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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The last minutes of the last lesson of the last day was ticking away; everybody couldn’t wait to be set free. However I was quivering inside, I began to feel petrified; my legs began to shake. Horrible thoughts rushed through my head, and I felt a sudden sting in my arm. I gently rolled up my sleeve and looked at my graze, which had been blanketed with an even layer of antibiotic cream. I pressed my arm anticipating that the pain would fade, but it just resulted in more agony. My eyes began to water, I tried to hold my tears back, but the pain was so intense. ” Chris, Are you ok dear?” asked Mrs. Field. She crouched down at the side of my desk. ” Is it your arm, would you like to go to the nurse?” inquired Mrs. Field.

” Oh no is the poor little cry-baby crying again,” remarked Jacob sarcastically. The whole class echoed with laughter. ” That’s enough Jacob, I’ve had enough of your immature comments go…” the electric bell interrupted Mrs. Field and rang around the whole school, vibrating in everybody’s ears. There was a mad rush for everyone to collect their belongings and escape as if there was some emergency. Each member of the class raced past me; I felt neglected and lonely as I slowly packed my books into my old leather briefcase. Outside school, crowds gathered. Meetings, raves and parties were planned. Pupils split up into various groups and gangs. I was the last one to leave the school gate, I glanced around and I felt relieved because I couldn’t see them. Maybe they had got bored of pestering and teasing me.

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Suddenly I slipped and I crashed to the ground my briefcase split and my books scattered. ” Come on, get up you wimp!” cried Jacob. I was lying stretched across the playground. I had grazed both my knees as I skidded against the concrete. A sharp stinging pain surged through my body. It was like a thousand daggers were stabbing me all over my body. I couldn’t see anything; everything was a blur, my glasses had probably fallen as I fell. Suddenly I felt a pounding in my arm; I let out a gasp. My body froze. I was unable to get up and retaliate, I felt feeble and faint. My arm began to throb; I huddled up like a fetus in a womb. I tried to imagine this wasn’t happening. Already throngs of people had packed the playground, chanting and sniggering. I felt helpless and intimidated.

” Boys, what is going on here?” It was Mrs. Field. For the first time, I was overjoyed to hear her voice because I knew I was now saved from this torment. ” Oh, nothing Mrs. Field. We found Chris here, apparently, he slipped and we were just trying to help him. However he keeps on insisting that he doesn’t need our help,” Jacob answered innocently. Chris glanced at his friends and they smiled. ” Thank you Jacob for your efficiency, you can go and I will handle Chris.” Said Mrs. Field. ” That means everybody, you can all go home now. There is nothing to see!” exclaimed Mrs. Field. Slowly the playground had emptied; nothing was left in sight except for a few chocolate wrappers and sandwich bags. ” What happened?” asked Mrs. Field. ” I hope Jacob was telling the truth about your situation, did you really slip or were the boys involved?”

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” It was an accident, I wasn’t looking where I was going and suddenly I tripped,” ” What about your arm it’s bruised up quite badly, I think you will have to go to the hospital for a few X-rays. You may have broken it,” said Mrs. Field. ” No honestly I’m fine I hit it on the concrete as I fell, I don’t think I have to go to the hospital,” I murmured. ” No, I am sorry Chris I will contact your parents immediately to tell them we will be taking you to the hospital. It may be serious, I am only saying it for your benefit Chris.” ” Ok, but can we at least wait for my parents, we only live down the road.” “Ok Chris,” Replied Mrs. Field. I never told her the truth, not even my parents. They didn’t realize that if I told them, Jacob would finish me in seconds. I felt trapped in confusion I was unable to come to reality. It was like Jacob was watching my every movement. Those crystal blue eyes like sharp icicles ready to pierce me.

The next few days I spent at home, in bed. For the past three years, I had been running from my problems. Even though I knew this wasn’t the answer, I couldn’t spend my whole life running from Jacob, I had to face him sooner or later. Why not now? I forgot to tell you about my only best friend, the only reason why I still had some spirit was because of Tony. He meant the world to me. Through all my hard times he was there at my side to support me and push me through school life. At the moment he had gone to Rome with his dad but he was coming back tomorrow. I was delighted it meant I finally had someone to break the ice and bring some sunshine back to my life. Tony was new last year and I was appointed to be his buddy. Straight away we became very friendly and we have been best friends since. We have never fallen out with each other and he is the only one I can really trust, I can trust him even more than my parents. I never had any brothers or sisters so Tony had become like a brother to me.

