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Why was Jack the Ripper never caught?

Essay 1 In this assignment, I will be describing and explaining why Jack the Ripper was not caught. Doing this I will use sources such as the text booklet and secondary sources from the internet. One of the major points that Jack the Ripper was indeed not caught falls on . . . Read more

Analysis Of Trifles Essay

Many women throughout time have faced hardships and afflictions solely based on their sex. The early 20th century, however, marked a time in which women were caught between the traditional male and female worlds, no longer limited to the home, but not yet accepted in the outside world. In the . . . Read more

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever walked upon this earth in flesh and blood. – Albert Einstein Most national heroes have been warriors throughout history, but Gandhi was a passive and peaceful preacher of morals, ethics, and beliefs. He was an outsider who . . . Read more

Recycling Essay Conclusion

Example 1 – The Importance of Recycling There are many advantages to recycling. Many people see recycling as a huge hassle or a big-time consumer; when the actuality of it is, it’s extremely simple and beneficial. Recycling is a process that turns materials that most would throw away, to be . . . Read more

The Working Poor

Example 1 “As we move on in the twenty-first century. we confront a seemingly endless array of pressing social issues: urban decay. inequality, ecological threats, rampant consumerism, war, AIDS, inadequate heath care, national and personal debt, and many more. (Derber, Charles “The Wilding of America,” Forward. ) These social issues . . . Read more

Importance Of Reading Essay

Example #1 Reading has at all times and in all ages been a source of knowledge, happiness, pleasure, and even moral courage. In today’s world with so much more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer the divisive forces, the importance of . . . Read more

Pro Choice Abortion Essay

Example 1 In 1973, the Supreme Court’s decision made it possible for women to get safe, legal abortions from well-trained medical surgeons, and therefore led to dramatic decreases in pregnancy-related injury and death (“abortion”). Now there is a new proposal to close abortion clinics. This proposal takes away the privacy . . . Read more

Is Walmart Good For America Essay

Example #1 Its size, power, and low prices are what make Walmart so helpful to America. So why do some people think that Walmart is so bad for the American people? Many people believe that this is a true debate. Everyone has his or her own point of view. If . . . Read more

Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird

Example 1 What you don’t know can’t hurt you, or so they say. Ignorance seems to course it’s a way through the lives of the inhabitants of Maycomb, the fictional town in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, either directly or indirectly. Racism is a direct result of ignorance, . . . Read more

Essay on Things Fall Apart

Example 1 The book Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe tells the story of a native living in Africa during the period of European imperialism. By placing the book during this time period Achebe can first explain the traditional Ibo culture and then talk about the effect that the white . . . Read more

Is Huckleberry Finn Racist?

Example 1 Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn – Racist or Not? The book Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn is not a racist book. The main arguments against it are the characters’ personalities and the dialect they used. This novel is criticized by Twain critics and on the top ten ban list for . . . Read more

Main Character Analysis of The Great Gatsby

Example 1 – Main Character Analysis of “The Great Gatsby” Nick Carraway The book’s narrator, Nick is a young man from Minnesota who, after being educated at Yale and fighting in World War I, goes to New York City to learn the bond business. Honest, tolerant, and inclined to reserve . . . Read more

Symbolism in The Great Gatsby

Example 1 The Hidden Story in Green and White Colour symbolism is really popular in novels written during the 1920s. One such example is Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. There is much colour symbolism in this novel, but there are two main colours that stand out more than the . . . Read more

Essay on The Great Gatsby

Example 1 During the 1920s, new materialism emerged out of society’s desperate search for meaning after World War I. When the young soldiers returned from the war, they found that their previous way of living had little importance. Rather than finding a reason for what they thought of as their . . . Read more

3 Branches Of Government Essay

There are three branches of the federal government, the executive, the judicial, and the legislative. The executive branch consists of such people as the president, the cabinet, and the executive offices of the president. The executive branch is known for enforcing laws created by the legislative branch. The judicial branch . . . Read more

How do you spend your free time?

Example 1 Free time is when all my homework and chores have been done for the day and I am “free” to do things that I enjoy doing. Usually, I spend time watching television. As my favourite TV shows come on at specific times, I make sure that I finish . . . Read more

History of Basketball Essay

Example 1 Basketball originated in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, by a Canadian PE teacher named James Naismith. Naismith was teaching at the YMCA training school (now Springfield College) at the time, and under the supervision of PE expert Luther Halsey Gulick, came up with a spirited and strenuous indoor activity, . . . Read more

Japanese Work Ethics Vs American Work Ethics

“For an American to consider the Japanese from any viewpoint for any reason, it is important for us to remember that they are products of a unique civilization, that their standards and values are the results of several thousand years of powerful religious and metaphysical conditioning that were entirely different . . . Read more

Socrates And Descartes On Dualism

Socrates and Descartes on Dualism Dualism means the complete separation of the mental world and the physical world. In philosophy, it is the theory that the universe is explicable only as a whole composed of two distinct and mutually exclusive factors: the mind and the body. Socrates and Plato are . . . Read more

