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A Synopsis of Time Management and Corporate Planning

Through the survey on the previous page it is apparent that while I feel that my organization and management of my free time is efficient, I can make effective changes to maximize my output (and give me more time to do the things that I enjoy doing). While I often record long term goals and dates of important events and due dates, I often due not record short term goals for example the daily tasks etc.

This prevents me from maximizing the amount of work I get done during my “most alert” (as they say) periods of the day. Planning, more than anything can relieve stress by avoiding procrastination and the ‘last-minute’ scrambles to get things done and it can easily be done by setting goals and recording important dates.

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– My Study Area:

This is one of my weaker sections related to ‘time management’. Often when I have a lot of work, the one thing that I tend to neglect is the tidiness of my room and my study area.

However, along with planning, a clean work area can save you valuable time by knowing where everything is as well as prevents you from losing papers that you might need. For me, I tend not to care about how my books and sheets are organized which causes me to lose track of where certain things can be found.

This results in several things; obviously, my work area is untidy, it is hard to find specific items, it is often discouraging to approach my room, and an untidy work area causes me additional stress. In order to better arrange my room, it is not a matter of once in a while organizing it, but rather to keep it clean continuously.

Obtained Results

I had mixed results in this section. In terms of setting goals, concentrating my attention on what I am doing and performing long projects in short parts I scored reasonable well and, therefore, I feel that no major improvements are needed in these categories.

However, I feel that where one of my major weaknesses is that I often leave most of my work to be done at home, whereas I should take things to do with me when I know that I will be going somewhere that will involve me having free time.

Time Savers Involving Myself and Others:

Similarly to the previous section, I scored fairly well in this section and my only major fault was that I often tend to ‘slack off’ when I am with friends at school (or socializing). However, I feel that I set my priorities and realize that certain times are for socializing and others are for working, and that they should be evenly balanced to avoid being overly stressed, but also to excel in school.

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