favourites like bagels, croissants and fresh fruit just to name a few.

Every morning we will get numerous daily papers delivered so our customers can enjoy the pleasures they normally would at home all in the one venue. We also keep a number of both women’s and men’s magazines regularly, to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.

AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home is currently looking to cater for corporate meetings, where the emphasis will be on privacy, relaxation, value and personal attentive service. We will have a full boardroom table to seat all participants, which will include a white board, flip charts, video, overhead projector and screen, which will be available for use by our customers.
Our aim is on personalised customer service to make each person feel welcome and valued as a customer. All our products are fresh everyday and the fast reliable service that our staff provides, is of the many things that people will grow to love about AJ’s Breaky2Bruch Heritage Home.

Situational Analysis

A SWOT analysis evaluates the businesses current position. It allows the business to be sorted into categories in order for the future of the business to improve. The SWOT analysis is comprised of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The Strengths in the business should be matched with opportunities found outside the business. Strategies should be set in place in order to eliminate threats and weaknesses.

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Location- Situated in the developing suburb of Shell Cove with amazing ocean views. (See appendix 3)

Opening hours- 4am till 11:30am.

Select menu- Our menu is directed at an elite class of white collar workers. (See attached appendix 1)

Great customer service- Our friendly service and quality staff ensure customers get the quality and service that they deserve every day.

Morning papers delivered every day- Each day numerous copies of the morning papers are delivered to make sure our customers can maintain a relaxed lifestyle while enjoying the pleasures of coffee and a morning paper.

Keeps a wide range of magazines on a regular basis- We aim at keeping our customers happy which means every month buying different magazines to keep both our male and female customers satisfied.

Closes early- This is so our valued staff members have the opportunity to have a decent break before starting again the next morning.

Limited parking- As we are located in a suburb that is still in the process of being added to there is limited space to park near our venue.

Limited menu- Our limited menu means we do not cater for all tastes.


To expand into lunches and afternoon teas- This would be a great way to get more customers. It would involve two shifts of staff, a morning team and an afternoon team.

Provide morning tea items on the menu- This would cater for those who do not wish to have breakfast or brunch.

To expand the cold beverages into frappe`s and smoothies- This would allow for those who enjoy coffee and fruit juices but wanted something different for a change.

To provide facilities for corporate meetings- This would include turning one of our rooms into a boardroom with whiteboard, flip charts, video, overhead projector and screen facilities.


Competition- Surrounding cafe’s in Shellharbour village.

Businesses closing and retrenchments- A major threat would be if a major business firm closed we could potentially lose customers as they would no longer be able to afford breakfast out.

Developments- Developments of highways and tourist places in the surrounding area could potentially take customers away from our business.

Business lifecycle

AJ’s Breaky2Brunch is currently in the growth phase of the business lifecycle. This is because we are currently in the process of renovating part of our heritage home to cater for corporate firms. We are planning to add a boardroom with whiteboard, flip charts, video, overhead projector and screen facilities. (included relevant diagram- drew by hand)

Marketing Objectives

Increasing market share- To increase market share we will need to take customers from our competitors or otherwise attract new customers. Achieving this requires us to have a thorough understanding of our customer base as well as that of rival businesses. To ensure this takes place AJ’s Breaky2Brunch heritage home is currently looking at renovating to cater for corporate meetings to expand their customer base.

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Maximising customer service- In order to become more successful, we need to attract more customers and keep existing customers also. We need to provide more products and have a constant supply of our menu items at all times to keep our customers happy. AJ’s Breaky2Brunch has recently added new beverages (see appendix 2) and has also started getting the morning papers daily so that our customers can have the very best breakfast or brunch experience possible.

Target Market

AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home is aimed at an elite market that exists in Shellcove. We provide breakfast or brunch for the white-collar workers who can afford to eat out every morning. We are looking into targeting corporate firms and businesses of the like, as we soon will have a boardroom facility, which will be the perfect place for corporate meetings. This Boardroom aims to target a new customer base and will hopefully help build AJ’s Breaky2Brunch into a venue which is sought out by many.

Also sometime in the near future, we wish to target “stay at home mothers” by providing them with the opportunity to have morning or afternoon tea with a friend at a relaxed friendly venue.

Specific Marketing Strategies

The marketing mix is the set of controllable marketing variables (product, price, promotion, place & distribution) that businesses can use to achieve competitive market advantage.


  • Extend the product range- cater for morning teas.
  • Reposition to cater for new target market- corporate firms, stay at home mothers.
  • Build brand familiarity- create a brand to make customers more willing and familiar with the products.


  • Competitive pricing- set similar prices through the cost plus method. Calculate cost of production and add a mark up. High mark ups are possible with goods with a distinctive feature. eg/ the development of our board room facility.
  • List price & discounts- Offer discounts to foster repeat sales and high turnover. eg/ create meal deals.


  • Pushing techniques- Fliers, direct mail, brochures.
  • Sales promotion- Short term attempts to influence customers. eg/ two for one deals.
  • Advertising- Longer term. Involves building up a brand name. eg/ Radio and television advertising.

Place and Distribution-
• Sell to the customer directly
• Use of specialist transport services eg/ for daily newspaper deliveries

Implementing, monitoring and controlling the marketing plan
At AJ’s Breaky2Brunch we will regularly assess our marketing plan in order to maintain customer satisfaction. This will take place every 6 months or otherwise when it is necessary to do so. Once our boardroom facility is up and running we will reassess our plan for it within the first 6 months to be sure it is on track with our goals for it.

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In sum AJ’s Breaky2Brunch Heritage Home is seeking the interest of investors to help us maintain our stage of growth by seeking a new customer base through the construction of a boardroom facility which will cater for corporate meetings. Our aim is on personal, attentive service and we strive for customer satisfaction in all we endeavor to do.

(these next pages were added as appendices)
Breakfast and brunch menu

  • Fruit Salad with natural yogurt
  • Croissants- Served with your choice of Butter and Jam or
    Ham and Cheese
  • Bacon and Egg Focaccia
  • Big Breakfast- Two eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, sausage and toast
  • Muffins- Your choice of blueberry, banana, strawberry
    or apple-cinnamon
  • Waffles- Served with Maple Syrup and Butter and topped with fresh strawberries.
  • Pancakes- Served with your choice of Lemon and Sugar, Maple Syrup and Fresh Strawberries or home made Jam with Fresh Cream.
  • Bagels- Your choice of plain served with cream cheese, cinnamon raisin swirl, cinnamon sugar or wild blueberry.


Hot Beverages

• Coffee
Short Black, Long Black, Latte, Double Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Flat white or Mocha
• Hot Chocolate or White Hot Chocolate
• Tea
Black, White, Herbal, Green or Decaf


Cold Beverages
• Iced Coffee or Chocolate
• Fruit Juice Apple, Orange, Tomato, Pineapple
• Mineral Water Natural, Lemon & Lime, Lemon, Lime & Bitters, Lemon $3.60

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