Public Transportation Essay

Example #1 This essay will focus on some of the advantages and disadvantages of public transportation. First of all, I’d like to talk about the advantages of public transportation. Using public transportation can reduce the number of people who drive their own cars. It can ease traffic jams and improve . . . Read more

American Policies during the Great Depression

It is straightforward to narrate the slide of the world into the Great Depression. The 1920s saw a stock market boom in the U.S. as the result of general optimism: businessmen and economists believed that the newly-born Federal Reserve would stabilize the economy and that the pace of technological progress . . . Read more

American Imperialism Essay

American Imperialism has been a part of United States history ever since the American Revolution. Imperialism is the practice by which powerful nations or people seek to expand and maintain control or influence over weaker nations or peoples. Throughout the years there have been many instances where the Americans have . . . Read more

American History Essay

By the 1760s, American colonists and the English Parliament had very different views about the extent of authority for governing the colonies. British officials assumed Parliamentary Sovereignty in which Parliament alone could tax and govern within England and its possessions. American colonists believed they had a certain amount of sovereignty . . . Read more

Civil Rights Movement Essay

The Civil Rights Movement gave rise to many great leaders, and produced many social changes that were the results of organized civil rights events that were staged throughout the South by organizations devoted to eliminating segregation, and giving the African American people the ability to pursue the American dream. The . . . Read more

Managerial and Financial Accounting

Example 1 Accounting can be broken down into many different categories and areas. Managerial and financial accounting is only two parts of the cost accounting system. Within these two different aspects of accounting, there are many similarities and differences not only between these categories but also in their rules and . . . Read more

Evil And Gender Archetypes In Macbeth Essay

Evil and Gender Archetypes in Macbeth At the heart of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is an examination of the nature of evil and it’s many faces and facets. The principal evil characters in the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, are both evil, but the manifestation of evil is different in each. . . . Read more

Hurricanes Essay

Hurricane, what does it mean? What do hurricanes do? What kind of powers do they possess? Where regions of the world are mostly affected by these hurricanes? All these questions I plan to answer in the following paragraphs. One thing we do know for sure is that a hurricane is . . . Read more

Why I Want A Husband Essay

Why I want a husband I belong to that classification of people know as males. Not too long ago my mother and father were having a conversation about our recently purchased vehicle. During this conversation, my mother stated several times to my father that the car needed some minor repairs . . . Read more

The Watcher Essay

The short story discussed in this essay is The Watcher which is written by Guy Vanderhaeghe. The story focuses on the learning experiences of the narrator, Charlie, who is an eleven-year-old boy stuck on his Grandma s farm. Through Charlie s natural ability to observe, experiences with sex, violence, and . . . Read more

Literary Devices Used In Macbeth

Imagine how dull a Shakespearean play would be without the ingenious literary devices and techniques that contribute so much to the fulfillment of its reader or viewer. Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, is a tragedy that combines fact and legend to tell the story of an eleventh century king. Shakespeare uses . . . Read more

Was The War Of 1812 Justified Essay

Was The War Of 1812 Justified Essay Question: Was the War of 1812 justified? American entry into War of 1812 was justified for many reasons. Some reasons include British impressment of American sailors, the lack of success of the embargoes America had put on Britain, the British arming of frontier . . . Read more

Thomas Jefferson Essay

Introduction Thomas Jefferson spent most of his career in public office and made his greatest contributions to his country in the field of politics. He loved liberty in every form, and he worked for freedom of speech, press, religion, and other civil liberties. Jefferson was the 3rd president of the . . . Read more

American Identity Essay

American Identity For hundreds of years, people have been immigrating to the United States in search of freedom, better living and the fulfillment of the American dream. Being an American means to uphold values of independence, responsibility and freedom. Patriotism and unity are the main agents for a nation s . . . Read more

Symbolism In Trifles Essay

Susan Glaspell wrote Trifles in the early 1900 s long before the modern women s movement began. Symbolism is used in the play so that the audience is able to see through the eyes of Minnie Wright, and determine why she killed her husband. Character s names, the bird, and . . . Read more

Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

Marijuana Marijuana is the most profitable and versatile plant in the world, yet it is illegal. Tobacco and alcohol have no medicinal values, but they are legal. Where as marijuana has thousands of positive uses and it is illegal. Marijuana should be made legal for its many positive therapeutic, environmental, . . . Read more

Ethics Of Living Jim Crow Essay Research

Ethics Of Living Jim Crow Essay, Research Paper The Ethics of Living Jim Crow ? My Interpretation The Ethics of Living Jim Crow is an autobiographical account of author Richard Wright?s education in race relations in a totally segregated south. Wright talks about his experiences growing up in the south . . . Read more

Achilles Vs Gilgamesh Essay

Epic poetry, one of the earliest forms of literature, beganas an oral narration describing a series of mythical or historic events. Eventually, these stories were written down and read aloud to an audience. Although the Epic of Gilgamesh was composed approximately fifteen hundred years prior to the Iliad, the heroes . . . Read more

