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Category: Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop: The Purpose of Government

The Constitution regulates government powers by providing guides and limits to the government’s power. When the Supreme Court declares a law that was created by Congress unconstitutional, it is an example of checks and balances. The idea that government is not above the law is an example of limited government. . . . Read more

Essay questions – Chemistry Exams

Explain the trends in ionization energy as they relate to the trends in atomic radii. Answer should: Define ionization energy: the amount of energy needed to remove one electron (valence electron) from an atom. State and explain period trends for atomic radii: moving from left to right across a period, . . . Read more

Analyzing Idea Development in an Essay

Yael is writing an essay about the development of folk tales. Read the excerpt from her essay. Based on the beginning of Yael’s essay, how does the structure support her central idea? Yael gives details in chronological order, which supports her central idea by showing development. What steps best help . . . Read more

Assignment: 03.07 Revising the Narrative Essay

Choose one passage (200-250 words) of your narrative essay to rewrite, adding descriptive language and sensory details wherever possible. Highlight your revisions. Submissions without highlighting will be returned for revisions. (bold text are the revisions)(bolt text w/t – around it are removed in revised version) ORIGINAL The near the end . . . Read more

Business Law Exam 1 Essay Questions

Define the term “Law”. Discuss the differences between a “Right” and a “Duty”, The various sources of law. Law is the rule of society to govern conduct of individuals and their relationships. Sources of law= 1. Constitutional Law 2. Statutory Law 3. Administrative Law. EX: Government regulations. 4. Private Law. . . . Read more

Essay Structure (ELA 10)

Subclaim A reason that states why the argumentative claim is true. Claim The main opinion or viewpoint of a piece of writing. Evidence An example that supports a claim. It could be a fact, quotation, or detail. Explanation of Evidence The part of the writing that explains the deeper meaning . . . Read more

Parts of 5 Paragraph Essay Writing Guide

Hook The first sentence in the introduction Thesis The last sentence in your Introduction Paragraph Topic Sentence The first sentence of each Body Paragraph Supporting Details The sentences in the middle of each Body Paragraph which include quotes, evidence to support the topic sentence of the paragraph. Body Paragraphs Paragraph . . . Read more

Art 100 Midterm 2 study Prep

Perfecting the photographic process, Louis Daguerre was able to include _______ in his photographs, as seen in his 1839 photo Le Boulevard du Temple. people One of the earliest forms of photographic images was a: daguerreotype The device invented in the 16th century as a means of capturing and fixing . . . Read more

The critical essay workshop

plays of William Shakespeare have been the subject of literary criticism since the 17th century Some critics tried to improve them others enthusiastically praised them others insisted that Shakespeare did not write them ambiguity quality of something having two / more possible meanings ample more than enough, adequate discern to . . . Read more

*Writing Workshop: Researching an Agency

Read this excerpt from the body paragraphs of an informative essay. The Secret Service guards government leaders and protects money. The agency also investigates financial crimes. How could this excerpt be improved as the writer revises the essay? The writer could include more details and factual support. Read this excerpt . . . Read more

Nature and Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is the central theme of nature by Emerson? Emerson’s “Nature” Major Themes. Nature expresses Emerson’s belief that each individual must develop a personal understanding of the universe. … According to Emerson, people in the past had an intimate and immediate relationship with God and nature, and arrived at their . . . Read more

Unit 5 Lesson 8: English 12A

“Restore the lock!’ she cries; and all around/’Restore the lock!’ the vaulted roofs rebound.” Which of these is nearest in meaning to the word rebound, as it is used in the passage above? echo “And among other things, the poor pigeons, I perceive, were loth to leave their houses, but . . . Read more

English 1101 Argumentative

Why is it important to address opposing point of views within your argumentative essay? because you should deal with the whole argument, not just half Facts and data that support reasons in an argumentative essay are called _____. evidence Including ONLY the part of a quotation that supports your point . . . Read more

Primary Source Exercise Chapter 12

Which statement below explains one of the most significant changes in Americans’ work life that occurred as a result of industrialization? Large numbers of people were working in close proximity to each other for hours at a time. Who is Harriet Robinson’s audience for her essay? labor and women activists . . . Read more

