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Food Production

This essay will explain farming today, and how it affects our environment, also ways in which we can help to protect our environment, our health and animal welfare. Farming is the production of food and other materials by raising plants and animals. Many people buy their food in supermarkets close . . . Read more

Duties and Responsibilities of a Student

Life is short, but art is long. According to fulfill all the works, a man must take the best preparation before beginning and student life is the part of life, when a person can take the preparation. So, it is called the “seed time” of human life. It has a . . . Read more

Pros and Cons of GMO crops

Since 1996, when the first genetically modified crops were commercialized, the use of genetically modified crops has increased by 10% or more each year and this estimation is likely to increase in the coming years. These crops are being utilized for both animal and human consumption, which has been increasing . . . Read more

Treaty Versailles Essay

In 1914 a world war initiated. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars but instead, it was a war that demolished millions of lives, left many people without families that they used to have, and caused hatred that lasted for generations.1 After 4 years of destruction, . . . Read more

Imaginative Essay

My name is Alaric. I am a dog, but I feel like a human; because I stayed with humans for the first 3 years of my life, a really good experience where I learnt to care for people and also learnt the language “English.” Today I cannot speak but with . . . Read more

“Here” by Phillip Larkin

Larkin’s “Here” is a poem written in a present continuous style where it describes a train journey. Larkin starts in the midst of “rich industrial shadows” and ends in “unfenced existence” Each of the four eight-line stanzas takes the reader on a journey exploring the poet’s reaction to the surroundings . . . Read more

Everyman Essay

Everyman is the best surviving example of the medieval drama known as a morality play. It displays the classic conflict between Death and Everyman in view of traditional Christian beliefs. Everyman represents the typical man in struggle with sin and good deeds. Everyman portrays a complacent man who is informed . . . Read more

Merchant Of Venice- Shylock Character Analysis

Oral assessment: merchant of Venice. 1) In this play even though the title highlights Antonio, shylock is a strong character in the sense that the other characters are anti-Semitic. Shylock also has emotions, however, is labelled “the Jew” because of his beliefs. To begin with, shylock had no intention of . . . Read more

Is Atticus Finch A Good Father?

“To Kill a Mockingbird” is perhaps one of the most thought-provoking and influential novels ever produced; it is revered for its humour and warmth, despite tackling taboo issues such as racial inequality and rape in the deep south of America. Narrated by nine-year-old Scout, her father, Atticus Finch has served . . . Read more

Tess of the D’Urbervilles Analytical Essay

Tess of the D’Urbervilles was published in 1891 and although its sales secured Thomas Hardy’s financial future, it aroused a substantial amount of controversy in Victorian England. In Tess of the D’Urbervilles and other novels, Hardy demonstrates a deep sense of moral sympathy for England’s lower classes, particularly for a . . . Read more

Explain the Arguments For and Against Conformity

Conformity can be defined as yielding publicity to group pressure, and sometimes yielding privately as well. Most of the research on conformity has been North American and has focused on the way majority pressure can control and distort the judgement of the individual. American researchers are more likely to have . . . Read more

Nutritional Analysis Case Study

Abstract. Subject – the subject was a 21-year-old male student from the University of Teesside. The subject was 1.78m, weighed 65.3kg and had a BMI of 20.52. The subject has a moderate/vigorous lifestyle. Methodology – A case study investigation whereby the subject was required to complete a 7-day food diary, . . . Read more

What Is Othello’s Tragic Flaw?

The extravagant language and literary techniques used in Shakespeare’s Othello enhance the settings, characters, and themes. Othello, an intricate tragedy about good versus evil, loyalty, love, sexual jealousy, and appearance versus reality, is told in the first-person point of view. The play is entitled Othello and the plot and action . . . Read more

Discuss The Film Narrative In The City Of God

Fernando Meirelles’ City of God (Cidade de Deus 2002) tells the story of the growth of the drug trade in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. As Macelo Melo (2004) states that it appeared to be the one that finally succeeds in putting into practice the ‘retaking project’ – a . . . Read more

“The Flowers” by Alice Walker

“The Flowers” is a short story written by Alice Walker. Walker is a black American writer, who is renowned around the world, especially because of the ‘book, turned movie’ The Colour purple. Walker is extremely interested in the history of human rights, particularly the history of black women in the . . . Read more

My Personal Classroom Management Plan

Abstract: An educator possesses the necessary skills and training to be considered a professional in the classroom setting. The teacher is delegated to provide students with a classroom setting that holds conducive to effective learning. Aiding the teacher in creating this effective environment teachers must implement rules and procedures to . . . Read more

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Oh, what a great day! There I was in Turkey the sun shining like a bright yellow light blinding my eyes as I hardly can open It. The blue sea was howling at me as the wind hits wildly. The bright yellow sand stands out with hundreds of people sunbathing . . . Read more

Thesis Robert Gray represents human nature

1. Thesis – Robert Gray represents human nature as inherently destructive throughout his poems, in order to warn us of the potential damage to our relationships with others, interactions with the environment and corruption of our value system. 2. Introduce Poems – Gray highlights the destructive human nature through his . . . Read more

Things Fall Apart Novel Analysis

1. Title: The title of the novel is Things Fall Apart. The title gives foreshadowing details of the book. Things falling apart is a common theme throughout the entire novel. In the beginning, Okonkwo is one of the most famous in his village because he threw “The Cat” in wrestling. . . . Read more

Should Drugs Be Legalized In The UK?

