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Category: Ethics

Explain Virtue Ethics

Unlike most ethical theories, virtue ethics cannot simply be classified as either deontological or teleological. This is because they are not primarily interested in duty or results. Virtue ethics, however, deals with character. This ethical theory dates back to Aristotle, and there are even sources in ancient China. When we . . . Read more

Ethics Accounting Essay

The purpose of ethics in business is for individuals to abide by a code of conduct that facilitates, if not encourages, public confidence in their products and services. In the accounting field, the AICPA maintains and enforces a code of professional conduct for public accountants. Professional accounting organizations recognize the . . . Read more

Against Abortion College Essay

The Holy Bible states “Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Psalm 127:3). If this is true then why are God’s children aborting his creations? I believe that God creates life and our days on earth are predetermined, abortion does . . . Read more

Pro Animal Testing and Experimentation Essay

Animal testing and experimenting have been practiced ever since the fifteenth century, although it did not become widespread until the 1800s. Ever since people realized animals had feelings and could feel pain, people have started debating over the issue of animal testing, and it soon became a highly controversial topic. . . . Read more

Internet Censorship Essay

Introduction Don Daufenbach stared at his computer screen. “Bobby2vt” was e-mailing him again, and this time he seemed excited. “Sounds like we have a deal,” was the message that came in, Daufenbach says. “As for what I like . . . the younger the better,” it said. In the next . . . Read more

Legalization Of Marijuana Essay

Marijuana Marijuana is the most profitable and versatile plant in the world, yet it is illegal. Tobacco and alcohol have no medicinal values, but they are legal. Where as marijuana has thousands of positive uses and it is illegal. Marijuana should be made legal for its many positive therapeutic, environmental, . . . Read more

Euthanasia Essay

Those in favor of euthanasia might use one of the following: Euthanasia, also known as mercy killing, is the practice of terminating a life to alleviate an individual from an incurable illness or unbearable pain. Euthanasia is a kind and gentle solution for individuals who are experiencing long-term suffering. Although . . . Read more

Sleep Deprivation Essay

sleep deprivation essay

Example #1 The man was placed on the earth with the basic instinct to survive in a dangerous world. One of these instincts was to rest every day for a period of time while the sun was down. Today, with our advancements in science and medicine, sleep remains to be . . . Read more

Workplace Ethics Essay

workplace ethics essay

Example #1 The ethical issue I am addressing is one that has and always will be faced by home contractors. Is building a home with lower quality materials than quoted ethical? When a contractor asks himself this question he must before anything take into account his own Philosophy of Ethics. . . . Read more

Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

animal testing argumentative essay

Example #1 In a nation such as the U.S.A., 26 million innocent animals are being explored for scientific and business screening. Animals such as mice, felines, dogs, and much more are used to develop a medical treatment. For instance, determine how poisonous medication can be, and to make sure of . . . Read more

Euthanasia Debate Essay

euthanasia debate essay

Example #1 Everybody is going to die sometime, but for some, serious medical conditions only prolong the wait upon their deathbed. From newborn infants with severe handicaps to elderly men and women diagnosed with hopeless amnesia, euthanasia has found a place in society since society s creation., and a boundary . . . Read more

Ethical Dilemma Essay

ethical dilemma essay

Example #1 – The Fifty-Nine Story Crisis A story of professional ethics and moral responsibility was publicized in an article appearing in the May 29th, 1995 issue of The New Yorker magazine. The article entitled The Fifty-Nine Story Crisis focuses on the ethical and moral obligations of individuals and companies . . . Read more

Punctuality Essay

Punctuality essay

Example #1 Punctuality means arriving or doing things at the appointed time, neither early nor late. Punctuality is the secret of success in life. The renowned and successful men in the world are known to be punctual. They knew the value of time and utilized it in the proper way . . . Read more