Writing Opinion Essays Structure

Opinion essay An opinion essay is a formal piece of writing. It requires your opinion on a topic, which must be stated clearly Opinion essay structure Introduction ( attention getter & thesis ) , Reasons ( each with a supporting idea ) and conclusion OREO Opinion Reasons Examples Opinion introduction . . . Read more

English 4, Unit 1 Test

The suffixes “-able” and “-ible” mean Able to Special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession and are difficult for others to understand are called: Jargon Scientific words often come from Greek and Latin In an ideal topic sentence, what should the predicate contain? Controlling Idea What . . . Read more

English unit 9 quiz 3

Interpretation of a novel means summarizing it. False The following statement is an example of analysis: “Verne contrasts the attitudes of Nemo and Aronnax by placing them alone together on “the lost continent.” True The following statement is an example of evaluation: “Through Aronnax, Verne demonstrates his fascination with technology . . . Read more

Basic Checkup on Integrating Quotations

“Integrating quotations” is just another way to refer to documentation. False There are four basic steps to integrate a quotation into your essay. True You may never shorten an exact quotation. False Ellipses enable writers to edit quotations. True The second step to integrate a quotation is to reference the . . . Read more

Essay Structure Workshop

Lead/Hook A sentence or two that gets the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. Thesis The author’s main point. What they are trying to prove. The big claim for the whole essay. Conclusion The final paragraph in an essay. It explains, “So what?” Introduction The first paragraph. . . . Read more

Argumentative Essay Terms

Argumentative Essay The purpose of an argumentative essay is to organize and present your well-reasoned conclusions in order to persuade the audience to accept—or at least seriously consider—your point of view. Rebuttal the act of diminishing the power of the opponent’s argument Pro Argument (PRO) point or statement that supports . . . Read more

Engl102: The Writing Process

A good title – Informs and interests the reader. A typical process of revision involves all of the following EXCEPT – Inserting evaluative claims. Effective revision requires you temporarily to play the role of – The essay’s reader Essay writers often get the best results when they write about – . . . Read more

Skills Lesson: Structure

Which statement about the expository essay is true? It uses dramatic elements to depict the flaws of human nature in a succinct, poignant way. It uses logical examples and explanations to examine a topic in an organized way. It uses poetic techniques to explore thoughts and feelings about a subject . . . Read more

Edu Psych – Unit 12 Test Answers

“We will have weekly quizzes, but your final grade will be based only on the midterm and final exam.” This implies that the quizzes are to be used for what type of evaluation? – Formative A percentile rank score of 70 means that the student – Scored as well as . . . Read more

Topic Test (Communication Applications)

Scholarly sources, such as textbooks and government documents, are generally considered C. reliable When evaluating your compare-and-contrast paragraph, it is essential to ensure that B. you answered the prompt logically Read the paragraph. I have been a nurse for twenty years. In that time, I have seen a great number . . . Read more

Lesson 4: Compare and Contrast

In “A Double Impulse,” as a result of her classmate’s question, Jeanne wants to Be invisible. In “A Double Impulse,” for Jeanne, choosing friends depends on whether she Is allowed in the other girl’s house. Which of the following titles is most likely a compare-and-contrast essay? Eat Meets West: Natives’ . . . Read more

Developmental Psychology Exam 3 Essay Questions

Describe changed in gross and fine motor behavior seen in children from the age 2 until 6. How do these relate to lateralization ans myelination of the brain and to specific changes in the amygdala, hypothalamus, and hippocampus? -Gross motors improve dramatically during childhood. 2 year old fall down and . . . Read more

My Definition Essay- Hope

If you have a Definition Essay due, please do not copy mine. I spent alot of time and effort. Hope you will understand. Thanks! If you have a research report due, please do not copy mine. I spent alot of time and effort. Hope you will understand.→→→→→→→ The definition of . . . Read more

HUM Chapter 8 Notes

What are the differences between the humanism of Italy and Northern Europe? Northern Europe was more primarily concerned with the study and translation of early Christian manuscripts than the Italian humanists. What was the landmark result of the Protestant Reformation? German princes were free to choose the religion to be . . . Read more