The main recreational drugs are found in today’s society are: Alcohol (legal after the age of 18) Tobacco (legal after the age of 18) Marijuana (grass, hash, pot, ganja, skunk) Inhalants or solvents (e.g. glue sniffing) Ecstasy (E, MDMA or ‘pills’) Cocaine and crack cocaine Heroin People take drugs because . . . Read more

How Does Austen Tell The Story In Chapter 35?

Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen is a well-written and respected novel. Throughout Pride and Prejudice Austen uses a range of different narrative techniques in order to interest and inform her audience. Austen takes on a different aspect in Chapter 35 in the form of letters. In this essay, . . . Read more

Who or What Caused the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

The catastrophic tragedy, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ written by Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare tell the story of two ill-fated teenagers living in the hostile city of Verona although the language used reminds us of seventeenth-century England. Born as one another’s foe, the two hapless strangers meet and instantly fall in love . . . Read more

Macbeth Practise Essay

William Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Macbeth’ explores the natural and unnatural worlds of Scotland, conveying that ultimately, the two cannot co-exist. Discuss the ways Shakespeare presents the notion stated above through his dramatic/theatrical techniques. The play ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare is known as one of the Four Great Tragedies of Shakespeare and . . . Read more

Compare And Contrast Classical And Operant Conditioning

Classical conditioning focuses on learning associations and refers to the conditioning reflexes. For example how animals learn to associate new-presented stimuli with bodily functions e.g. Pavlov dog learnt through association that the noise of the bell meant food so when hearing it made it salivate. These principles of classical conditioning . . . Read more

Infant Baptism

Baptism is a sacred action in which the Christian community comes together to celebrate. It is the first of the three sacraments of initiation, which make a person a full member of the church. In baptism, the child will be free from sin and evil. This sacrament is a symbol . . . Read more

The Meaning And Significance Of Baptism

Baptism is a very important part of the Christian faith, in the Roman Catholic Church it is the initial sacrament of initiation, the other two being Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is the start of the religious journey through Christianity. By being baptized it is showing a commitment to the . . . Read more

My Dream House

P.1 My dream is to live in a big detached house surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees. I wouldn’t like to live in an apartment with blocks of flats and rude neighbours making noise in the middle of the night. My dream house should be located . . . Read more

What Ways Social Class Impacts On Educational Experiences

Education is an essential part of an individual’s secondary socialization. It teaches and encourages children to learn and conform to the norms and values that are expected of them in their particular society. In Britain, pre-industrialization, an education system didn’t exist. However, with the rapidly expanding economy there became a . . . Read more

Why Do People Commit Crime?

Crime is difficult to explain or understand as a concept because it covers many diverse forms of behaviour and there are no all-encompassing explanations. It is only useful as an umbrella term and makes little sense as an ontological category. Crime levels are at the lowest point yet, but people’s . . . Read more

Russell Baker’s Growing Up

Autobiographical works tell the story of their authors by compiling antic dotes and accolades. Most autobiographies are that of famous authors or other celebrities and provide a synopsis of life according to them. Russell Baker’s autobiography, Growing Up, achieves all these things as well, but, it does more than just . . . Read more

Explain The Cosmological Argument For Existence Of God

The cosmological argument is a posterior argument that has a long history, going back to the great classical philosophers of Plato, Aristotle, Leibnitz and Kant. All of them believed that the universe was the result of a transcendent being called G-d. Although these philosophers may have had different ideas about . . . Read more

Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest – Humanities Essay

This essay will investigate the hypothesis (Statement) “Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest is a major global issue that only the Brazilian government can solve” and whether the evidence or the arguments support this hypothesis or not. The Amazon rainforest is the largest of its kind on the earth. It is . . . Read more

My Important Object – my mobile phone

Which object is important to me? It could be money, my jewelry, books, bags… It took me a very long time to think about it, until I decided to call my classmate to ask for some ideas. This is a moment I realize that my mobile phone is the most . . . Read more

Luke Judge English Assignment

Poetry Analysis In this essay, I will be looking at and analyzing a poem by Wilfred Owen, Anthem for Doomed Youth and a poem by Jessie Pope, The Call. Anthem for Doomed Youth is a sonnet comparing a normal funeral with the treatment the dead received during world war one, . . . Read more

Children should get paid for good grades – Discuss

In this essay, I’m going to discuss whether or not children should be paid for good grades. This is a debatable topic with advantages, as well as disadvantages. Paying children to get good grades is very motivational for them since they feel as if they have something to look forward . . . Read more

