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A broken soul’s story

Left alone, abandoned and the pain of stabbing is what I feel. Every moment of my life I filled with sorrow. It’s like I am invisible, people walk past me but don’t seem to notice me at all.

Every second of my life now feels like a year without any sun shines. It’s like I am living in the dark. My broken soul wanders through the area that I used to live and looking back at my old memories. Oh sweet memories which bring me pain when I look back at them. Every singles vain of mine holds history, every cell in my body hold sweet faces and sweet voices but not for long.

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I can’t believe that in a few days I will completely disappear from all people’s heart and in the hard ground. Even my heartache to think that nobody will remember me as if I ever existed once.

Day after day I am losing my position and left alone to sink in my own sorrows. Every part of my body is screaming for help, trying to escape but to think it’s no use.

Suddenly I never heard my name coming from anyone’s mouth. Am I forgotten? I can’t even remember where I used to be? And where do I belong? I ask myself every single day, I scream to get an answer but nothing comes back from the other sides of my echo, just silence. I wonder how long I have to live like this.

I am now like nobody, why? Why everybody seems so selfish? Why they don’t care about me anymore? It’s like my question panel will never end. I am dying in curiosity. But will there be someone who will answer every single of my questions? No, I think. My answer panel will remain empty.

Sometimes I scream, sometimes I whisper, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh…alone… what did do to deserve this? I whisper to myself. I am screaming…screaming in pain in my heart and asking for an answer but nothing, not a single word come back as an answer to me.

I am exhausted, shuttered and tired. My body is falling apart. Feeling isolated and excluded from the whole world. I wonder when this will end. Hoping not too long…

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