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A Speech on Good Night Mr. Tom

Previously, before the war, people did numerous things to entertain and engross themselves in. However, the London Blitz has initiated a lot of discrepancies of entertainment, causing a diminishing effect upon methods to amuse each other.

Still, there have been various means in which one could occupy oneself. These approaches comprise of reading books, interpreting poems, listening to music, appreciating art, painting, acting, observing performances and attending theatres.

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The main method is literature, which includes reading and interpretation. Books were acquired by borrowing from friends, borrowing from libraries, or by borrowing from voluntary associations which prearranged book compilations.

Magazines and newspapers were also exceptionally economical, which imparted a beneficial manual to frequent episodes that have transpired. When authors composed stories and poems, they predominantly reflected peoples’ attitudes and incorporated the writer’s life.

Music was performed in many places, and only the prosperous could afford to attend musicals, theatres, and music rooms, whereas the average paid person could only enter music halls. Conversely, the poor couldn’t meet the expense of any location to attend. They functioned on the streets, where all the others sat down and listened.

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Not many people enjoyed art, but those who did manage to enjoy it benefited from it significantly. Art helped others notice the painter’s emotions and feelings, while the pictures gave an image of the war.

The performance also helped viewers understand the actors’ sensations and emotions if interpreted correctly.
Theatres were a bit unstable throughout the time of war, due to enemy assault. Consequently, they were closed.

However, when the government relaxed the regulations, which was when the attacks diminished, theatres reopened, in houses and cinemas.

So as you can see, there were a lot of dilemmas having war wipe out a lot of ways to entertain.

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