To be or not to be Hamlet soliloquy analysis

Hamlet Soliloquy: “To be or not to be…”Act 3 Scene 1 Shakespeare’s use of soliloquies throughout “Hamlet”, shows the audience a character’s innermost thoughts and emotions. Soliloquies further accentuate the character’s traits and underlying themes. Hamlet’s soliloquy along with Shakespeare’s use of literary techniques such as irony, metaphor and imagery, . . . Read more

Narrative Essay Example

EXPECTATION I still remember the day when I found out that I was pregnant. It was June 27, 2008, and I took the home test and found out I was expecting. First, I was screaming because I was really scared when I saw the result and after I laughed because . . . Read more

A Rose for Emily Tobe’s Point of View

Miss Emily did not talk much, but you can say a lot about her from her actions and her lifestyle. She was fairly old-fashioned, possessed a stubborn outlook towards life, and she refused to change. You can say that Miss Emily’s stubborn attitude definitely came from her father’s strict teachings. . . . Read more

Macbeth as a Tragic Hero

Macbeth as a Tragic Hero must have some potential nobility, some good qualities that make his downfall terrifying. He must be examined as a human being with human weaknesses. Is he one who, as Lady Macbeth says, Act I, Sc. v, “is too full of the milk of human kindness . . . Read more

Is Capital Punishment Justified?

Although capital punishment has been abolished in the UK since 1965, some people still firmly believe that it should be brought back. In many countries, the death penalty is still enforced, although it has been scientifically proven that the death penalty does not have a greater effect on the reduction . . . Read more

Air Bud Essay

Air Bud is not like any other kids movie. With a touching storyline and clever effects, Air bud is a movie anyone can enjoy regardless of age and gender. Symbols play a surprisingly interesting role in the movie, Air Bud. One case of symbolism is the church court’s representation of . . . Read more

Biology essay

“Starch, cellulose and glycogen are all polysaccharides; however they differ in the role they play in living cells. These differences are most likely related to the differences in their structures. What are their uses, and how do their uses relate to their structures?” Starch, cellulose and glycogen are all polymers . . . Read more

Leadership is a subtle quality

Watership Down. In the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams, the protagonist character Hazel-Rah matures from an unassuming individual into a great leader. Leadership is a subtle quality. Those who have been entrusted with the gift of guidance do not necessarily possess sagacious minds or extreme physical strength– they are . . . Read more

Outline the teleological argument for the existence of God

Q: Outline the teleological argument for the existence of God. The Teleological argument is the oldest known and arguably most influential and widely accepted argument for the existence of God. The argument first appears in Plato’s Timaeus, written over two thousand years ago and appears on numerous occasions in a . . . Read more

Kingdom By The Sea Assessment Essay

In this essay, I will be examining the main character in Robert Westall’s ‘Kingdom By The Sea,’ Harry Baguely. The novel is set in the middle of the Second World War and follows Harry’s journey up the north coast of Northumberland. I will be showing the development of Harry’s personality . . . Read more

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

In F.Scott Fizgererald’s ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair,’ there are significant character changes noted throughout this short story. In this essay, I will examine the development and representation of Bernice who is a central character. We can observe that her cousin Marjorie changes Bernice’s personality from a quiet, passive person to . . . Read more

Simon Bolivar

Known as the “liberator,” Simon Bolivar played such a monumental role in the liberating of South American countries from Spanish rule. Throughout the course of his whole life, he was able to free almost all of northern South America, and at this point, he was known as “El Liberator.” When . . . Read more

“Avatar” Movie Review

The film “Avatar” is about an American corporation that is mining a rare mineral called unobtainium that can only be found in Pandora. Jake Sully, a handicapped ex-Marine, has to operate an avatar and act as a bodyguard because his twin brother who was trained to operate an avatar was . . . Read more

Free Will Vs Determinism Essay

Are we human beings really in control of what we are doing? Or is our environment playing games on us, forcing us to do what we “think” is our idea but actually isn’t? Many psychologists and philosophers have been debating this question for years. There are two opposite sides: Those . . . Read more

Shylock – Victim or Villain?

In the Merchant of Venice, which is written by William Shakespeare, Shylock is presented in a variety of ways. For instance, some people regard Shylock as a villain, as he demands a pound of flesh. However, other people regard Shylock as a victim, as he loses everything (such as his . . . Read more

“The Sunlight On The Garden”

In this essay, I shall analyze the work of Louis MacNeice, entitled, ‘The sunlight on the garden.’ It is a modern verse that offers a self-reflexive commentary on life and its key elements. In similarity to the traditional epic verse, the poem is an expression of the speaker’s particular personalities . . . Read more

Film Analysis of “The Patriot”

“Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity has a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we . . . Read more

Jesse Owens At The 1936 Olympics

The Berlin Olympics of 1936 were to be the crowning showcase of the National Socialist Government in Germany. They would prove on an international stage that Aryan supremacy was a living reality. The Nazi establishment carefully choreographed the Olympics to support their ideology. Adolf Hitler had planned to use the . . . Read more