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Category: Writing Workshop

Gov’t Institutions-Writing Workshop

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues a warning when a foodborne illness breaks out. The agency informs the public about foods to avoid on their website and in public statements. The FDA also tells consumers what to do if they become sick. Which detail would provide helpful, factual support . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Creating an Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, what is the most important reason authors conduct research? b. to find evidence to support their arguments Which sentence would be the best thesis statement for an argumentative essay supporting American use of the atomic bomb? a. Harry Truman’s difficult decision to use atomic bombs . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Researching an Agency Quiz

The introduction of an informative essay should offer a clear statement that describes what the essay will discuss. The topic of each body paragraph of an informative essay should be supported with evidence. A student is writing an informative essay about the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). How would FEMA’s . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Historical Turning Point Quiz

After creating an outline for an informative essay, a student should write the draft. revise the draft. write the thesis. revise the thesis. write the draft. Which best describes the body paragraphs of an informative essay about a turning point? They familiarize readers with the turning point and set up . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Visual Media Analysis

The “Read Books, Share the Love” advertisement effectively convinces people to read more books. The advertisement targets parents of young children. In the ad, a mother and father are reading a book to their two young children. Most parents certainly would want their children to do well academically. This ad . . . Read more

Topics for the Global History 10 Thematic Essay

Economic Systems Traditional Feudalism: (Middle Ages) A. Land exchanged for service. B. Manor. C. Little trade. D. Craft. E. Protection. F. Weak government. Communist or Command: (USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea) In order to gain economic equality, government should plan and own the means of production. A. Karl Marx Belief . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: The Effects of Globalization

The body paragraphs in an informative essay should include clear examples. In an informative essay about globalization in China, which supporting detail would most likely be used in a body paragraph? data about trade and pollution in China Smooth transitions in an informative essay ______ two paragraphs seamlessly. connect Read . . . Read more

College Success Ch. 6 Study Guide

According to your textbook, the truth about test scores is that they are a measure of ________ how well you do on a particular test Techniques to use before you take a test include all of the following except ______ relying only on previous exams for review A study checklist . . . Read more

ELA Argumentative Essay Rubric NYS REGENTS

content subjects or topics covered analysis separating of or breaking apart evidence documents to prove or disprove coherence consistency; understandable complexity level of difficulty precise exactly or definitely stated insightful a deep understanding of concepts or ideas alternate to change an idea/view thoughtful careful or mindful plagiarize to take and . . . Read more

Unit 6: Test Taking Strategies – Response Tests

Response questions can possibly have C.) Both of these A_______________test depends on the test taker’s ability to recall specific information. D.) None of these A good place to get hints about how to answer a response question could be C.) Both of these Most teachers develop fill in the blank . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Argumentative Essay

Which topic would prompt an argumentative essay? The recognition veterans’ deserve The benefits and drawbacks…. Which of the following sentences contains thesis statement of the paragraph? XXX Sentence 4 Which information would BEST support a students’ claim about students need for Equal access to technology Which fact best supports the . . . Read more

3rd 9 Weeks Last Unit Test Review

What should be included in an informative essay? Check all that apply. properly cited sources parenthetical citations smooth transitions supporting details The North American Free Trade Agreement created a free trade zone between Canada, the United States, and . mexico A tariff is a type of tax In developed economies, . . . Read more

Research Workshop: Writing an Argumentative Essay

Read this claim from an argumentative essay about zoos. Zoos help to protect endangered animals, and they are necessary for animal conservation. Which statement best represents a counterclaim to this claim? Removing animals from the wild and placing them in zoos can contribute to the endangerment of their species. Read . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Evaluating Sources That Support a Claim

An essay that effectively compares two editorials must include a description of why the author chose each editorial. In a compare-and-contrast essay, a strong argument must provide support in the form of details and relevant facts. An argument based on logic and reason rather than emotion and personal opinion is . . . Read more

Writing an Informative Essay about a Utopia Quiz

A thesis statement states the topic of discussion and is found in an essay’s opening paragraph. In a perfect society, educators would be highly valued. Which detail best supports this idea? Teachers would be admired and well paid. Violent media can be harmful. My utopia will discourage violent media. Which . . . Read more

Analyzing an Autobiographical Essay – English 4

Read the two excerpts… The subject of both passages is the circumstances under which Trujillo died. Read the excerpt from “A Genetics of Justice” by Julia Alvarez… Which statement best explains how the author develops the central idea throughout the passage? The author explains that, even after Trujillo was killed, . . . Read more

Preparing for Essay Tests

Planning for an essay test is just as important as how you write the essays during the test. T Prepare a quick practice outline for the following essay question: Describe the process of preparing for an essay test. Essay exams challenge you to come up with key course ideas and . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Visual Media Analysis

Read the following excerpt from a media response essay. The ad features a brightly colored banner and a couple of twenty-somethings sitting comfortably together, smiling happily, and sharing a set of headphones to listen to music. Certainly the ad will catch the attention of and appeal to young adults. In . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: The Effects of Globalization

In an informative essay about globalization in China, which supporting detail would most likely be used in a body paragraph? data about trade and pollution in China An introduction to an informative essay about globalization in China should include a brief background about globalization. The purpose of an outline for . . . Read more

English 10: Nonfiction: Persuasion Test

Identify the sentence that relies on emotional language. If that happened to me, I would sue the living daylights out of somebody. Identify the statement that is a variable fact. A secretary can also be referred to as a writing desk. Which of the following statements would be considered a . . . Read more