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Advertising Society Essay

This week Newsweek has a whole bunch of advertisements. I think that most of them are targeted at middle-class businessmen because nearly a fourth of them are computer companies. Apple has an eight-page section all to itself. Also, there is a lot of telecommunications advertisements and some car ads. Microsoft also has a large four-page section all to itself. Nearly all of the ads are trying to sell very expensive things, from cars to computers to cruises. Dodge has two different advertisements about thirty pages apart. Other car companies include Toyota, Oldsmobile, Ford, Volvo, General Motors, Jeep, Chrysler, Buick, and Chevrolet. The ads are scattered all over the magazine in between articles and also on the back page. The companies that are advertising are probably paying a large amount of money to have their ads on the pages.

When I look at most of the articles I think of family life. A lot of the car company ads have pictures of their cars carrying a payload of kids. Also, a lot of the car ads reminded me of adventure. Especially the sort utility ads. They contain pictures of the explorer, or jeep off in the wilderness where there isn’t any pavement. These articles are on pages sixty-seven and just inside the front cover. There is also a couple of liquor ads. One of them is a picture of a bottle underwater. This is probably supposed to symbolize tranquillity, but I am guessing that there is also some subliminal message hidden away in a rock or something. This ad is on page fifty-three. These ads tell me that society likes to have an adventure, and had enough time on their hands not to go find it. Also, a lot of people like to use the telephone and computer too much. The businesses are very competitive and most have rival companies with similar products. Because of the fact that very few people who work in fast-food restaurants etc. read Newsweek, this only tells about the better off portion of society.

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