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A Few College Essay Writing Tips

Have you been thinking about how you will write your personal essay for college? This is something you should not forget about or take lightly. If you are a senior in high school and thinking there is plenty of time to write a personal essay for college, it’s not as far as you think. As the personal essay is one of the most important factors of your application, we have decided to provide you with a few important college essays writing tips that can help you with yours. So, here goes…

Your college application comes with a few prompts you need to write about. Some colleges require you to write a response to a school-specific question while others give you a varied prompt list. Our advice to you, select the topic that inspires you from the first. Of course, there are times when none of the prompts provided are interesting. Do not despair! There is hope. You can brainstorm topics of your own. The personal essay is your chance to show off your prowess at academics, personality and ability to be selected. Think of some questions you would be interested in seeing the answers to if you were in the College Admissions Board. What would you like to see in front of you?

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College essay writing needs to be interesting. Did you know College Admissions counsellors get hundreds of essays they have to read during application season? After reading five or six, we are sure everything becomes blurred and boring. What if your essay is the seventh one they read? So, you need to make sure your college admission essay is enthralling and stands out from the rest. It has to keep them, not only awake but awake and paying attention! Your essay needs to make them sit up and think “Now this is what we are talking about! An essay with some oomph” Making your essay memorable ensures that your essay will be remembered by the Admissions Officer. This is a plus when it comes to the final selection process.

Many students make the mistake of reporting things that they have done in the college essay. This is not what it’s for. This is an essay that enables you to write about yourself. So, don’t waste your time writing about things you have done. The Admissions Officers already have your resume, they don’t need another one. Avoid trying to include all your accomplishments in one essay. Make only the important ones count. Bottom line, your essay has to show the Admission Board that you are the perfect candidate for the school. If you can do this, half your task is done. Finally, check your spelling and grammar. The last thing the school you are applying to needs is a student who cannot spell and write properly. So, watch out for that. Read through your essay and see if it makes sense. Have someone else read it for you. So, that’s it for college essay writing tips. If you need any assistance on writing essays, you can visit our sample gallery and go through the samples. Good luck!

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