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Love is Blind Essay

Jeremy Gold was no ordinary 25-year-old man. Apart from being stunningly handsome with smooth flawless tanned skin, silky black hair and pumping red lips, he was also an agent working for M.I.5. One sunny afternoon after a full English lunch at the Old Inn Jeremy came home from shooting down . . . Read more

Why I Hate Vegetarians Essay

The commentary article “why I hate vegetarians” is about a woman, who is the founder of justice for women, a feminist vaguely to the left. She explains why she hates vegetarians. Her arguments listen as follows: She hates the behavioural aspects of vegetarians: They make her feel guilty; they employ . . . Read more

Psychology In Everyday Life

Psychological ideas are used frequently in everyday life. They can be found in the media or discussed with your friends or even strangers. Psychological research findings are regularly found on TV, radio, the internet and in newspapers. You come across all sorts of different kinds of psychological information; such as . . . Read more

A Critical Analysis Of: Lies My Teacher Told Me

Out of all forms of literature currently known to man, educational textbooks are arguably the least interesting. On top of being incredibly boring, textbooks, especially American history ones, neglect to include the entirety of the information that they should. Because American history textbooks wish only to paint the United States . . . Read more

Dead Man Walking – Film Analysis

For many years, the death penalty has been a punishment for severe crimes. However, the law has long moved on since then, and more humane ways of death have been devised for the few states where the death penalty is still legal. Lethal injection is now the main way of . . . Read more

The Rattler Essay

“The Rattler” is a compelling chronicle of a man killing a rattlesnake. Although this man narrates the story, it is told from the perspective of the snake, as though the narrator is emphasizing the said serpent. The snake is seen as human-like and deserving of admiration and respect from the . . . Read more

Is Knowledge Justified True Belief?

The knowledge being talked about in the question is propositional knowledge. An example of propositional knowledge is; “my name is Bert” justified true belief, which is a proposition that someone feels is correct and for which they have a cogent argument for believing so and which is in fact true. . . . Read more

Personal Statement Essay

Born in ______, Japan on December 16, 1989, I was raised by my parents, ___________ and __________, the best way they knew. I was given the valuable opportunity to study at a reputable school. It was here that I learned not only math and science but the value of friendship. . . . Read more

Cultural Observation Essay

Culture is the sum total of learned beliefs, values, and customs in which a people of a particular society live. Culture is dynamic and always changing but retains patterns that form its basic infrastructure. Many aspects of a people’s society make up one’s culture including religion, economy, language, politics, etc. . . . Read more

Essay About My Writing Experience

As a student, I’ve learned about so much stuff. Some of it was easy and some of it a little difficult but the hardest thing for me has always been writing. I’ve never been a strong writer but my third, eighth and eleventh-grade years were the most important because I . . . Read more

Song To The Men Of England Essay

The poem is called Song to the men of England, and it was written by the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1819. The poem is about the clash between two classes of society, the poor working class and the rich nobles. The major theme of this poem is exploitation, . . . Read more

Othello Themes Essay

Jealousy is a major theme of the play. The imagery surrounding jealousy makes it a monster that controls the characters. Othello represents how jealousy is one of the most corrupting and destructive of emotions. “Othello jealousy overpowers him, as he trembles, at the idea of Desdemona and Cassio together. His . . . Read more

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay On Prejudice

In today’s society men, women and children experience prejudice in their lives, either as victims themselves or being guilty of using prejudice towards others due to differences between them. Prejudice is a preconception of a person based on stereotypes without real facts and discrimination based on gender, age and skin . . . Read more

Miracles Essay

R.F. Holland believed a miracle to be a remarkable and beneficial coincidence interpreted with religious and spiritual meaning. When someone tells of a miracle that has taken place they are usually beneficial and awe-inspiring. For example, if a person was told under the rules of science that it would be . . . Read more

The Relationship Between Hamlet and Ophelia Essay

There are lots of reasons for the failure of any relationship – poor communication, personality clashes, personal crisis and so on. Couples often have the problem of ‘being too alike’ and find that they simply cannot get on. Although Hamlet and Ophelia share many similarities, they also have differences and . . . Read more

Philosophers Views On Miracles Essay

A miracle is defined by David Hume as ‘a transgression of a law of nature by a particular violation of the deity or by the interposition of some invisible agent’. However, it is known by the oxford dictionary of a miracle is ‘an extraordinary and welcome event that is not . . . Read more

How Did Joseph Stalin Rise To Power?

