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Category: Sports

Bend it like Beckham essay

Jess wants to be a footballer, one like her idol David Beckham but she has obstacles in her life, the two main obstacles are her mother and father. Her mother wants her to stay home learn to cook ‘aloo gobee’ be a good housewife and her dad wants her to . . . Read more

Sports Essay Benefits

The essay can be written basically on any topic. There are no limits or restrictions. However, some essay topics are less met, so it arouses more questions regarding their structure. In fact, only application (admissions) essays have specific requirements and strict rules to obey, but most academic essays have only . . . Read more

Essay On The Topic Importance of Sports

People who study get academic assignments every day. An essay is one of the most popular writing activities for sure. There is a variety of topics to pick for your essay. One of the most favorites is an essay on the topic Importance of Sports. The matter is that a . . . Read more

Sports Sociology Essay

Part 1. In the book titled Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies, Jay Coakley provides numerous insights necessary for a person taking a sporting sociology course. It was published by McGraw-Hill in New York and can be found in almost every bookshop or library in the country. In general, the . . . Read more

Figueroa’s Framework In Squash Essay

May have to change bits to suit youFigueroa’s Framework. Professor Peter Figueroa developed a ‘framework that initially supported Figueroa’s research investigating racism, but it is a useful tool to investigate the ways in which inequities can be challenged in the area of exercise, sport and physical activity.’ (Amezdroz, Dickens, Hosford, . . . Read more

AFL Umpires Australian Football League Essay

AFL Umpires are the worst people at controlling a situation/game. You don’t see basketball referees going up to players talking back the way AFL umpires do. The Footy rules committee only keeps changing the rules because the white maggots aren’t calling them are calling one but not the rest. AFL . . . Read more

Biomechanics in Sports

1. Newton’s three laws of motion A. Inertia- An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a net force. B. F=ma Force=Mass x Acceleration C. To every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force. (BGS Junior Science Booklet, 2007) 2. Newton’s Laws and . . . Read more

A History of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a very popular recreational sport. There are twenty million people who skateboard around the world. Skateboarding was invented by Alan “Ollie” Gelfand. They got the name “Ollie” from his middle name. The “Ollie” was a fundamental basis for harder tricks. To put it in more simple terms, it . . . Read more

Sports History of Boxing Great Muhammad Ali

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” These were the famous words said by Muhammad Ali after his first title fight against Sonny Liston ( Rummel 57 ). Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers known today. Although Ali was a great boxer, he had to overcome many . . . Read more

Hunting Early Game Laws in Europe

Hunting does not really have rules, but it has regulations and laws. Early game laws in Europe were enacted to make hunting the sole privilege of the nobility and to prevent poaching; in the 19th century, such laws were generally modified to allow anyone with a license to hunt. Game . . . Read more

Essay on Gymnastics

These days sports are a big part of our lives. Although many sports are given more attention than others such as hockey, basketball, and soccer. These sports are usually shown on TV and can be played indoors and outdoors. One of the sports that we hardly ever hear or view . . . Read more

The Influence of the Internet on the NBA

In 1993 the National Basketball Association entered the world of the internet by initiating, their official home site. The impact it has had on the league is unique, and I will discuss how the internet made the NBA the global league it has become. Specifically, I will look at . . . Read more

The Differences that Make Japanese Baseball

This report will talk about and explain the history of Japanese baseball. This paper will go into detail about the date of the establishment of Japanese baseball and where the first teams were played. The paper will compare the terms of Japanese baseball with the terms of American baseball. The . . . Read more

Catch and Release Ploicies in Fishing

Every bass fisherman fishes for the same reason, in hopes of catching a ten-pound-plus bass. This dream will not be fulfilled if bass fishermen, as a brotherhood, do not practice catch and release. America’s love affair with the catch-and-release ethic has had a profound impact on the sport of bass . . . Read more

America’s National Pass-Time

When you hear the term baseball what do you think? I think an all American sport that was started in the 1800s. In early baseball, it wasn’t very popular but soon caught on. It really started to become popular when the American League and the National League were founded. Baseball . . . Read more

Steriod Abuse in Professional Baseball

Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals steps to the plate as the Major League season of 1998 is winding down. McGwire, who has been chasing the single-season home run record, has sixty home runs. One more will tie him with Roger Maris, the all-time single-season home run record holder. . . . Read more

Examining Japanese Sports and Games

The topic I chose is Japanese sports and games, especially sumo and other sports. I chose Japan because I went to a camp where some Japanese tourists were staying and I met some great people. They were so friendly and kind that I want to find out more about their . . . Read more

