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Advertising Safer Sex with Condoms

An advertisement for Trojan condoms shows a young woman wearing a small lace bra with a Trojan condom sticking out of the bra. The focus of the picture is directly on her breasts. This advertisement is using the female body and the idea of sex to get the image of their product into the reader’s memory. This advertisement implies one main idea: sex.

The picture, focusing on the women’s chest area, gives a strong idea of what this advertisement is trying to portray. Breasts are objects of sexual fantasies. The condom is placed in the bra for a specific reason. The advertisers know the first place the eyes will go when they see the ad, is the breasts. That is the reason the product they are trying to sell is placed there. The advertisers are hoping the image of the breast and the Trojan condom package will be transferred to the person’s memory.

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The text of the advertisement also has strong sexual innuendoes. Shared sensation indicates a situation involving more than one person, as it is shared, and sensation indicates feeling as in a sexual relationship. The next phrase, Why wear anything else? gives the vision of a nude body, again the advertiser has used a sexual image to sell their product. In fact, the advertisement is trying to portray the image of a sexual encounter with the only type of clothing being a Trojan condom.

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The advertisement appeals to a broad range of people. The advertisement implies sex. The advertisement is selling Trojan condoms and condoms are used for sex. The ad targets people in their teens to mid-twenties. It targets men, with the pretty female model, but women are also interested as it implies safe sex, which targets both sexes.

When a man sees the advertisement he can get a visual image. He sees a beautiful woman, her breasts covered only by her bra and a condom. She is telling him sex is on her mind and a Trojan condom will make it happen. As sex is an important activity for many men, the advertisers are hoping they will run to the nearest store and purchase Trojan condoms.

Another idea the advertiser is trying to portray is safe sex. Sex is here to stay and condoms are an essential item for birth control and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Trojan condoms are promoting safe sex with the ad. The women’s smile gives a positive attitude about the condom. The term shared sensation leads you to believe the condom will lead to a pleasant sexual feeling.

Using sex as the marketing technique to sell to this age group is a very smart idea. Sex is always on their mind. Sex sells! The association of a beautiful, semi-nude model, and a Trojan condom will leave a lasting impression in the reader’s mind. The message delivered in this advertisement is a good one. Trojan condoms help promote safe sex.

The advertisement implies beautiful women use condoms and guys should know that if they wear one, their chances of getting those beautiful girls are much greater. Men and women all want sex. Trojan condoms are there for both of them. The advertisement leaves you with feeling the next time someone stands at the condom display, at a store, they will choose Trojan condoms because the picture of the beautiful model with the Trojan condom package is forever engraved in their mind. The advertisement has done its job!

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