Between the years 1924-1928, Joseph Stalin manipulated his way into power and hence took hold of Russia. However, it could be said that luck also played a major part in his rise to power. Various factors affected his rise to power such as the triumvirate he formed with Lev Kamenev . . . Read more

In Cold Blood Essay

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” In the novel In Cold Blood, the author Truman Capote tells us the story of the brutal murders of 1959 in Holcomb, Kansas. In a town that was quiet and peaceful, and the townspeople were all . . . Read more

Aristotle Essay

Explain Aristotle’s idea of the four causes. Aristotle explained that things could be seen in four different ways he came to this conclusion because of the theory of causation which lead him to believe that the world existed in a state of cause and effect. He named these the four . . . Read more

“Television Addiction” by Marie Winn

In her essay “Television Addiction”, Marie Winn considers television viewing as a serious addiction comparable to drugs and alcohol addictions. According to her, the television experience gets us into an enjoyable and inactive mental state so that we ignore the worries and the concerns of the real world. By giving . . . Read more

Dramatic Irony In Of Mice And Men

The major irony in Of Mice and Men is that George kills Lennie because of their friendship. George kills Lennie to spare him from a worse death. George complained about Lennie and his defects but realizes his importance only after his death. Once Lennie is dead, George loses the weight . . . Read more

Friendship In Of Mice And Men

The relationship between Lennie and George Of Mice and Men is a novella written by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937, it tells the tragic story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers during the Great Depression in California. Based on Steinbeck’s own experiences . . . Read more

The First Day At Secondary School

I am going to write about the first day at secondary school. I woke up early on a dully morning, and I was feeling nervous but excited, I remember wearing my new uniform as my blazer was too big and I had to roll the sleeves back. Then I packed . . . Read more

The Worst Day Of My Life

If only I knew what was going to happen within the space of those three or four hours I definitely would have gone to the park. It all started around the 5241 days of my life when I was down in the field in front of my house playing football . . . Read more

The Ka’bah Essay

I finally arrived at my abode. I was not aware of this previously, but now I was most definitely sure this was the moment I had been waiting for, ever since I read about this wonderful place, eight years ago. There I stood, in the scorching summer of Saudi Arabia. . . . Read more

Should the Legal Driving Age Be Raised to 21?

Do you think it is right to allow teenagers to drive at the age of 21? The statistics of accidents show the different rates for young drivers between the ages of 16 and 19. Which is much higher than that for many mature drivers? Young teenagers are effortlessly distracted and . . . Read more

World War I: Could It Have Been Avoided?

Throughout the course of history, Europe has experienced two wars that have affected both society and government in the modern era. The First World War in 1914 and the Second World War in 1941 dramatically changed Europe. During the Second World War, it was easy to distinguish between good and . . . Read more

The Causes of World War

Introduction. World War 1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918. In this essay, I am going to explain the short and long-term causes and how they led to the start of World War 1. The war was mainly between The Triple Entente, which was Britain, France and Russia, and . . . Read more

Deforestation: Causes and Solutions

Deforestation is a major global problem with serious consequences to the planet. These consequences have negative effects on the climate, biodiversity, the atmosphere, and threatens the cultural and physical survival of indigenous peoples. Effects of deforestation are too great to continue destroying the forests. There are many causes of deforestation. . . . Read more

A Memorable Place Essay

An unforgettable place is my late grandmother’s bungalow. It seems to lounge like some carefree tourist as it sits looking out over the sea on the Isle of Wight. Only the sounds of joyful beach-goers echo around the beautiful gardens and they cannot disturb the rich tranquillity of the place. . . . Read more

The Theme of Love in Othello

Choose a play that explores the theme of love in difficult circumstances. Explain how the dramatist introduces the theme and discuss how in the course of the play he/she prepares for the resolution of the drama. Love is the force that overcomes large obstacles but can easily be tripped up . . . Read more

