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AFL Umpires Australian Football League Essay

AFL Umpires are the worst people at controlling a situation/game. You don’t see basketball referees going up to players talking back the way AFL umpires do. The Footy rules committee only keeps changing the rules because the white maggots aren’t calling them are calling one but not the rest. AFL umpires are the most protected official’s in the game of sport. Why? The AFL is so overprotective of their umpires cause they don’t want the AFL to get a bad name because of its officials. Of course, every umpire is allowed to make a mistake there are only human but AFL umpires follow them up with even more silly decisions. In last years Grand Final Darren Golspink gave a free-kick to West Coast when it should have been to Sydney and then he gave them a 50 m penalty as Hall played on. Then to even the game up he gives Sydney a free-kick, which wasn’t there, followed by a 50 m penalty. Which put Sydney straight in front of goals if Sydney could kick straight it could have changed the end result.

Umpires are just the third team on game day in florescent yellow and greens tops on green bossing around the players. Wishing they, were Chris Judd rather than being labelled as “white maggots” and “green maggots?” Umpires may get abused and hassled on game day, I understand about the abuse they get from players and spectators, but that does not give them the right to completely ruin the game and turning it into a game of Netball. You never hear about umpires in the news and I’m here to tell you that they can do even worse than the players. Can everyone remember the comments that James Hird Made about Scott Mc Clean about his bad umpiring on the footy show? This news was in the news for weeks.  Russ O’Deller an AFL umpire last year commented on the sub-standard of play at a Richmond and Bulldogs game.

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He quoted “Half these blokes wouldn’t get a game in under 15’s in New South Wales.” We don’t hear about AFL Umpires in the Media is because the AFL is too protective of the men in white rather then players bringing in the money. Every time an AFL, players go out and get drunk or into a fight, it’s on the news the next day. About three years one very highly known umpire goes out and gets drunk until 3 am and we don’t hear about it. Why because the AFL is too protective and doesn’t want people do think the Umpires are “slackers”. The hands in the back rule is somewhat an extension of the push in the back rule, and in some cases is warranted.

However, until the umpires are able to first get themselves into the right positions, and then actually make decisions that are consistently based on how the rules are written, the players, coaches and spectators alike will remain confused and frustrated. I agree that rules need to be reviewed, but I don’t think that rules need to be changed or created. The rules committee at the end of last year changed the push in the back to hands in the back, the only reason for because the umpires weren’t calling. Now they stop the game as soon as someone touches them in the back, AFL is meant to be a contact sport not a game of netball. How can we let these umpires overrun the game everyone loves? First of all the umpires can have just as strict punishments as the players have and get people who know the rules and don’t talk back and be rude. Now, let’s stop these people in green tops ruin the best game ever.

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