Study skills 6

It is only necessary to underline information in the question, not the answer choices. False Going back to look for questions that may have originally misread, and consequently gotten wrong, is called a. Reviewing c. Rewinding b. Relooking d. Redoing A.) Reviewing ‘Only’ is an example of a qualified term. . . . Read more

If I ruled the World Speech

1 If I ruled the world … It’s actually quite and interesting concept. What would I do if I ruled the world. At first when I read this prompt I thought ‘Yeah, I know what I’d do … It’s obvious’, but then I realised what would I do? You cannot . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Compare-Contrast Essay

Which is the most effective topic for a compare-and-contrast essay? Varied Messages from Class Presidential Candidates Look at the graphic, which describes the steps of analyzing a writing prompt. Which word best completes the graphic? Format Choose the group of sentences that best demonstrates sentence fluency. First, I went to . . . Read more

1040 Workbook Chapter 5: The Bureaucracy

Which of the following assumptions is crucial to the argument made by the author of this essay? Bureaucratic agencies are motivated by the desire to increase their budgets. If agencies were guaranteed a particular percentage of the overall budget for their own, would they be more likely, about as likely, . . . Read more

ENC1101- Final exam study guide

Ethos (definition) Ethics – good vs bad, right vs wrong, good for society, morals and values of a man (I believe…) the ethical appeal is based on the character, credibility, or reliability of the writer Sentence of Analysis explains why the support proves the thesis or gives the end result . . . Read more

ATI week 1 – Testing taking skills test

Most students read the directions and scoring procedures on a test False After reading a four option multiple choice question, you are able to eliminate one option. What are your chances of guessing the correct response after elimination? 33% Test anxiety is rare among students False Which of the following . . . Read more

History 10: New Deal Essay Questions

What is the purpose and overall message of FDR’s first inaugural speech? The purpose of the speech is to convince America to not be fearful of the economic crisis. His thesis is that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Roosevelt’s message was that even though this . . . Read more

Skills Lesson: The Elements of Argument

Arguments consist of __________, which are statements that are either true or false. A. logic B. false premises C. sounds D. propositions D. Propositions Which type of reasoning is usually based on laws, rules, principles, generalizations, or definitions? A. valid B. inductive C. sound D. deductive D. deductive Which type . . . Read more

Writing a Narrative Application Essay 100%

Read the excerpt from Spencer’s narrative. I could not have been more stunned. “He” was a “she”! Our new football coach was a female. My mind drifted to that day last week. We had all been waiting in the locker room to meet our new coach, secretly wondering what he . . . Read more

Writing an Informative Essay About Utopia

Which topics would be helpful to consider when generating ideas for an essay on sixteenth-century journeys to the New World? Check all that apply shipbuilding, early discoveries, famous explorers Which statement would be found in the opening paragraph of an essay? My own utopia would be a community that values . . . Read more

English 12 A Part 3

When developing the paragraphs in an essay, why should the writer include information about sources for all quoted information? to avoid plagiarism The _________ in an essay should contain the essay’s topic and viewpoint. thesis Read the paragraph Miguel is developing for the body of his essay. Producers stay with . . . Read more

Writing Workshop: Compare-Contrast Essay

Which statement is the best thesis for a compare-and-contrast essay? b Look at the graphic, which describes the steps of analyzing a writing prompt. mc010-1.jpg Which word best completes the graphic? Format Thesis Idea Directive a Choose the group of sentences that best demonstrates sentence fluency. b Identify the best . . . Read more

Nonfiction: "At the Hearth" by Laura Esquivel

Which phrase defines “mortified” best? horrified or shamed Which phrase defines “author’s purpose” best? the author’s reason for writing Which line illustrates the influence culture has had on traditional female roles? ” . . . women’s participation in the labor force was limited by traditional cultural, educational, and legal practices.” . . . Read more

History Quiz 6

The Sedition Act was aimed primarily at: Republican newspaper editors. Shays’s Rebellion was led by: indebted farmers. According to the Constitution, the president has the authority to do all of the following, EXCEPT: resign and choose his successor. The Federalist essays were written by: Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. Madison decided . . . Read more