Athleticism of Professional Wrestlers

The worst thing a person could say about professional wrestling is that “professional wrestlers are not real athletes.” Today’s pro wrestlers are some of the most highly trained athletes in the world. Their bodies are finely-tuned and well-defined. Many of the wrestlers come from athletic backgrounds ranging from Olympic wrestling . . . Read more

The Evolution of Basketball

Basketball today is a rim-rattling, slam-dunking, high flying show. Would you believe that the first basketball teams shot at peach baskets? Or that players were not allowed to dribble the ball? The sport of basketball has changed dramatically over the years. The origin of basketball dates back to one hundred . . . Read more

Review of Ken Griffey Junior Biography

He leaps into the air, scrambles up the outfield wall, one hand on the padding, glove up, and makes the impossible possible. The crowd goes wild as he makes the marvellous catch. Baseball just wouldn’t be the same without Ken Griffey Jr.’s excellent personal qualities and athletic ability. Junior has . . . Read more

General Information on the Game of Baseball

Baseball was officially recognized in 1907. Even though the official came evolved from a much earlier game called baseball, which was played around 1787. Abner Doubleday invented the game in Cooperstown, New York in 1839. Now in that city stands the official baseball hall of fame. However, it did not . . . Read more

Football Stories of Joe Montana

Joe Montana. When his name is said, sports fans all over the world begin to tremble with excitement. When it is announced over the loudspeaker at football games, fans go wild. He was the greatest quarterback to ever play the game: Quarterbacks may come and go, but none will ever . . . Read more

Impact of the 1994 Major League Baseball Strike

On August 12, 1994, professional baseball players went on strike for the eighth time in the sports’ history. Since 1972, negotiations between the union and owners over contract terms has led to major economic problems and the absence of a World Series in 1994. All issues were open for debate . . . Read more

Deviant Behavior in Sports

Nature always has a way of balancing itself out, and in my opinion, deviant behaviour is no exception. For every report we read about how playing in a sports program has kept someone off the streets and out of a life of crime, we come across another about excessive violence . . . Read more

A Brief History of the NFL Superbowl

This was war! Since its inception seven years earlier, the upstart American Football League (AFL) had fought the National Football League (NFL) for players, fans, television revenues, and respect. The successful new league had won everything except, respect. On January 15, 1967, the first World Championship game against the AFL . . . Read more

The Sport of Swimming Water Polo

Swimming is the act of moving through water by using the arms and legs. There is no way of telling how long the sport has been around. Pictures and drawings show men swimming in a dog stroke. The first known race happened in the year 1844 in London, England and . . . Read more

Understanding the Historic Art of Judo

Judo is different things to different people. Simply translated, Judo means “the gentle way”. To most people, that’s all it means. To some, they know it simply as an Austin Powers’ lethal manoeuvre, but to many others around the world, it means so much more. It is a fun sport, . . . Read more

Professional Wrestling

The topic I have chosen to write about is the world of professional wrestling. There are many reasons as to why this subject has interested me. One major reason is that I grew up watching pro-wrestling on television. As a child, I was fascinated with the spectacle of wrestling matches . . . Read more

Destructive Celebration in Sports

Increasingly we read and talk of sports fans that celebrate their team’s victories by destroying public property. Examples of this behaviour include starting fires, pulling down signs, awnings, and banners. To discourage these types of behaviours there should be more security before, during and after a sports event. There should . . . Read more

Soccer: Why It Can’t Make It Big In The U.S.

Soccer — or football (or foosball or futbol), as it is called by the rest of the world outside the United States — is surely the most popular sport in the world. Every four years, the world championship of soccer, the World Cup, is watched by literally billions all over . . . Read more

Essay about Tennis Story

Frost leaned back against the towering oak tree, a soft breeze murmuring all around her, rustling through the leaves above. Dark hair tumbled down sun-kissed shoulders framing a stern yet lovely cherub face. She possessed an angelic quality in the peaceful way she slept. She drew long steady breaths. Behind . . . Read more

Careers in Sport Management

For the longest time, I could not decide on a major and a career to study throughout college. When I came to Georgia Southern University I discovered that they had a major that was very interesting to me. Sport Management id the ideal major for my interest and me. Since . . . Read more

Difference between Western Boxing and Muay Thai

Contrast: Premier Purposes, constituents and rules of Thai Boxing divide two sports to be completely different. Though both sports are called “boxing” and “the art of fighting”, Western boxing and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) are totally different. Both sports were originated up to a thousand years ago. Informer without rules . . . Read more

Ice Hockey versus Ice Skating

Hockey is a sport of finesse, toughness, and speed all wrapped up by player talent. Hockey can be played on any surface, though ice and hard rubber “roller turf” are the two major fields currently played on by professionals. All though to some these two variations on hockey may seem . . . Read more

