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Abortion A Life or Death Decision

In life, everybody makes choices, choices whose effects can be temporary or choices that may make waves in one’s life permanently. In my opinion, abortion should be a choice that one is able to make. It may make permanent or temporary changes, but if one is ultimately ready to deal with these changes and can make the adult decision to abort, it the right is given to us as American women. Many people believe that this issue of abortion rights is moral, but it is also a Constitutional issue.

By the grace of the 9th amendment, women have had the right to legal abortions since 1789. This amendment not only gave these women a needed right but also made life safer for the practitioners of abortion. Before this amendment was passed, doctors feared for their lives. They practised in hiding for fear of “pro-lifers” coming to kill or harm their families. If these people are so “pro-life” how can they kill these doctors or hurt their families? It’s all a big hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is also seen in many religions.

Many of these religions disapprove of abortions as well. I have never been one with the church. A baptized Catholic, I have never really agreed with the teachings of the Catholic church either, their teachings on abortion, being one of the main issues that I disagree with. The church teaches that abortion is a sin and a moral evil. One who commits this “sin” will be excommunicated and could never have been a “true Catholic” if they have even considered abortion. This religion is truly merciless with its accusals and judgments. I completely disagree with this as well as many other points brought about by the Catholic church, but that is another paper altogether. The bottom line is that one’s views on abortion should not be based on how much one has been brainwashed by their church, but by the thoughts concocted in their very own mind.

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I do not believe that abortion is murder in its true sense. Murder, as defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary is:

murder: (n) the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought

Abortion is not a crime and it is not usually done with malicious intentions. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control, but if there is an unwanted fetus, it is better to terminate it then bring it into the world to live a life of abuse, poverty or sickness. It is for some, an escape but for others a blessing.

All too often I hear of young girls and women who have been raped and become pregnant. It is so disheartening to know that when that baby is born, it is born bearing the sickening memory of what preceded it. In this case, why should that woman have to live with such a horrible memory on her shoulders? I believe that a woman should have the right to do as she pleases. She should have the right to “rid” herself of something that will forever haunt her of the pain she went through. Perhaps this will even prevent future suffering of the mother and child.

Then there is the scenario of a woman living in poverty that has become pregnant with a child. If that woman does not believe that she can provide for this being sufficient, I believe that she has the right to terminate the pregnancy. This woman is thinking ahead for the well being of her child. Most people want their children to lead a better life than they, themselves did. In this case, it would be very difficult for the child to do well, living in poverty and the child will possibly never get the chance to fulfil its capabilities.

What if a woman becomes pregnant with a direly ill child? What if that woman feels she cannot deal with the emotional stress of having an incapacitated child? Must this woman be forced to go through with a pregnancy that will only leave her attached to her child and emotionally unstable and unable to care for this child? I do not think so. Much emotional and physical stress is placed on the shoulders of parents with disabled children.

Some parents may give under this tremendous pressure and not be able to care for the child, leaving it to grow up basically alone. Also, even though there are many successful, disabled individuals, there still is the population of disabled people that live in depression and anxiety, not knowing what to do with themselves. They may have a feeling of worthlessness. This is an unhealthy way to grow up. I believe it would be better to terminate the birth.

A woman’s body is hers and hers alone, and although there is a 5-10% increase in infertility with abortion, that is just a fact that the woman has to live with (Hardy 142). This fetus, for I shall not refer to it as a child, does not yet possess “person” qualities. It is not conscious of its surroundings, it cannot reason, it does not perform self-motivated activities, and it cannot communicate (Hardy 186). This child does not carry out life as we know it.

I believe that life begins with the passing of a fetus through the birth canal. Hence the name “birth”. To give birth is to give life; therefore, I believe that they occur at the same time. If a woman made the decision to begin to have sex, she is faced with the consequences of abortion side effects. With abortion comes a great variety of these side effects. Women can go into depression, denial, and may even experience physical problems such as large amounts of emotional trauma and guilt. This is a common myth that is connected with abortions. Realize, though, that this is not the majority. Studies show that of the over 45 million abortions performed to date, most women go on to lead healthy, prominent lives. These women can do things no others can do because they are strong-minded and can make decisions of their own. They do not have to go by what everyone else believes. These women are pioneers. These women break the moulds and beliefs of most.

Every day millions of Americans and so-called “pro-lifers” step on cockroaches and ants. Is this “murder”? Every day these same millions set traps to catch mice to kill them. Is this murder? Every day these millions eat beef, chicken, and pork. Is this murder? I believe that this is murder, but I do it. I do it to survive just as some women have abortions to survive (there are many women who cannot make it through labour). I do it because I am okay with it. If that is my choice, it should not bother anyone else because I am not imposing on other people’s beliefs; I am simply carrying out my life with my choices. If I choose to abort my first child, so be it.

If I choose to step on the next cockroach that runs by, who cares? Am I bothering anyone? I think to make this world one in which people can agree on abortion issues, people should not concern themselves with what others want. Let the 17-year-old pregnant girl abort her fetus. She made a mistake, but she too has a life to live. With a child, this girl probably would never get to go to college, but without it, she will live a better life, and live to make something of her life.

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