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Advice for Personal Encounters with Rude People

Throughout the course of life, we all have encountered different situations concerning rude people. In The Macmillan Reader, the authors state, “Many social commentators have observed that discourtesy is on the rise.” Well, these terrorists have been discourteous to the American Nation. Aside from these terrorists, my everyday encounters with the public validate that people as a whole are discourteous to each other.

Whether I have ordered food in a restaurant, been shopping in the store, or been driving down the road, someone at any one of these times has done something to upset me. Many people are as polite and courteous as we would expect them to be. They will go out of their way to make an individual or individuals happy. It could be the dissatisfied customer at the cash register, or the person driving beside them on the freeway, or the people they live with. In any case, their objective is to avoid confrontation if at all possible. Other times I have come in contact with the rudest people I have ever seen. Most of the time there is nothing that can be done about these situations.

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Just the other day my girlfriend and I were driving down the Interstate. We were in the passing lane coming upon a car in the right lane following a truck hauling chopped wood. My girlfriend was driving, and we were fairly close the other car. When the driver of the car pulled out in front of us to pass the truck, the car came within inches of hitting the front of our car. Needless to say, my girlfriend was very unhappy about this, considering that was about the fourth time someone had cut in front of her in this manner in the past three weeks. I have found that so many drivers are not as careful as they should be. Many have problems eating or trying to talk on the phone while they are trying to drive. This takes part of their concentration away from driving causing them to swerve, miss turns, or pull out in front of others.

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Another personal experience I have encountered with discourteous people is in the grocery store. I usually go to the grocery store to get what I need and leave. I can be an impatient person. When someone is standing in an aisle that I need something from, and they do not budge from their spot when they can clearly see that I need to get through, I get angry. That may be inconsiderate of me, but I feel the person is inconsiderate to me as well. That is why I try to go to the store when it is not crowded.

The business office at Fairmont State College is also another place I have to deal with discourteous people. I have been in that office on several occasions and not once have I not had a problem when I have been in there. I do not know if it is me trying to explain the situation or the fact that there are so many students that the people in this office just quit trying to understand. After explaining my dilemma several times, the person I am talking to realizes, finally, that I knew what I was talking about from the beginning. This can become very frustrating.

Now this is probably the biggest problem I have ever had dealing with rude people. Two years ago I wrecked a truck I owned. My insurance was going to pay to have the dents fixed and the truck repainted. I took the truck to a local collision repair shop in my hometown to have it redone. Not only did the servicemen do a poor job pulling out the dents, but they also had to repaint the truck twice because someone was not careful when putting something back together on the truck.

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There was a big scratch on the door in brand new paint. I made several trips to check out the quality of the work that was done to my truck only to still not be able to drive it two months later. At first, these people were rude, trying to tell me the dents had been pulled and that they had no idea where the scratch came from. Finally, after it was realized that I was not playing games and I knew what I was looking for, the truck was completed.

These were just a few occasions when I have dealt with discourteous people. We all deal with situations like these every day. It may not be in these peoples’ nature to be rude, but I see or hear or encounter someone who is having an off day or they are just plain rude.

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