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Category: Ancient History

Spartans and Athenians Essay

Mountains, valleys, and water isolate Greece. Hundreds of islands are scattered along its coast. As a result of this type of geography, Greece could never become a large unified empire, so instead, small city-states were created. A city-state was known as a “polis”. A polis was made up of two . . . Read more

Ancient Babylonia Essay

This paper is a question-and-answer discussion of some aspects of life in ancient Babylonia. (3+ pages; 4 sources; MLA citation style) Introduction This paper answers specific questions about the civilization of ancient Babylonia and is in a question-answer format. Answers to the Questions 1. Explain the importance of the topic . . . Read more

Analysis of Ancient Israeli Tunnels

One of the latest findings in the archeological world was recently revealed to the public in March this year in the village of Kfar Kana, North of Israel. Several subterranean galleries, passageways and pits were discovered leading scholars to believe that they were used as hiding places during the first . . . Read more

Summary of Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great (356-323 bc), king of Macedonia, the conqueror of the Persian Empire, and one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. Alexander, born in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia, was the son of Philip II, king of Macedonia, and of Olympias, a princess of Epirus. Aristotle . . . Read more

Essay on History of Mayan Culture

The mysterious culture of ancient Maya once covered a vast geographic area in Central and South America. Their civilization extended to parts of what are now Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador, and most of Guatemala and Belize. The Mayans first settled in 1500BC. The Mayans ‘ environment consisted of tropical . . . Read more

Mesopotamian Scribes

More than 5,000 years ago, a glorious civilization called Mesopotamia arose in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This civilization took advantage of its countless benefits. If there were any obstacles, the Mesopotamians adapted. Soon, great cities emerged as a result of the discovery of farming, and there . . . Read more

An Overview of the Ancient Mayan Empire

The Mayan Empire was one of the most innovative and interesting civilizations. It was an ancient civilization that was one of the most advanced and innovative ones. They inhabited the Yucatan peninsula and the empire lasted for about 3500 years ending around the year 1500 AD. It is considered the . . . Read more

A History of Writing in Human Civilization

What is this civilized thing called writing? Modern linguists define writing as a system of human communication by means of conventional, agreed-upon signals that represent language. The signs must be capable of being sent and received, mutually understood, and they must correspond to spoken words. Each written means began with . . . Read more

Persepolis Ancient Persia Essay

Persepolis was rediscovered in A.D 1620, after being hidden by its own ruins since 330 B.C. Many people came to visit Persepolis in the next centuries, but the excavation of the ruins did not begin until 1931 when the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago sponsored the excavation of . . . Read more

The Process of Building Stonehenge Research Paper

There are probably hundreds of myths and legends about Stonehenge. Various people have attributed the building of this great megalith to the Danes, Romans, Saxons, Greeks, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Phoenicians Celts, King Aurelius Ambrosius, Merlin, and even Aliens. One of the most popular beliefs was that Stonehenge was built by the . . . Read more

Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Hebrews

MESOPOTAMIA Mesopotamia was the land of four primary civilizations: the Sumerian, the Akkadians, the Babylonian and the Assyrians. The Hebrews, like the Akkadians, belong to a group of people known as Semites and from there we can see the influence of Mesopotamian culture in some of the Hebrew traditions. During . . . Read more

Essay on the Abolitionist Movement in America

During the thirty years that preceded the Civil War, abolitionism was a major factor in electoral politics. Abolitionism refers to antislavery activism between the early 1830s when William Lloyd Garrison began publishing The Liberator and the Civil War. By the year 1834, there existed a weak framework of abolitionists, many . . . Read more

Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire Essay

Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire Essay, Research Paper Achievements of the Byzantine Empire The Byzantine Empire provided an environment where people of all races and cultures could mingle into one. Byzantine was mostly influenced by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and later on, Asia. The Byzantine Empire created a strong . . . Read more