Dark Stormy Night Essay

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came down in torrents, soaking the solitary man to the skin. He stood alone, silent, still enveloped by the black of the night. Had the sun been shining, this lonely man would have seen the flat green fields surrounding him and . . . Read more

The person I admire most – Mother Teresa

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the people I admire most is a woman who has sadly passed away but her work and the organizations that she set up continue to this day. Her name was Mother Teresa of Calcutta. From learning about this remarkable woman I understand that she was . . . Read more

The Vocabulary Essay

The vocabulary we have does more than communicate our language; it shapes what we can know. Evaluate this claim with reference to different areas of knowledge. Vocabulary is the set of words used in language to communicate. They are the words that give meaning to a language. A study Building . . . Read more

Inanimate Object – Toilet Essay Example

What hours do you work? Maybe…9-5? How about you tried 12-12; is that fair? Obviously not. I mean, if you were to get offered those hours for a normal job, 7 days a week, you would laugh in their face. I thought I have no choice. What is that light; . . . Read more

Moving To A New Country Essay

Moving To A New Country; What Makes People Do So The love I feel for my country, the land I was born in, is something inexplicable. The feeling I get when my country’s name is pronounced is almost like the same feelings of butterflies in the stomach people feel when . . . Read more

Undercover Parent Essay

Have you ever wondered if your child’s safety could be endangered on the Internet? Or how about what websites they could be going onto and if they are talking to strangers? These are some topics that Harlen Coben discusses in his article entitled “Undercover Parent”. He suggests that parents should . . . Read more

Types of Friends Classification Essay

Having friends is an important part of life. It is friends that I share everything with. There are many types of people in the world and many types of friends. Knowing that it becomes all the more important to select the right people so that I might have the correct . . . Read more

The Enlightenment Essay

The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that took place in Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. As a historical category, the term “Enlightenment” refers to a series of changes in European thought and letters. It is one of the few historical categories that was coined by the people who . . . Read more

My English Class Experience

English is one subject I dreaded. This semester is my second semester in university; I was told by my advisor that I had to do English Composition (1). My back was up against a wall as I had no choice in coming to terms with this subject chosen for me. . . . Read more

Can War Be Justified?

War inevitably brings death, destruction and suffering, which both ruin lives and nations. Using religious guidance, ethical theories and general arguments, I will decide for myself whether or not war can be justified. The most unjustifiable consequence of war is the loss of innocent civilians’ lives. Civilians, who could have . . . Read more

Out of This Furnace Essay

Most people have probably heard that many immigrants came to the US in the past for money (jobs), wealth, and a better life. But were most immigrants this successful? In the novel, Out of This Furnace by Thomas Bell, comes a story about the life of the Slovak immigrants working . . . Read more

Can War Be Justified?

War inevitably brings death, destruction and suffering, which both ruin lives and nations. Using religious guidance, ethical theories and general arguments, I will decide for myself whether or not war can be justified. The most unjustifiable consequence of war is the loss of innocent civilians’ lives. Civilians, who could have . . . Read more

Reaction Paper to “Through Deaf Eyes”

Sign language is a language that uses visual hand patterns to convey a meaning without using any vocal. It truly is a wonderful way of communication, although it was not always accepted in society. Wherever communities of deaf people exist, sign language develops. There was no stopping the advancement and . . . Read more

Deception in Much Ado About Nothing

Deception is a big concept to consider in Much Ado About Nothing. Deception has an integral role to play due to each of the main characters being the victim of it, and it is because they are deceived that they act in the ways that they do. Although the central . . . Read more

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Executive Summary. Financial management plays a very significant role to make an organization successful whether it is a non-profit organization or a profit motive organization. Financial management is considered a critical path, which all organizations have to follow to attain success. This paper provides us with an insight into the . . . Read more

Discrimination In Education System

“What source does oppression arises? Does it arise from domination by capital, by patriarchy, or by white power?” Sanip, M. (1991) pg.21 1981 was the year in which the parliamentary Home Affairs Committee on Race Relations and Immigration required schools to examine their format and hidden curriculum to ensure that . . . Read more

Define What the Word Home Means To You

I feel that the dictionary meaning of home is the same as my opinion of the word. Home for me is where I feel without care and is where I can live without fear. My home is in Bolden Colliery, South Shields in that unique northeastern town of Newcastle in . . . Read more