Why Sports Teams Move and Cities Fight To Keep Them

Professional sports, like most of our popular culture, can be understood only partly by its exiting plays and tremendous athletes. Baseball and football most of all are not only games anymore but also hardcore businesses. As businesses, sports leagues can be as conniving, deceitful, and manipulative as any other businesses . . . Read more

Essay on History of Tennis

The origins of tennis are mysterious and unknown. Although some historians have claimed that tennis was developed as far back as Ancient Egypt. However, the first recorded ball and racquet game was first played by monks located somewhere in southern France around the beginning of the twelfth century. They usually . . . Read more

Health, Diet, and Physical Fitness

There are two major factors that determine the physical appearance of a person, how they feel and their weight. Diet and exercise is a great mediator in the way a person looks, weighs and feels. Your diet will greatly impact the way you look, the way you approach things and . . . Read more

Sports in Australian Society

Australian people’s lives are greatly affected by sport. In Australia, most people will either participate in sport or watch sport, wether it at the arena or on television, whatever you do it would be hard not be caught up in all the hype surrounding the sport. A lot of people . . . Read more

A Comprehensive Look At Knee Injuries In Sports

The knee is a complex joint. There are many different injuries that can occur during sports. The most predominant type of injuries to the knee is those done to the Meniscus and the ligaments. There are two areas of ligaments that are commonly affected; the Cruciate ligaments and the Collateral . . . Read more

Essay about Michael Jordan

After winning his third consecutive NBA championship, at the peak of his career, Michael Jordan, on October 6, 1993, announced his retirement shocking the entire sports world. Jordan said, “the mental aspect is not the same – the challenge is not as great. I promised myself – and I have . . . Read more

Violence in Sports

Steeler running back Rocky Bleier, whose wartime experiences, not so oddly, offer some insights. To Bleier, there are interesting parallels between survival in war and survival in the NFL. ‘The experiences with war injuries and football injuries are quite the same,’ he said.” (Casay) The injuries that are accumulated during . . . Read more

Gender Equality In Sports Essay

How is it fair that a men’s college basketball team is able to be transported on planes and dine on steak, while a women’s team from the same college, travels in a van and eats fast food? It’s not, but this occurs often nowadays even with laws passed preventing this . . . Read more

History of Basketball Essay

Example 1 Basketball originated in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, by a Canadian PE teacher named James Naismith. Naismith was teaching at the YMCA training school (now Springfield College) at the time, and under the supervision of PE expert Luther Halsey Gulick, came up with a spirited and strenuous indoor activity, . . . Read more

Kobe Bryant Essay

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on August 23, 1978 to Pamela and Joe Bryant. I have two sisters, Shaya and Sharia, who are both great athletes. The reason I have the name Kobe is unusual, and I love it. As part of our family lore, my grandmom told me . . . Read more

Are Professional Athletes Overpaid Essay

In today’s society, many will argue whether or not professional athletes are overpaid. In the present time, athletes are being paid phenomenally large amounts of money for their entertainment. It is my claim that all professional athletes are overpaid because they do not offer society an essential function that improves . . . Read more

Importance Of Physical Fitness Essay

importance of physical fitness essay

Example #1 If a sensible man is asked to answer the question as to what he does prefer, health or wealth, naturally he will answer without much hesitation ‘Health’ because wealth without good health becomes useless. The westerners pay more attention to their health than the people of the orient. . . . Read more

Soccer Passion Essay

soccer passion essay

Example #1 Soccer is more than a sport, it is a passion. I come from a family that revolves around sports. Soccer is the biggest sport in my life. I have grown up in a family where you eat, sleep, and breathe soccer. I was influenced by this sport ever . . . Read more

Track and Field Essay

track and field essay

Example #1 Discus is a very ancient individual sport. It was a popular event in the ancient Olympics, which were founded by the Greeks. Athletes hurled a stone or metal discus in ancient times. The discus that is used today is made of wood or other material and has a . . . Read more

Soccer vs Football Compare and Contrast Essay

soccer vs football compare and contrast essay

Example #1 Football and Soccer Compare and Contrast. Football and soccer have never been really compared before, probably because a lot of people think they don’t have many similarities. But they actually have a lot more in common than people think they do. Having played both sports myself I can . . . Read more

Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

Example #1 Athletes are dominated, managed, and controlled. They do not receive wage compensation for their contribution to economic returns. Athletes are sometimes mistreated physically and mentally; and denied the rights and freedoms of other citizens. The debate over whether or not to pay collegiate athletes, specifically Division 1, has . . . Read more