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Adam and Eve: Their Effects on Mankind

The biblical story of Adam and Eve is found in Genesis, the first book of The Bible. Genesis is literally a book about the beginning of humankind and the creation of the world. According to Genesis, God created the world and all its inhabitants in six days. Although God was pleased with all that he created, his greatest creation was that of mankind, made in his image. First, God created Adam, “the man,” then he put Adam into a deep sleep a removed a rib from him to create Eve, ” The Woman”. Then according to Genesis 1:26, God gave them complete dominion over the earth and all therein.

God then placed his “best” creation in the “best” place in the world to live, The Garden of Eden. This garden was created to be mans “Utopia”. In this utopia, God gave Adam one commandment, to enjoy everything and eat anything in the garden except from “The Tree of Knowledge.” After this commandment, God blessed both the man and the woman and allowed them to live as the pleased being free will agents. The serpent, the devil, tempted Eve to eat from the tree of life. He promised her in doing so; she would be a wise as God. Eve fell to this temptation and, Adam followed. God was very displeased with their disobedience and exiled them both from the garden and cursed them and all their generations for the sin against him.

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Adam’s and Eve’s effect on Mankind. I think the “Creation Story” says a lot about the present state of mankind. I think that because God created “The Man”, Adam first that it was God’s will for Adam to have all of God’s other creations in submission to him, including the woman. This is not to say that all women should be a slave or servant to all men, but that women should be submissive to men or a man born of God or re-born of God, a saved man. I think that many people, especially those who do not have a revelation of God’s word, have a problem with this type of order because they don’t really understand the definition of submission. As a society, we are operating out of God’s order, especially in our homes, and that’s why we are living in a world of chaos and disorder.

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In addition, I think that a lot of the problems between the sexes, male and female, are because we are made so much alike but are so very different. The man was made directly in God’s image, but the woman was made of man from man. Although we are essentially made the same, the man was asleep when God removed parts of him to make the woman. That’s why I think men will never truly understand the entire makeup of women because he was asleep and unaware of all that was taken from him and put into her. In the same regard, I believe that is why we are so different emotionally because there are some things God purposely removed from the man and placed in the woman, and why some things were left in the man never to be placed in a woman.

I also think that Eve’s temptation by the serpent and conscientious decision to do her will instead of the will of God shows us what kind of God created us. Surely, a God he could hang the stars in the sky and cause the earth to bring for life could create men like a robot, made only to obey commands with no individual reasoning or thinking skills. However, he didn’t do that; he gave us the ability to make decisions and live life in his will or out. This is why we believe that, in some ways, we are “The Captain” of our fate. We can decide to both receive and walk the road that God has prepared for us or reject it and walk the road of death and destruction.

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Life Lessons. I think that “The Creation” story teaches us a variety of lessons. I think that from this story, we can learn the following: that God can create something from nothing, that even in a “Utopian Society” there must be a plan and order, that we are responsible for the decisions we make and that there are consequences for disobedience. God took a world that was void and without life and created a paradise for us to live in. If we apply this to us as individuals, we can see that God can take us from being someone with no purpose and no destiny to becoming someone full of life and endless opportunities. When God created our paradise, our utopia, he didn’t just throw it together, but he strategically planned it so that every seed would reproduce after its own kind, and he planned how life could sustain itself. As great as God is, he never does anything without a plan. We can apply this same concept to our daily living.

If we plan all that needs to be done before we do it, we will not only have time to create it all or do it all, but we can do it all and still have time for ourselves to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Although Adam and Eve both tried to blame someone or something else, God held them both accountable for their own individual actions. In the same regard, we must accept responsibility for the things we do. It is very convenient at times for us to look at the circumstances or situations that we are in and blame others, but we have the ability to make choices and must accept the fact that life is about choices and consequences. So often want to reap the benefits of our good choices, but if we expect to reap those benefits, we must also learn to accept the consequences of our bad choices.

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Personal Opinions. In my personal opinion, I think that throughout this story, we see the fall of mankind. We see how the na�ve idle unsuspecting mind of Eve became a workplace for the devil. We also see how a cracked door of opportunity can become an open door for troubles and deceit. I really believe that Eve was the door to the house, which we now live in. However, I don’t blame all of the evils in this world on Eve. I think just as Eve decided her fate, Adam decided his. Adam was the one directly given the commandment from God, and he had the same opportunity Eve had to denounce the devil and follow God’s will.

Had Adam been obedient to Gods command and had he assumed his position and upheld his authority in the garden, he wouldn’t have been exiled with Eve. Although Eve opened the floodgate for sin and disobedience, I think that we must all make a personal decision based on the knowledge and wisdom we have obtained to make Godly decisions. Decisions that will not just bring us moments of pleasure and temporary gratification, but decisions that will sustain us in every circumstance and situation. Decisions that we don’t have to be ashamed or regret when we stand before men or in the judgment of God.

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