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Category: Thesis Statement

The Yellow Wallpaper Thesis Statements

The Yellow Wallpaper Thesis Statements

Example 1 – The Yellow Wallpaper – Journey into Insanity The dominant/submissive relationship between an overbearing husband and his submissive wife drives her from sadness to madness in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper.” The flaw in the human condition plays a significant factor in her deterioration. Her husband, a . . . Read more

The Story of an Hour Thesis Statement

the story of an hour essay

Example 1 When I read Kate Chopin’s, “Story of an Hour” I am reminded of Edgar Allan Poe’s horror poems. The narrator has a “divine transformation” yet it kills her. This puzzles me, so I will search for the true meaning of this strange story (marriage, as I believe). To . . . Read more