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A Woman’s Right to Abortion

A woman’s right or murder? The topic I chose was abortion a woman’s right or murder? I set out to interview a various range of citizens and professionals about this topic and to listen to their views. Abortion is a very personal and controversial topic, especially in today’s society. I did not expect to get an accurate answer to my topic, but rather two or even more very different sides to this study. I do not have a particular view on this issue, so I did aim to see if my mind could be made clearer from my interviews. I was expecting the communication to be very formal and hard to find people who knew exactly what their views are and able to comment on them easily. I did a lot of research regarding my topic before I set out to interview people and I learned a lot more about abortion because of this.

I discovered that there is a lot of risk before and after abortion. There could be infections, retained products of contraception, continued pregnancy, cervical or uterine trauma, and bleeding, which are all short-term post-abortion complications. The procedure also puts a lot of emotional and mental stress and trauma on the mother which is something she has to live with for the rest of her life. This occurs in 90% of all abortion cases. The woman is harmed after the abortion because it increases her chance of miscarriage and breast cancer, and may cause her to have painful menstrual cycles for the rest of her life. 25% of abortion cases report serious medical problems after their abortion and over 75% lose the relationship they were trying to save.

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From the interviews, I got a different perspective on a woman’s right and that was that the unborn child is fully alive just not yet ‘birthed’ ad God has a unique plan for that unique life that can not be filled by another. The law which was passed in 1972 to make abortion legal, was based upon perjury and the gaining of a ‘legal right that did not exist before and was due to the bending of the constitution and legal system. The justices made their decision because the pre-abortion crowd used false statistics, faked crisis situations and scenarios that never existed, rather than the fact of the law. I asked interviewees if they knew and if they could describe what happens in an abortion and I got a very detailed answer from Ken at Children’s hospital. He showed me that there was a way that involves making a woman go through the complete labor delivery after the baby is fully formed and growing until the baby’s head is just about to crown.

Then the doctor turns the baby face down and uses a scissor-like device to poke a hole through the base of the skull and inserts a canola to suck out the contents of the brain which kills the baby. The main parts are distributed to the fetal industry who pays a large sum of money for the brain cells, liver, pancreas, and heart, etc. Another form of abortion that I learned about was just by using a strong suction machine, to put through the cervix into the uterus and suck out the forming baby from the placental sac. Then the sac is removed by scraping it from the uterus wall. If the pregnancy is into the 7 – 10 week then the head, ribcage, and bones may be formed, so the cervix is opened wider through forced dilation, and forceps are used to grab the baby and dismember it limb by limb until only the torso and head are left free-floating. Then the head is crushed and the remaining contents are scraped and sucked out.

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One other method I learned about involved the woman taking a drug to kill the baby in the womb and then taking Prostaglandin to force an early delivery. After 2 or 3 days a dead baby is delivered. The process of communication that I undertook involved a very confidential and formal manner. This was because abortion is a very personal and controversial matter and needs to not be taken lightly. Some people have very strong opinions about abortion and do not want the issue to be mocked or made less important in our society. It was very hard to talk to some people regarding this topic, who could have benefited from my research, like a doctor.

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