The Lords Of Discipline Summary Essay

Summary The Lords of Discipline is a best-selling novel by Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides, Beach Music and The Great Santini. The novel takes place in Charleston, South Carolina in the 1960’s. The hero, Will McLean, is a cadet at the military academy called The Institute. The . . . Read more

Technology Good Or Bad Essay

Technology: Good or Evil? People have often debated whether technology is good or bad. Many people believe that technology can only cause harm to their lives and to the society, while many others strongly defend the technologies which have made their lives much more leisurely and enriching than it could . . . Read more

Beowulf Good Vs Evil Essay

Beowulf: Good versus Evil Beowulf is one of the oldest existing poems in the English Language. Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem, which portrays a story of an epic hero destined to defeat a ferocious monster in order to save a kingdom from destruction and death. The major theme in . . . Read more

Comparing Gilgamesh To Genesis Essay

Comparing Gilgamesh to Noah and the Flood In both Gilgamesh and Noah and the Flood, man’s wickedness leads to death, destruction, and rebirth all caused by billions of gallons of water sweeping the earth’s surface. The flood in both stories destroys most of mankind. The floods represent rebirth and a . . . Read more

Did Napoleon Betray The Revolution Essay

In order to investigate the claim that Napoleon betrayed the revolution , it has to be determined what is the French revolution? And what are the revolutionary ideals that Napoleon allegedly betrayed? If Napoleon betrayed the Revolution then he betrayed the ideals of Liberty, equality and fraternity. However if Napoleon . . . Read more

Harriet Tubman Essay

Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was a poor slave girl who ran away from her plantation at the age of 28. Throughout the course of her life many people and many things challenged her. Each situation she was faced with tested either her mental or physical strength, usually both. She persevered . . . Read more

Euthanasia Essay

A thesis statement for those who support the concept of euthanasia could be: Euthanasia, also mercy killing, is the practice of ending a life so as to release an individual from an incurable disease or intolerable suffering. Euthanasia is a merciful means to an end of long-term suffering. Euthanasia is . . . Read more

River Of Names Essay

River of Names is part of a collection of short stories in the book Trash published in 1988, written by Dorothy Allison. It is the basis for the later novel Bastard out of Carolina. In her powerful writing, Allison draws on her own harrowing childhood in 1950s Greenville, South Carolina: . . . Read more

Hamlet Character Analysis Of King Claudius Essay

The character of Claudius the King in Shakespeare s Hamlet is a complex individual. In the play he murders his brother, marries his former sister-in-law (the Queen), and ascends to the throne of Denmark. These three deeds were performed by a shrewd and self-serving man. The King will do almost . . . Read more

Review Of The Spanish Frontier In North

Review Of The Spanish Frontier In North America Essay, Research Paper There are many people who are curious on the history of North America. We often wonder about this continent and its origins. Many books give loads of information that would overwhelm an individual with countless amounts of history. David . . . Read more

Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire Essay

Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire Essay, Research Paper Achievements of the Byzantine Empire The Byzantine Empire provided an environment where people of all races and cultures could mingle into one. Byzantine was mostly influenced by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and later on, Asia. The Byzantine Empire created a strong . . . Read more

Macbeth Fate Or Freewill Essay

Macbeth: Fate Or Free-will Essay, Research Paper In Shakespeare?s Macbeth, there is a question as to whether or not Macbeth is driven by fate or free will. The three weird sisters approach Macbeth with prophecies that will all come true in the end. It would appear that Macbeth is just . . . Read more

Machiavelli Essay

machiavelli essay

Example #1 During Machiavelli s time, society was much different than it had been for previous philosophers. Instead of storing up good works, so as to enjoy paradise, as the medieval man did, the Renaissance man was interested in all things, enjoyed life, strove for worldly acclaim and wealth, and . . . Read more

Language Barrier Essay

language barrier essay

Example #1 Language Barriers Communication is an essential part of our day to day lives. We use it in almost everything we do. Although effective communication does not guarantee success, its absence usually assures problems. In the U.S. language barriers can create many problems for non-English speaking immigrants that might . . . Read more

Comparing Night and The Pianist Essay

Example 1 The book, Night, and the movie, “The Pianist,” share many thematic similarities. Both stories have themes in which man is evil to man, the will of the main character to survive and overcome evil is present, and the ability of some people to still be compassionate to each . . . Read more

Bullying In Schools Essay

Example #1 Bullying in schools has negative effects on individual students and on the school climate as a whole. Bullying can cause long-term problems for both the victims of bullying and the bullies themselves. To explore the effects of bullying on adolescents, we will define bullying, identify the characteristics of . . . Read more

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Essay

Example 1 The Perks of Being a Wallflower blues The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a film adaptation of Stephen Chbowskys celebrated teen novel of the same name. Chomsky took complete creative control and acted as both the director and screenplay writer In doing so, the film remained faithful . . . Read more