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We spend all our time together. He also knows my situation at school and he felt a bit reluctant to go on holiday leaving me behind but he often persuades me to face Jacob. I can hear his voice ” Chris bullies will stay bullies unless you do something about it.” I smile to myself, he will be at school tomorrow and all my fears will go away. ” Hey Chris, how are you!” exclaimed Tony as he stood outside my classroom. ” We changed the clock again and Mr. Higgins fell for it and let us out early again,” said Tony with laughter. I laughed. ” Let’s go and eat lunch,” said Tony. Tony ran to the picnic bench scurried through his rucksack and got out his lunch box. ” I have something special in here,” gasped Tony. I smiled when I looked down. ” Where’s your lunch Chris?” asked Tony. ” Don’t tell me Jacob stole your rucksack again. I don’t know why you don’t tell someone. I am on the verge of telling Mrs. Field now, however much you stop me!” exclaimed Tony.

” No don’t you know you can’t do that,” I cried. ” You know what will happen.” ” I don’t care what that Jacob does, I’m worried about you I can’t have my friend being pushed around like this all the time,” Tony replied with anger. I remained silent; my eyes began to redden. ” Doesn’t matter, I’m only doing it for you Chris why don’t you realize.” I heard this a number of times and even from Mrs. Field but I was still frightened I needed to come out of my cocoon. ” Look what I brought for you, Italy’s finest chocolate cream cake,” said Tony. My face suddenly lit up. Tony opened a little container and took out a silver spoon from his rucksack. ” Here you are.” Tony handed me a big slice of rich chocolate cake. My mouth began to water. ” Wow, It’s great, thanks a lot.” ” Have one of my sandwiches, my mum made it,” said Tony.

” The usual cheese and pickle sandwich,” I said. ” Yeah”, answered Tony and we both laughed. After lunch, we sat out on the fields. Tony talked about his holiday in Italy and then we played some football. ” I’m sweating all over, let me go and get us a drink, I’ll be back in a second,” Tony ran to the playground. I watched his figure fade as he ran further into the distance. Then I saw Jacob approaching me, I wanted to run to Tony but I couldn’t. It felt as if I was stuck to the ground, I felt motionless and suddenly I started becoming very dizzy. ” Hey wimp, I hope you didn’t snitch to anyone,” he pushed me against the wall. ” Hey leave him alone, why don’t you pick on someone your own size,” shouted Tony. ” Oh so you have a little fan club now do you, Chrissy, you just stay out of it and go away who told you to interfere,” answered Jacob.

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” No, why should I, you only pick on him because he’s smaller than you. Really you’re the one who’s a wimp not him!” cried Tony. I couldn’t believe what Tony was doing he was risking his life for mine, I couldn’t understand why he was putting himself under these circumstances. ” Oh really, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I promise I will never pick on your little friend again,” said Jacob sarcastically. I knew what coming I had seen this before, I closed my eyes and suddenly I heard a thump. I opened my eyes and there was Tony thrown across the ground. Blood poured from his nose. He had become unconscious. The next day I visited Tony in hospitals. I brought him his favourite box of celebrations and a handmade card, which said, ” Get better soon”. ” Hi, are you ok?” I asked. ” Never felt better I’m glad I was able to face him even though he gave me a black eye!” exclaimed Tony. “I couldn’t believe you stood up for me, you have a lot of courage,” I replied.

” Well I was asking for it wasn’t I, it’s not every day you go up to a boy who’s three times bigger than you and tell them that they’re a wimp,” Tony said laughing. ” Yeah, I’m surprised you could face that big bully,” I said. ” Not Bully Chris, don’t you realize all these Bullies are wimps just because they get a little support from their friends they think they have become powerful but really they’re not,” Tony replied. ” You’re a really good friend Tony how am I ever going to make up for it, I owe you my life!” I exclaimed. ” More than your life, only joking all I want you to promise me is that if I am ever in trouble you will be there for me like I was there for you and always will be,” said Tony. ” Why are you asking, I will always be there for you, that’s what a friend is for to help you through your difficult times and always give you a helping hand,” I answered, ” It’s like that saying isn’t it Chris that Mrs. Field told us in English.” ” You were actually paying attention,” I said jokingly. ” Yeah what was it, A Friend in need is a friend indeed.

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