Haunted House Narrative Writing

It was cloudy and the first few specks of the rain were exploding on the dark gravel. I was in the park and I knew that I was going to get drenched if I didn’t make my way quickly from there. A major storm could be heard in the distance . . . Read more

Analysis of Political Cartoons

Critical Geopolitics seeks to “reveal the hidden politics of geographical knowledge” (Tuithail et al, 1998: 3). Geopolitics is a discourse, a culturally and politically varied way of describing, representing and writing about geography and international politics. This paper will attempt to analyze how political cartoons and stamps are geopolitical representations . . . Read more

Euthanasia is unacceptable. Do you agree?

Is euthanasia a “Death with dignity bill” or an “Assisted suicide”? (Robinson, 2004, p.1). This question is still raised among those who support and who are against euthanasia. The word itself came from the Greek language with the meaning “good death”, but for the first time, the term “euthanasia” was . . . Read more

You Are What You Eat – Discuss

It is indeed true that the quality of food that you take in will do a great deal to determine the quality of life that goes on in each cell of your body. Food has a huge effect on your health, and a diet rich in any one aspect would . . . Read more

You Are What You Eat And Do Not Eat

”You are what you eat.”1 The food we consume determines our physical and psychological health. The muscles in the body, and the blood flowing through the veins, are all supplied by the food that we consume. These foods also have an effect on the way the brain functions, and an . . . Read more

“Romeo and Juliet, the “Star-Crossed Lovers”

Romeo and Juliet loved each other, but they knew that it wouldn’t be possible to have a relationship because of their feuding families. Their deaths were tragic, as it was mainly the people around them that made them so unhappy. They were so in love with each other that they . . . Read more

The Characteristics Of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has many interesting and different characteristics, which he uses to solve the crimes, and mysteries that he gets involved with or gets asked to solve. One characteristic that Sherlock Holmes has is being very observant. He doesn’t just look at objects and things he makes very detailed mental . . . Read more

Are Leaders Born Or Made

“There is no point in sending people to do leadership training and development courses, as leaders are born, not made.” Analyze this claim with reference to different theories of leadership. Introduction. What is a leader? It is impossible to obtain a single definition. But it happened when achieving an objective . . . Read more

American Culture Today

Webster’s Dictionary defines culture as, “the ideas, customs, skills, arts, etc. of a given people in a given period; civilization.” People define themselves through the culture associated with their country. Culture is an important piece of identity for each person of the world. With diverse cultures throughout the world, people’s . . . Read more

Fate And Free Will In Romeo And Juliet

One of the most important issues in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is that of choice. Do the characters have the ability to choose what they want to do or are they simply destined to participate in death and destruction? There is ample evidence of both fate and free . . . Read more

First 24 Hours Alone On The Island

The first thing that hit me was the smell. Even before I opened my eyes, I knew where I was. The tantalizing scent of washed-up waves and bananas all rolled into one. I felt the millions of grains of sand, hot against my fingers and the cool breeze against my . . . Read more

Growing up in a Small Town Essay

Life Lessons from a Small Town Growing up in a small town is an excellent way to learn strong values. It was serendipitous that I was able to grow up in a subtle farming community where I graduated high school with the same group of children that attended my kindergarten . . . Read more

Discuss The Role Of Women In The Play Othello

The three women in the play are all victims of some kind, regarded by most of the men as ‘only good for one thing’. It is also true to say that the women fall into one of two categories or stereotypes – the innocent saintly women and the whoreish seductress. . . . Read more

Feudalism in Europe Essay

During the Middle Ages, countries fought and argued for land and pride. The main goal of the leaders of these countries was to dominate the land. With several countries fighting for one cause, there was no chance they would resolve their differences peacefully, often leading to wars and conflicts. Feudalism . . . Read more

Unemployment Essay

Employment is the prime means for people to earn money, allowing them to provide the basic necessities, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter for themselves as well as their family members. Since employment is so important to our society, the increasing rate of people losing their jobs is becoming . . . Read more

What Is Worth Fighting for Essay

How is family important to you? Family is important because they are our family, they support us in everything we do, they are always there to protect us, they are there to stand up for us, they are always there for us, they will always be our family members and . . . Read more