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Abortion Essay Assignment – Pretty Much a Fixture in High School Calendar

There are many writing assignments of controversial nature. These include homosexuality, politics, sex education, terrorism, child abuse, child labour, stem cell research etc. One of the most common and most often assigned topics of controversial nature is the issue of abortion. This topic has various views and opinions making it one of the most interesting essays to write. As high marks are important to you, learning the finer points of writing the abortion essay is beneficial. Therefore, here is how to write an essay.

What is abortion? Any issue must be explained to the reader in order to have him or her understand what you have to say. This is a requirement for any essay from domestic violence essay to a child labour essay. Therefore, the first item on your agenda is to make sure that you know what abortion is so that you are able to explain it clearly to the readers. This requires thorough research into the subject matter. The intentional, premature termination of pregnancy is referred to as abortion. This procedure is done through surgery or medication or other means. Most often, abortion is conducted when there is a threat to the mother’s life. However, recently, other social and economic issues contribute to the rise in abortion statistics. Once you have defined the essay you will state your thesis by stating if you support abortion or don’t.

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Gathering evidence. Every person has a different opinion on how the topic of abortion should be handled. Your abortion essay will also have a varied opinion. For example, if you are pro-choice, you will have to find evidence to the fact that the mother is justified in wanting to terminate her pregnancy. Further justification can be added by stating what the mother will do if she is raped and finds herself pregnant with an unwanted child. If you are pro-life argue on the religious views on abortion, the dangers involved in abortion, the foetus etc. Gathering evidence to back your theory is essential in either regard. One of the best methods to ensure the credibility of your essay is to conduct a survey and question doctors, priests and students on various aspects of abortion. Keep in mind you need to cite your sources.

Writing the essay. The issue of abortion can be handled in various ways. For example, you can write it as an analysis essay where you will consider the mental and health implications of abortion. Or you can write the essay as an informative essay and educate readers on the increase or decrease of abortion, what it is and other aspects that provide knowledge about the topic. Another factor to take into consideration is to write the essay from an ethical standpoint. An ethics essay can discuss the ethics of terminating a small, helpless being. An opinion essay will provide your opinion on the subject of abortion. Writing an abortion essay is interesting and knowledgeable. This task is easy as there is much information available on abortion. Therefore, learn all you can. How it is done, how many are performed, patient fatalities, social acceptance etc are all necessary information when writing the essay regardless of your approach. Now you know how to write an essay, let’s begin.

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